Friday, December 12, 2014

Field Report! Update on Northeast Theaters & ABSs by Alan Smithee

Doc here with an update on the Northeast US scene by first time contributor, Alan Smithee

Prior to publishing this report, I have updated all the listings mentioned in the adult theater database. There is some great info here... Enjoy!



Hi Doc, 

As an avid reader of your journal, I would like to submit the following locations to your database to keep those in the northeast area aware of a few places where couples have been spotted...

Field Report! Letmeworshipit on the Seattle Theater/ABS Scene

Doc here... First time contributor Letmeworshipit has filed a report and has added his two cents on the Seattle theater and ABS scene.

Take it away, sir.



The Greater Seattle area has an odd adult video scene anyway, so this sudden closure isn't surprising. Secrets was starting to develop a good following, but they were obviously underfunded and trying to do it all themselves. 

Field Report! Hobbeze Inc. in Lebanon, PA (w/PICS)

Doc here with a follow-up Field Report on the new Hobbeze Theater / ABS in Lebanon, PA (address in the dB).

As a result of a conversation I had with Hobbeze yesterday, they sent along a brief blub about the business, as well as some pics of the facility.  Thank you!

So here we go... More about Hobbeze!