Saturday, August 23, 2014

UPDATED 8/23/14 @ 2:30PM: TONIGHT!!! Back to School Party at 15th Ave Adult Theater in Chicago 8/23/14 @ 8PM, and Hosted by Doc

Updated 8/23 at 2:30PM!: Tonight is the night naughty schoolgirls, teachers, and cheerleaders will have to stay after school at the awesome Party Room at 15th Ave Adult Theater and write on the blackboard "I need to be more naughty" 100 times. 

We are set for a great night! The expanded Couple's Section (marked off my bright yellow rope) will be sectioned off, the cool Swag Bags brought to the front, and detention slips will be ready, starting at 8pm tonight. 

It's going to be great... And you might just want to bring your insurance cards.



Flash Report! The Guy with The Glasses at 15th Ave Adult Theater in Chicago on 8/20/14

Doc here, a man who some say has ants in his pants about tonight's Back to School party at 15th Ave Adult Theater in Chicago, with a terrific Flash Report from regular contributor, The Guy with The Glasses

TGWTG visited the above mentioned 15th Ave this past Wednesday night, and has filed this report with the newsdesk here at The Journal.

Take it away, sir!


Hey Doc! 

The Guy with the Glasses here, long time no see hah. Just wanted to write a quick report from my time at 15 Ave on Wednesday (Aug 20).

#LIZARDO5TH - The Photo Contest! Entry #18: Sloppy Seconds Seekers Get One More in Under the Wire

Doc here with the last entry for the #LIZARDO5TH Photo Contest.

This entry just got in under the wire, and it's from previous submitter Sloppy Seconds Seekers.

In an image that is the proverbial "Lucky #7", SSS have added one image to their gallery before public voting begins Sunday evening.

Will this image put SSS over the top? Only time will tell kids...

Here is Sloppy Seconds Seekers in their own words, and their last entry: