Thursday, April 16, 2015

Multiple Flash Reports! The Guy with the Glasses on 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago: 4/4, 4/7, & 4/11/15

Doc here, a man who some say still looks like a 80's era magician, with a great series of Flash Reports from senior reporter The Guy with the Glasses. He visited 15th Ave. Adult Theater 3 times in the last three weeks, and has filed this report to The Good Doctor.

Great stuff awaits you in the 3 for 1 offering  from Chicago's western suburbs... Enjoy!



This report is going to deviate a little from the norm. Instead of covering one night, I'm going to highlight my experience at 15th Ave. Adult Theater over the past two weeks. Over that time I've binged a little more than usual and visited the theater three times instead of my usual once a month visits. I think the pleasant weather has something to do with it hah.

Saturday (04/04)

I arrived at the theater a little after 9pm. The parking lot didn't seem very crowded so I expected there to be light activity inside the theater. I wasn't wrong. After paying my entrance I checked out the theater and the back room and saw no action happening. I left the theater and headed to the video booth lounge where I saw the Garys. One Gary is a middle aged Indian guy who I see regularly when I visit on the weekends. He's probably the closest thing I have to a friend in this thing of ours hah. The second Gary is a younger black guy who I will see once in a while. Together they have some very amusing conversations that passes time while no one is in the theater.

Visit Announcement! Hot MILF @ Barnett Ave. Superstore in San Diego Friday 4/17 Noon-2pm

Doc here with a quick Visit Announcement for our Southern California readers.

I received a note this morning from a reader stating that his "hot big tit MILF that squirts" and himself will be at the Barnett Ave. Superstore Theater Friday 4/17 from Noon to 2pm.  He asked me to get the word out, and thus here we are. 

Sounds like this will be a fun start to the weekend.  If you happen to pop into the Barnett Ave. Superstore Theater tomorrow and see them, tell these nice folks that "Doc sent me!"


Disclaimer: The Journal of Adult Theaters does not guaranty a specific visit to any adult venue. The Good Doctor is only as good as the information provided prior to publication. Travel to the destination of a Visit Announcement at your own risk.

In my experience, you will probably experience a 40% chance of a no-show, so keep that in mind before gassing up and traveling to an adult venue.

Event Announcement! Spring Break Party This Saturday at The Westwood Theater Private Members Only Club in Toledo!