Friday, August 6, 2010

Flash Report! Sable Visits Airport Video in Everett, WA (with Photo!)

Doc here with a repost of a Flash Report from Sable, who is in the Seattle area.  She and her friend "Sky" had some fun at Airport Video in Everett, WA.  Here we go!

Well it has been a while....Yes, Sable is alive and kickn. Thought I'd give you all a little tale of what has transpired lately with me. I just returned from Montana. As I arrived at the lovely SeaTac Airport, I was met by a good friend of mine, let's call her "Sky." She, was looking hot as usual, but just a bit more over the top. I asked "why?" and the reply was she was bored, and decided to dress it up a bit. "Cool", I replied, so what did she have in mind? She asked if I had ever done the "Adult Theater thing." I laughed, and said sure, would she like to experience it? She liked the idea and off we went to Airport Video. When we arrived, I was totally not dressed for this night. I just got off a plane for God's sake.

Well, it proved to be a great time. The weather was perfect. Not too hot and not too cold. We walked in and were greeted by the nicest lady. We walked down the hall and into the the theater we went. Sky was really nervous, yet excited. We went in and of course, dark as hell. We randomly found a couple of chairs and were laughing like little girls.


We finally adjusted to the light and saw what we were up against! HA! Immediately we were surrounded and we were still laughing. Sky was beginning to get excited, and she began to unbutton and get comfy. Soon enough she had about 4 men dying to get busy. She slowly picked out a couple of handsome lookers and allowed them to fondle and play. I was in awe of just watching her, and that was getting my juices flowing. Pretty soon, I thought I would partake in the fun... I was taken by this very beautiful man, with a very soft touch..oh and did he touch...I was dripping wet and he had only just began. I was a bit nervous, but he did everything right. As I said, I just came from the airport, and that man got to parts of me that only I could. Ha! I was in heaven. He sucked, stroked and nibbled all over and all I could do was sit there. My breasts were fully exposed and he sucked them like I've never known. I tried to return the favor, but was told, this is all about you..... Wow, that was new and fun I thought. As I leaned back to enjoy, I looked over to see Sky. She was in deep throat mode and loving it!

Pretty soon my pants were down and I was being licked... I came like I haven't in a long ass time. As I came to my senses, my mystery man just smiled and walked away. It was amazing!!!! Sky came too, a few times I think, and when it was all over we just sat there, with smiles. We decided it was time to go...

Wow what a night. Gotta love those trips from the airport. Maybe I should travel more often.

Happy trails ya all!

I couldn't agree more Sable!

Flash Report: The Carolina Cougar at Romantix in Omaha, NE by OSAGuy1

Doc here with a great report from first time contributor OSAGuy1.  Looks like he has found a lady friend that is interested in "this thing of our's". 

Take it away, OSAGuy1...
The abs scene is alive and well in Omaha, NE. I have made several trips there with an older milf that I will call the Carolina Cougar. CC is a very sexual 51 year old milf/swinger, who I had met thru a local contact site. She would wear her sexy lingerie under her conservative outfits.

Romatix is a fixture in the Omaha/Council Bluffs metro area. It boasts about 15/20 token operated preview booths, a 16 seat mini adult theater, and 12 large spacious preview booths. After meeting and talking with her, I told her of what goes on in these booths and the theater her eyes immediately lit up and her panties got wet. We were on our way at that point! After pulling into the parking lot, there were maybe about 10 cars. I knew that most of the action would be in the booths or the theater.

Upon entering the bookstore, we were on the sales floor browsing at the dildos and lingerie magazines. I would reach down and slide my hand over her sexy well rounded ass, grabbing the back of her summer skirt and pulling it up. We could feel the eyes of every single guy on us as I paraded her around the sales floor.

After chatting with the clerks, we decided to go into the theater. After watching a few minutes of a she-male video, I could feel CC’s hand in my lap playing with my zipper. She was stroking my cock and making it hard. I reached for my zipper but she stopped me, stating the guys that were staring at her and stroking their cock were making her uncomfortable. I suggested we go to a booth she agreed. I told CC to stand up, and she did as told.

I pulled her skirt down and had her walk up and down the theater aisle to the stares and whistles of the men in the theater. After having her put her skirt back on we went into the booth, and I put the card in the slot maxing the credits out. I sat CC down on the futon style couch and took out my erect cock and rubbed it on her face. Cat immediately opened her mouth and swallowed my 8+ inch cock to the root. I grabbed the back of her head and proceeded to forcefully fuck her mouth all the while she was moaning like a whore in heat.

After several minutes of fantastic sucking, I stood CC up, pulled her skirt and panties off since my cock was already wet from her mouth it was nice and slick. I pushed it against the opening of her ass and pushed it in to the hilt. A loud lusty moan went up from deep in her throat as I continued to pound her ass all the while the door to the booth was rattling in its frame as the lust crazed skin hounds in the corridor tried to get into the booths .

After filling her ass with my hot cum and having her suck my cock clean, she began to get uncomfortable with the attention of the guys gathered around the booth. We dressed and left, but we left her panties and stockings in the booth as a souvenir for the skin hounds to fight over.

On the way out, CC left the theater with a huge smile on her face after flashing a very sultry smile and a saucy wink at the clerk. We left the bookstore and upon getting into her car, she looks at me with an utter innocent look on her face and asks “When we can come back again?” A very promising start to a theater slut’s career. I will enclose a pic of cat after I fucked her in the booth.


Time To Vote! Your Top 3 Adult Theater Women!

Doc here with the moment we have been waiting for: It's time to vote for your Top 3 Adult Theater Women!

Over the last few weeks, we have covered many nominees for the prestigious 2010 "Lizzie's", our version of the Oscar.  The Top 3 will take home the award, as voted by you, the great readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters.

