Saturday, November 7, 2015

Flash Report! A Fun Time Last Night (11/6) at CVE in Gastonia, NC with Ray!

Doc here with a fantastic brand spanking new Flash Report from senior Journal scribe Ray.

Ray was at CVE in Gastonia, NC last night (11/6), and has filed this report to the news desk here at The Journal.  It's been a while since we have heard from Ray, so what was this senior reporter up to in NC?

Let's see!

Take it away, Ray!



The last few times that I have visited CVE in Gastonia, NC, I have been lucky enough to be a part of a couple. As a result, most of my observations in the last year or so have been fairly well limited to the couples theater; a nice enough place, but of little interest to those who don't have the opportunity to access that part of the business. Last night, I spent a couple of hours flying solo, joining the roaming herd, wandering from theater to theater to see what the night might bring. It will be etched in my mind as the night of "the little black dress".

Every well-appointed woman knows that the little black dress is a wardrobe essential. It seems to find a comfortable home in a variety of settings: date night, cocktail parties, or an evening at the theater. In this case, I am referring to an adult theater, of course. During the few hours of the evening that I was there to observe, half of the women who dropped by were wearing little black dresses.
CVE (in its current configuration) is laid out with 4 separate theaters. Immediately off of the shopping area is a large, couples-only room. Off the entry area, and down the hall there are three other theaters. 

The largest is the room that had served as the only theater in the place for a number of years. Like most places these days, it is furnished with a dozen couches or so, four of them facing the screen in rows; a couple more lining the walls on either side, facing the middle rows; and two others, all the way in the back, each in its own "cubicle" barricaded by a half wall and swinging door from the main area of the room. The two other theaters are significantly smaller, filled with couches. Theater 3 plays gay videos.

When I arrived last night there was a tall blonde with great legs and nice set of bolt-ons on her knees sucking a large black cock in one of the back "cubicles" of the main theater. She and her man were there all night. Apparently he is training her as a sub/slut. She was willing to suck any guy that would agree to dump on her impressive tits or face. Needless to say, she had more than a few takers.