Monday, January 31, 2011

Same Day Flash Report! "Angel" at CTs in Gary, IN by HnR (w/ HOT PICS)

Doc here... As we prepare in The Valley for the snow Apocalypse hitting us tomorrow, a special treat hit The Good Doctor's inbox: A same day Flash Report from regular Chicagoland-based Journal field reporter, HnR.  Things were hopping at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, so I will let HnR take it from here...

(Note: Click on the images to enlarge them)


As I was reviewing my shopping list in preparation for the "Blizzard of the Century", I decided to check my play email account before I left my office. I noticed the following alert from CT's Theater:"TODAY 1/31/11 at 3PM ""ANGEL"" the hot 18 years old from last saturday is comming be here she is a HOTTIE".

Hmmmmmm, since the timing was right I decided to make a major detour from my planned shopping route. About an hour or so later I was pulling into the CT's parking lot. It was about 3/4's full, which is quite heavy for a Monday afternoon. I went in, paid my fee to Mike and he told me that Angel was on her way and that she was quite the 18 yo hottie. Actually got to see a picture her guy had posted on the yahoo group, nice body and her face was blurred out. The dancers laughed and said they thought she looked older... like 28.... think they were messing with us horny guys dreaming about the young lady that might be coming our way. About 3:30pm or so they walked into the store lobby.

Wow, she was in a tight, short black dress with black stockings up to almost her ass cheeks and matching black high heels (an outfit like a stripper might wear for a routine). Mike teased her about not having a coat on since it was so cold out, so her guy joked that he could go get it if us guys wanted that... We said no she was ok the way she was.

She is about 5'2" or so with no heels, no more than 110 lbs, shorter blonde hair, light skinned and a very tight spinner type body, with small but very perky breasts. After listening to her talk with her man and to Mike and another one of Pete's helpers for about 15 minutes, I'm very sure that she was as young (18) as listed in the posting.


I went into the theater and waited for approx 20 minutes when they made their way into the theater. By this time there were about 15 guys in the room once everyone had followed them in. One of Pete's helpers (not sure of his name) came in with her and her guy. Her rules were simple, must use condoms and she did not give oral.

She started out standing by the broken down outside type furniture to the left, as we circled around her guy announced that she really loves the attention, with that about what seemed like 10 hands reached towards her.

She took her outfit off and was looking to lay down as Pete's helper was going to start the action by eating her young pussy out. She did not feel comfortable with the aforementioned furniture as she though she would collapse to the floor (her words), so it was determined that they would go to the back row.

Off to the back row, her man sat in the seat to the far left, she was next to him and a brother happened to be sitting in the seat to the right (lucky dude). She sat down and spread her young slender legs and the helper got down on his knees and began to taste the youthful fruits of this hottie. The brother next to her began to rub/suck her right breast. Behind the diner was another regular stroking his hard cock and I was behind him stroking my almost hard cock. Not sure, but it seemed like we was going to get to fuck her while she was in the seating area. Doable, but maybe not the best angle and the flow of guys would have been difficult in the tight quarters.

She was eaten out for about 2/3 minutes and then the helper announced that she was ready to move to the table (yippe!!! so much better for viewing and playing!). As the sea parted and the guys re-positioned ourselves she got on the table. The regular in front of me made his way to be first in line (only fair), and I was to his left ready to go next (again, only fair). Now she was in the light of the TV screen.

Hmmmmm, what a super, young tight body, top notch smaller but perky breasts with nipples that got quite excited, flat tummy with a perfectly trimmed "landing strip" and what I would describe as a "penthouse" worthy love box. Very tempting for me to get a taste before I entered her.... but I resisted the urge (only because of the large number of horny guys waiting).

