Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Return of OldBeatNik! Winter Theater Overview & More

Like the swallows returning to Capastrano, OldBeatNik has returned to The Good Doctor's Journal.  His report, originally posted at the BrentsTheaterTails Yahoo Group, is now faithfully reposted for your viewing pleasure.

Take it away, OBN!
Hi guy, welcome back. I hope all is well with you. My report since we last wrote:

I went to the Lido in Dallas Tex. on a Saturday night last Xmas time. There were 8-10 couples there, 3 or 4 of them playing. I went with a woman I met on line. The Lido is still one of the premiere theaters in the country. Clean, spacious, friendly. The only complaint is the theater is too dark to really see any action among the patrons. Also something new, at least to me, a clerk told me single men are now allowed in on couples only weekends by paying $150.

Then I went to the Adult Theater in Biloxi Ms. Another nice place, comfortable couches, lit enough to see the action, if any, in the theater. The nights I was there no couples on a Fri. 2 on Sat. neither played.

Then I went to Cinema Blue in Birmingham, Al. It is a terrible place, uncomfortable and broken theater seats, a horrendous mens bathroom, and very dark theater, where you need a pen light to see any action. But for some reason it does get action. There is usually a couple there every night of the week, and several couples on the weekends. There is a yahoo group for the theater and it generates interest and action.

So to recap, bring a pen light to the Lido and Cinema Blue, get comfortable at the theater in Biloxi, but don't expect to see much action there. Be prepared to be grossed out by Cinema Blue, but also you have a good chance of seeing some action there. Hopefully I will get to some of the bookstores/theaters here in Ga. where I am spending the next month or so.

Take care all, play safe and be polite.
Thanks OBN!  Great report!  We look forward to your future reports... Editor's note:  OBN is one of The Good Doctor's longest running contributors, thus he was awarded with his own logo.  Congrats OBN!


Call for Work: The Good Doctor Needs Your Reports!

Doc here with a call for your reports.  Are you deeply embedded in the front lines of America's adult theaters?  Witness debauchery that cannot go unmentioned?  Then The Journal needs you!

The Good Doctor will happily accept, edit, and clean up your reports (if you like).  All you need to do is e-mail me the report at:  Tell me what you would like your byline to be, and presto-chango, your report will be posted.  Just ask Bob in Biloxi, OldBeatNik, Donny Digital, or the countless others who have contributed.

I need you, and America needs you more than ever.


Field Report: Bob in Biloxi

Doc here with an outstanding field report from regular contributor Bob from Biloxi.  Sounds like the heat is turning up at the Biloxi Adult Theater.  Take it away, Bob...


Well the weather starting to warm some, we in the South don't do well in cold climates. Last night only six couples showed up, three at one time, five out of the six played. The last couple stayed to closing (12pm) but didn't do anything. She was a fine dark haired lady with black tights and skirt, that's a shame I would have loved to see her in action. I think the vulture club may have put her off and out of the mood.

Now back to the other playing couples. The first couple I saw was young, she was a short BBW, very pretty face and great attitude, she was convinced into a licking by a dude there, she returned to favor by sucking him off, guys there told me they had been in and out most of the day. The other two couples came in together and mostly played by themselves, with the two ladies putting on a good show. The other couple came in while they were playing, and soon got in the mood and she started blowing all the guys wanting it. She was a blonde with huge tits, she was getting licked while she took care the cocks with her mouth.

Not too bad for the start of spring, I hope summer brings in more players this year. One guy said he was a newbie, so I tried to give him some advice which he ignored, and hence was left out of the action all night. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

Thanks Bob!  Great report as always!  Sometimes the most unassuming looking places yield the hottest action.