Saturday, November 7, 2015

Flash Report! A Fun Time Last Night (11/6) at CVE in Gastonia, NC with Ray!

Doc here with a fantastic brand spanking new Flash Report from senior Journal scribe Ray.

Ray was at CVE in Gastonia, NC last night (11/6), and has filed this report to the news desk here at The Journal.  It's been a while since we have heard from Ray, so what was this senior reporter up to in NC?

Let's see!

Take it away, Ray!



The last few times that I have visited CVE in Gastonia, NC, I have been lucky enough to be a part of a couple. As a result, most of my observations in the last year or so have been fairly well limited to the couples theater; a nice enough place, but of little interest to those who don't have the opportunity to access that part of the business. Last night, I spent a couple of hours flying solo, joining the roaming herd, wandering from theater to theater to see what the night might bring. It will be etched in my mind as the night of "the little black dress".

Every well-appointed woman knows that the little black dress is a wardrobe essential. It seems to find a comfortable home in a variety of settings: date night, cocktail parties, or an evening at the theater. In this case, I am referring to an adult theater, of course. During the few hours of the evening that I was there to observe, half of the women who dropped by were wearing little black dresses.
CVE (in its current configuration) is laid out with 4 separate theaters. Immediately off of the shopping area is a large, couples-only room. Off the entry area, and down the hall there are three other theaters. 

The largest is the room that had served as the only theater in the place for a number of years. Like most places these days, it is furnished with a dozen couches or so, four of them facing the screen in rows; a couple more lining the walls on either side, facing the middle rows; and two others, all the way in the back, each in its own "cubicle" barricaded by a half wall and swinging door from the main area of the room. The two other theaters are significantly smaller, filled with couches. Theater 3 plays gay videos.

When I arrived last night there was a tall blonde with great legs and nice set of bolt-ons on her knees sucking a large black cock in one of the back "cubicles" of the main theater. She and her man were there all night. Apparently he is training her as a sub/slut. She was willing to suck any guy that would agree to dump on her impressive tits or face. Needless to say, she had more than a few takers.

Not long after the guy rewarded her oral efforts with a nice load on her impressive tits, another couple came in and paused at the back of the theater. They were older, but the wife was petite, wearing a denim miniskirt (usually a good sign). The tall blonde's companion spoke to them, and for minute they joined them in the cubicle and even played with the tall blonde's tits for a moment before retiring to the other cubicle, where they seemed perfectly content to sit by themselves and cuddle.

Not long afterward, the first "little black dress" of the night appeared. It belonged to a middle-aged BBW who was obviously very comfortable with her surroundings. They had all of the signs of being regulars. Throughout the evening she and her man explored the theaters, but I never did see them play.

With a lull in the action in theater one (honestly other than the tall blonde blowing her man and the occasional guy getting some head from her, there had been very little action) I wandered over to the other room. My timing was perfect. I had just taken a seat in the front couch along the side wall in theater 2. In this room there are four couches facing the screen, and two more along the left wall of the theater. These make for great viewing, if you get the right seat. Get it, I did. I had no sooner sat down, when a petite blonde with big tits, nicely presented in a plunging V-neck sweater, and a short skirt came in. They purposely chose to sit in the front row, "so you can see better" as she told him.

She carried a small plastic bag with her (also a good sign, generally speaking). For 15 minutes or so, they enjoyed the movie. The guy in the scene had a big dick, and she made no secret of the fact that she liked that. The scene also had some fairly heavy (buy humorous) humiliation for the guy. Sweater girl liked that. And she liked the next scene, too. Two large black men picking up a busty blonde. I had a pretty good idea about where sweater girl and her man might be going, so I settled in to watch the show.

She told him that she wanted to see him play with his dick. She also glanced around the few guys gathering up front to see which of us were exposed. About half were, and she seemed pleased with what she saw. She slid down in the seat, pulling her skirt up, exposing her shaved pussy to us all. Reaching into the bag, she pulled out a vibrator and put it to work on her clit, telling her man to pull out his "little dick" and play with it. We watched her bring herself to an orgasm, eyeing the exposed dicks around her. The one that got most of her attention, of course, was the black guy positioned about 8 feet in front of her. 

She moved to her knees, sucking her man's cock, making sure that we all got a good view of her talents. The crowd moved closer, of course, but she only seemed interested in one of us. She reached for the black cock, telling its owner how much bigger he was than her man, then began to stroke it for him. Within a matter of minutes, she handed him a condom and bent over, sucking her man while allowing her new black friend to enter her from behind. As he fucked her, a half dozen eager men reached in to caress and feel her. She returned the favor by reaching out to stroke a couple of us, but was unable to do much, because of the pounding she was getting from behind. After she came, she thanked her black stud and they left.