The guy in front of me being a regular player at CT's understood how a GB works. He entered her pussy, fucked her for a couple of minutes, came and stepped down... Now I'm ready to roll... Slide on the condom, step up to the table and now I got a really good look at her from the TV screen light...Wow, she is really hot and has an absolute smoking body. Let me say I have only been playing in ABS's for 4 years now and have to say that she is my number 1 hottest girl (did I mention 18 YO!) that I had the good fortune to bang away on.

I watched as my cock entered through that beautiful set of young sweet pussy lips, the first stroke, the second stroke, then her pussy seemed to tighten and grab my cock. Now I'm putting my two hands, my thumb and fore-finger down by her pussy on each of her legs and begin to go faster which now gets her attention and engages her to be more vocal. I bang away watching her move her head from side to side and watching the little perkys bounce up and down until ahhhhhhhh, I'm finished.... All this in under 2 minutes!

 As I'm doing my final couple of slow down strokes I look down one more time at what I just had and wondered, how can I top this???? Not going to try, just continue to go to CT's when the circumstance seems right and maybe someday, hit another home-run. Not sure how CT's slipped to 4th in your ratings, but with last Saturday and today, I vote it number 1!

As I walked to my car I noticed that the main lot was full and there were several cars in the over-flow lot to the west. Guess everyone was getting one last bang in before the snow storm!!
Til next time.....
Doc here again... Just to recap what just happened:
  • Angel posts her visit to CTs early this afternoon
  • HnR does his veni, vidi, vici with Angel @ CTs
  • HnR writes and submits a great same day report
  • Same day pics of Angel come to light
  • The Good Doctor gets the report online
  • All within 8 hours
Not bad for a Monday.


Flash Report: Cruising The Coast with Bob in Biloxi - End of the Month Recap

Doc here with the penultimate Bob in Biloxi Flash Report!  All I can say is "wow!".  It's safe to say Bob's bad luck in the Fall of 2010 is officially over in a big way.

Enjoy Bob's ribald tale of fun on the Gulf coast...


Hi Doc,

Glad to see you’re back up and running.  The past few weeks down here on the coast has seen some rather interesting events. For some reason the theater action has been somewhat slow, but the ABS action has been downright smoking!

I’ll start off with the events in date order and progress to last weekend...

About 9pm two ladies showed up at the ABS, paid and walked into one of the booths playing lesbian porn. I was lucky enough to grab the booth next to them! After some fondling and kissing both started undressing each other in a slow but sensual way only women can achieve, both kept looking at the hole and smiling. I was thinking I just may be living right after all. Both ladies had long dark hair and oversized store bought boobs, fairly attractive and dressed to play with skirts, button down blouses and heels. One of the ladies sat down in the chair while the other kissed her kitty for awhile, so I stuck my cock through to see if there was any interest. One of them started stroking me, but that’s all she would do, so I pulled back out and continued to watch the show. After about 45 minutes they started getting dressed and soon they left. That was a first for me, but they seemed to be more into each other than men, and that’s cool too!

Bob in Biloxi
 Later on that night a new couple came in, well new to me. She was a BBW with a brown dress on, her and her man went into a booth and after awhile I was able to get next to them. She was sucking his cock while he was adorned in women’s panties. Not my thing, as usually guys that dress like that suck more cock than the woman does, so begged off and let one of the other perv’s have my booth. Good thing too, because another couple had just come in and was headed to the booth area.

She was a very small lady, long blonde hair, dressed in jeans and a pullover sweater, small boobs and had on tennis shoes, probably 35yrs old or so. Wasn’t really what I would call dressed to play, but stranger things have happened in this thing of ours. Her and her old man chose a booth opposite of the row where the other couple was playing, so the hounds where on the other side and didn’t see them come in, but Bob did and was able to secure the booth next to them. 

Almost immediately she started undressing along with him. This may turn out to be something after all? Soon she was on her knees blowing him and as usually the case I looked through the hole and saw that he was looking at the hole too, again usually a sign they are there to play. I took my cue and fed my cock through the hole and was rewarded with her hot mouth on my cock! I could hear/feel her moan as she starting sucking my cock, she was highly talented and I could tell she really got into both showing off for her man and displaying her abilities on me. I didn’t last but maybe 10 minutes before unloading down her throat. With a thank you ma’am, I was off for another adventure.