Here is how it will work:  I will list and link the stories below, and you will vote via the poll on the right side of the web page.  You can vote for up to 3 women.  Review the nominations, and then vote for your favorite. 

The poll will close on Sunday 8/22.

The Nominee Recaps:
  1. Robin of "When I Feel Naughty" by OldBeatNik
  2. New Year's Eve Girl by Brent
  3. Jenna at The Jefferson by Brent
  4. VooDoo Girl by Brent
  5. Angel by Bob in Biloxi
  6. Mrs. Partridge by Dr. Luv
  7. Suzie Seat Slut by Old Marine Corps Guy
  8. Barbie from The Belvedere by JaxBchBum
  9. The Hairdresser by Justa Reply
  10. Red by Wine Guy
  11. Ruth by Major Voyeur
  12. Liza by Video Randy
  13. Mystery Celebrity by Old Marine Corps Guy
  14. Charley by Buster
  15. Lynn the 3rd Grade Teacher by Dr. Emilio
  16. The Squirter by Dr. Emilio
  17. Nina the Bakery Slut by Dr. Emilio
  18. Tina from CTs by Dr. Emilio
  19. Slave Girl by Dr. Luv and Dr. Emilio
Enjoy reviewing the nominations, and vote early and often.  Will your girl win "The Lizzie"?

The Poll is up! 


Two Doctors / Two Reports: "Tina Runs On Dunkin" @ CTs in Gary - 7/31, Part 2

Doc here with Part 2 of Two Doctor / Two Reports. Part 1 was authored by my esteemed colleague, Dr. Luv.  It was Dr. Luv's first visit to the hardcore atmosphere of CTs in Gary, IN, and boy was his timing right on the money.  He hit a weekend that saw the lovely Tina visit, the two-day-stand of The Fort Wayne Girls, and several hot couples that visited last weekend. 

You can catch up on Part 1 featuring Dr. Luv here.

Now, it's The Good Doctor's turn.  You know how in the coverage of NFL games, the top games will have multiple color analysts in the booth with the play-by-play guy?  Well, look at this report as having two color commentators.  Each of us brings something a little different to the table, thus giving you, the readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters a well-rounded experience. (A reminder: Click on any of the photos here on The Journal to enbiggen them).  The accompanying photos were in fact taken on Saturday by John (from John and Tina).

The Good Doctor learned something very important about Tina Saturday night...

Tina Runs On Dunkin!

The focus of my report will be Saturday's visit by one of my favorite adult theater women of all time, Tina.  (If you'd like to get caught up on Tina's last visit, click here). As always, Tina and her guy John posted several days in advance of their visit to CTs.  This always guaranties a big crowd (translation: Lots of cock for Tina).  This Saturday was no exception.  They stated they would be there by 7:30pm, and they were.

Tina started out in the gloryholes at CTs, and spent the better part of 90 minutes playing with the hole in the wall gang. Action then migrated to CTs Theater and the exam table that stands front and center in that area.  After getting situated, and the exam was ready, Tina walked over & slipped off her floral dress.  John had his camera at the ready as Tina walked over, bent over the exam table (the short was, not length-wise).  This allowed her to get it from behind while wrapping her lips around the hard cocks right in front of her.

The first guy to get his cock sucked by Tina got quite the treatment...As Tina was getting slammed from behind, Tina was sucking, licking, and was being gagged by the big cock sliding down her throat.  This scene repeated itself with a rotation of guys taking the front and rear positions.  From this reporters angle and close proximity, the gagging sounds were very hot. 

Tina then spun around and laid on top of the table, and alternated between 3 guys fucking her wet pussy, and sucking the lucky guys standing at the sides of the exam table.  There were a couple of guys who came in Tina's mouth during this part of the festivities, while she took cocks of different shapes, sizes, and colors.

At one point, Tina grabbed a guy she obviously knew, and had him get on the table... Tina then proceeded to give Mr. Lucky a well thought out BJ, complete with plenty of attention to the twins as well as to his cock.  The BJ was wet, sloppy, and very intense to view.  And when he came into her sexy mouth, both he and Tina "Mmmm'd" at the same time.  Very hot stuff...

During this evening, The Good Doctor was Tweeting "Live from CTs"...  During the first of Tina's breaks, I showed her how I was Tweeting from my Blackberry.  She asked me to say "Hi" to all the guys in the cyber-world, and I got the message Tweeted.  I also asked for questions from the public, and within 5 minutes they came rolling in.  At the end of the evening, I did a Q&A with Tina and John, and threw the answers back out via Tweets.

As with most of Tina's visits, the evening wrapped up with a circle jerk all over her pretty face.  Due to the pure amount of guys there, this was going to take awhile.  And Tina loved every moment of it, as the following photos show:

These photos do not lie about how she dove into the middle of the color guard, and came up with her 21-gun salute. Tina was COVERED in man goo when the last gun went off...It's been awhile since I have seen this level of a bukakke (Lynn the 3rd Grade Teacher was the last back during my days in New York).

As The Good Doctor was talking with Tina and John afterwards in the CTs parking lot, we shared a few laughs about the evening.  Tina also mentioned that this was one of her favorite all-time visits to CTs.  From this reporters perspective, I would have to agree.

I hope you enjoyed the first tag-team report of a single event... You had a little of this, and a little of that.  Sprinkle in some great naughty and nasty photos of the action, and you have a weekend not to be forgotten anytime soon.  Thanks again to Dr. Luv... He writes a great report (as he did in Part 1), and there will be many more to come.

Do you have a report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  E-mail The Good Doctor at, and I'll take care of the rest.  Trust me...I'm a Doctor.