As the crowd disbursed, I went back to the larger theater and saw that the petite woman was sucking her husband's dick. She was standing in front of him, bending over. I couldn't see her blowjob, but hubby reached back and pulled her skirt up, allowing me to see her ass. Soon she was straddling him, and then suddenly, without and warning, she turned and pointed to the guy to my left, waving him onto the couch. She stroked him as she rode her husband. Later, she played with a second guy, stroking and blowing him.

At a point, I left the larger theater, curious about what might be happening elsewhere. Again, my timing was perfect. I turned the corner toward the smaller theaters just in time to see a young brunette in a little black dress heading into theater two with her man. I took up my place once again on a side couch, giving me a perfect line of sight right down the row where the two of them sat. It also gave me a nice view of the tall blonde who had also followed the crowd into the room. She sat one row behind the younger brunette, and pulled her tits out of the tiny top she was wearing. It was pretty obvious that the little brunette and her friend were going to waste very little time. 

She straddled her man and they chatted for a bit, soon she slid down his legs, landing on the floor where she proceeded to give him a blow job. As she sucked his cock, the tall blonde kept playing with her tits. We made eye contact several times, and she smiled at my exposed cock. When the little brunette's man was hard, she stood to her feet and stripped off the dress, her panties and the bra that was underneath - receiving an appreciative response from the crowd. She was a 20-someting with smallish tits and an eager attitude. This time when she straddled him she lowered herself onto his uncovered cock. 

The boys now moved closer. Hands reached in from everywhere. Her only rule was to avoid her asshole. As the crowd settled, I found myself in the row behind her, not far from the tall blonde. In fact, the petite brunette ask the blonde to move closer so she could see and play with her tits. She did, which put her immediately next to me. The brunette rode that cock, letting others feel her up while she felt the blonde and a stray dick or two. My hands were on the blonde's tits and ass, and she responded by stroking my dick discreetly.

The brunette slid off of her man and announced to the crowd that she was willing to do anything that he would let her do. He said nothing as she sat next to him, her legs reaching across his lap, allowing him to stroke his cock on her calf. The boys continued to touch her, with a guy in front working his hand to her clit, where he did a stellar job of working her into a frenzy. At a point, the petite brunette's companion guided the tall blonde's hand to his cock. As she stroked him, he only need to tip his head back to get a mouthful of her tit. Both the brunette and her man got off at about the same time, thanks to the helping hands of others. When they did, they promptly dressed and left, leaving the crowd to look for other diversions.

We found it back in theater 1. During our absence another couple came in. I know that we can be given to hyperbole when we discuss the women who come to porn theaters. The truth is that most of them are just average. Average wives and moms and girlfriends and aunts (and grandmas) who just want to have fun and aren't afraid to go for it. The busty sweater girl last night was a notable exception. She was past her "prime", but still looked amazing for a woman of her age. The petite brunette was a standout just because of her youth. But the final lovely in a little black dress was, without a doubt, one of the best looking women I have ever seen in a porn theater. She was hot. Pure and simple. And I think maybe she knew it, in a modest sort of way. I couldn't fully appreciate just how hot until they stood to leave. Her little black dress was form-fitting, backless and just short enough to show off her shapely legs. This girl's body was flawless. She was young (early 20's) with the kind of smile your dentist hangs in posters on his walls.

When I walked in, I saw her red spiked heel draped over her man's lap. A guy was trying to introduce himself, but they were not interested. They didn't mind him sharing the couch, though. They didn't mind the guys watching, although they gave us little to see. The guy had his hand up her skirt, but nothing was exposed. They cuddled and giggled and whispered for 15 minutes or so. I fully expected them to leave at any instant. Suddenly though, the guy got up, dropped to his knees and removed her panties. She spread her legs wide as he buried his face in her slit. A guy reached for her leg, but was shooed away with a pleasant smile. This show was just going to be purely visual. And I, for one, was fine with that. He licked her to orgasm. We watched as she contorted on the couch, exploding with pleasure in the middle of a tight circle of horny perverts masturbating to the sight of her bliss. And then, they were gone. The last I saw of her was that great smile.

With that, I walked back to that cubicle and enjoyed the sensation of the tall blonde's mouth around my cock. She needed to do very little work before I coated her generous tits.

Looks like maybe, just maybe, CVE is back.