Monday, July 24, 2017

Couple's Flash Report! Jean & Scott Go Dogging in Northeast Ohio with 6 New Hardcore Images!

Doc here, a man who some say was Field & Stream's Dream Date for July 1988, with something new from one of the most popular contributors to The Journal of Adult Theaters.

In the last year or two, The Good Doctor has opened the door for reports from all aspects of the adult theater/public sex scene.  And one of those subsets in particular is the dogging scene. One of The Good Doctor's all-time most-read posts was a 2-part dogging adventure in the Pacific Northwest by the awesome Koral (Part 1 & Part 2) .

So this takes us to this morning... What if senior Journal reporters Jean & Scott called an audible from a traditional adult theater/ABS visit and went dogging instead?

The answer lies directly ahead, good readers. 

Take it away, Jean & Scott!


Hey, Doc! 

Scott here. Sending you a report (sort of) from Northeast Ohio. We've recently relocated back to this area from Central Florida and thought we would explore adult options in the region.

On this particular night, our plan was to quickly hit two adult bookstores. Things didn't exactly go as planned, but we had a fun new experience!

Our 1st stop was an adult bookstore that we heard had booths and a gloryhole in Barberton, Ohio (just outside of Akron, I think). We arrived to find a small store in a plaza with 1 car in the parking lot. We decided to move on as we wanted to get somewhere with people. In retrospect, we should've gone in for 5 minutes just to check out the layout and fill you in on those details. Sorry, Doc! (ed. note: All is forgiven!)

Our second stop was XTC in Akron. We pulled into the parking lot and immediately noticed a police SUV. We're relatively sure it was the for the Vortex, the club next to the store, but walking past Law Enforcement with Jean dressed like a prostitute to go in to an adult bookstore with booths seemed like a bad idea, so we decided against going in there also.

At this point, we debated going home, but a guy we had emailed with suggested dogging, a longtime fantasy of Jean's. At this point, with no other options, we decided to expand Jean's slutty horizons!

After some back-and-forth about locations and getting lost a few times, we finally found Jean's soon-to-be playmate. Super nice guy, mid 20s. We got out of her car and had about a minute of small talk about how nervous all 3 of us were before Jean told him she didn't want to kneel on the parking lot so she was going to sit in the car and suck his dick. He then dropped his pants and Jean quickly got him from limp to hard, complimenting him on his size as she did so. 

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