The next week, was just as fun, one lady and her man was in a booth, she is a school teacher looking gal, blonde hair, slim, killer little ass, small boobs, she always wears these scholarly looking glasses, dresses well, but doesn’t stay dressed for long. Her mode of operation is to sit in the chair facing the hole and waiting for a cock she likes to come through the hole. Several guys spent time trying to get her attention sticking their cocks through the hole to no avail. I found that if you’re soft going through your wasting her time.

So with this in mind I got ole Stanley hard before presenting it to her and was rewarded with her soft touch. A few seconds later she tapped on my cock, signaling me to pull back out, I knelt down at the hole and she asked me if I wanted to come over. Uh yes! He then laid out a blanket on the floor and she was on her knees showing me just how great of a cocksucker she can be! She is shaved and very clean so I asked if she needed the kitty licked. Duh. After giving her the ole good tongue lashing she turned around, bent over and said give it to me. I did, she was very tight and soaking wet. 

I enjoyed it and it seemed she was happy too! Sorry about your head hitting the wall several times, but she said she was ok!  While another buddy of mine was in the other booth watching, he’s short and can barely reach the hole, she made the comment to me that she prefers guys to be hard when they stick their dicks through so she can gauge whether or not to have fun with them. I spread that little piece of information around, but they left soon afterward, so I guess my clue fell on deaf ears.

The following weekend, this great looking lady I hadn’t seen in months showed up with her ole man, he  had videotaped her blowing me in the parking lot some months back. She’s in her twenties, dark medium length hair, probably 5’4 well shaped, NO flab at all, she has a small landing strip and medium/small boobs but very attractive!

Her and her man went into a booth and one of the regulars beat me to the adjoining one. So I waited until he came out. We all made a pack to keep the cock blockers (gay) from hogging a booth next to a couple, so we would wait to come out until one of the straight perv’s could get to the door. He did and let me take his booth.

She had her shirt off and was blowing her man, so I waited until she gave me the finger through the hole signal and slid mine in, she stroked me for few seconds, then started licking me. She gave me a tap and I pulled out, as I did she passed me a condom, which I rolled on. She was taking off her jeans and said put it back in, so I did and could feel her ass rubbing against my cock, also I heard the sound of the chair moving over in her booth.

After a few minutes I pulled back out, she was bent over telling me she was too short for the hole. (Bob’s idea next!) I told her to get one of the coke crates in the lobby and stand on that. She started laughing her ass off, not believing me, I told her all the shorter ladies use them and the place was cool with an occasional step up!! So her ole man left the booth, and damn if he didn’t come back with a soda crate for her as a boost up to the hole! With the logistics out of the way she backed that sweet ass and pussy down on my cock and went to fucking it. I could hear her moaning and at the same time trying to suck her mans cock. I did my best to keep the thought of her standing on a soda crate backing up to the hole fucking me while sucking another cock out of my mind, but the whole thing was too much after awhile so I unloaded in the condom.

Damn that was hot as hell. Where there’s a will there’s a way I guess.  I bent down to thank her, she told me while still giggling that was a first for her using a booster seat to fuck!! It was great for me too baby!!!

I love it when a plan comes together, I also love it when there’s no issues (cock blockers or dumbasses) screwing things up for everybody, these past weekends have been just that!  Fucking great (pun is intended)!
If you ever see Bob in Biloxi at your nearest ABS or adult theater, have him buy a lottery ticket for you.  This guy is on a streak!  Congrats to The Journal's intrepid senior reporter, B in B.

Have a report you'd like to see on the pages of the Journal?  Just click the arrow at the top right side of The Journal, and e-mail it to The Good Doctor.  I'll do the rest...