Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flash Report: Enzyte Bob - Fantasyland I and II in Tampa on 6/18/11

Doc here with a 5-Star Flash Report from senior reporter, Enzyte Bob.  As you probably already know, Enzyte Bob covers the Tampa scene for The Journal, and has been keeping a close eye on the fragile (pronounced FRA-GEE-LEE, since it's Italian) situation in this thing of ours in the Drew Park section of Tampa.
Well, EB returns to Fantasyland I and II for an update...And what an update it is.  This is a thorough report, so sit back, throw on some cabanna wear, order up a pina colada, and enjoy Enzyte Bob's update.


I managed to get over to Tampa and thus, made a visit to Fantasyland I and II. My report follows.
Upon my arrival in Tampa, I went to Fantasyland I first.  I arrived at about 6:00PM on Saturday night, which is way early, but since I was planning on making a night of it, I decided to go early and see what was up in the early evening hours.  I paid the $19.00 all-area charge and was advised I could go over to FL II and get in there for $10.00 more, half price.  I was also told that a party was scheduled for Fantasyland II at 7:00 PM and so I resolved to wonder over there after a while.
Fantasyland I
I checked out the pool room and booth area at FL I and found really nothing going on.  I wondered back to the main theater, figuring to bide my time until 7:00PM and then go over to FL II and check out the party.  As I was on my way to the main theater, I noticed that one of doors on one of the private rooms was closed and was cautiously hopeful.  I was to learn that the room was currently occupied by a husband and wife and another man they had met and all were engaged in a “good time”.  I continued on into the main theater.
I sat down on a couch just inside the entrance to the main theater and was watching the porn on the big screen up front.  I noted that I was the only person in the entire theater after my eyes got accustomed to the darkness.  About three minutes after I sat down the couple plus one that had been in the private room entered the theater.  The couple was in their mid to late 40’s and the extra male was in his mid- 50’s.  This boded well for mid-50’s me.  The woman was wearing a green sun dress, and as I was to find out minutes later, that was all.  She had an appearance similar to Kim Darby in later life.  She was the young girl that played Mattie Ross in the John Wayne version of “True Grit”.
The Real Kim Darby
The couple stopped almost directly in front of me and was making comments to their companion about how dead it was, I replied with some witty banter and, in response, Kim pulled up her dress and showed me one of the smoothest tanned pussies I have ever had the pleasure of viewing.  Her husband then said show him your titties and she complied immediately.  He manipulated them a bit to demonstrate that they were 100% what God gave her.  I stood up to examine her lovely C-cup ta-ta’s personally and she replied by rubbing my crotch, reaching into my shorts (thank God for elastic waistbands) and finding Mr. Happy coming to full attention.  At this point, being aware of the LE activity that had been present in the not-too-distant past, I suggested we go to one of the private rooms.  This idea was entirely acceptable and I was lead by Kim to the room, followed closely by my Mr. Happy.
Hubby stayed in the doorway to the room and made suggestions as to what to do, but did not close the door to the room.  I was a bit concerned about being observed by a member of the local constabulary, but my fears were unfounded, at least on this evening.  Hubby stood in the door and I was able to tell we would either have additional male companionship, or he would guard the door from unwanted companions. He told Kim to show me how good she was at sucking cock, and she did just that.
Kim got down on her knees and proceeded to give me one of the better blow jobs I have had the pleasure of receiving.  She was very interested enthusiastic in her work, moaning with pleasure and she bobbed her head up and down on my rock-hard member.  At a point she asked me to put on a condom and fuck her, but since I was not expecting to be active so quickly, I was not properly prepared and admitted, ashamedly, my problem.  Hubby said, just go ahead and shoot on her tits.  So Kim continued to suck with a wonderful expertise.
By now, the other guy had joined Kim and me.  She had gotten off her knees and was bent over sucking on me while he was on his knees licking and slurping her pussy for all he was worth and she was enjoying it immensely.  She came, never missing a beat on my cock, and the guy who had been orally attending to her clean-shaven, smooth pussy got up off his knees and was pounding away, burying every inch of his rather impressive manhood into Kim.  She continued to suck on me, which got me started on the quick path to shooting a load I had been saving for almost a week.
She paid close attention to my progress as she continued her oral ministration on my hard-as-a-steel cock and when I could feel myself getting ready to cum, I warned her of the impending climax, but she just kept on sucking and sliding her mouth and hand up and down on my cock. 
Finally, I could take no more and could feel the pressure becoming overwhelming.  She felt it too and just before I came, she took her mouth away, got down on her knees and started jerking my cock all over her beautiful breasts.  Did I mention I had not come in almost a week?  I started to shoot hot, thick ropes of creamy baby batter all over those pretty tits of Kim’s.  I went off like a fire hose and I am certain I could feel the whites draining from my eyeballs; the climax was that incredible.  I hosed down her tits all right.  White, creamy cum was running off her left breast onto the floor and both she and hubby, who was still standing guard at the door commented on the volume of cum and the strength of the cumshot.  After a very brief rest, Kim and hubby walked down to the restroom where Kim had to clean up.  It was clear they were not done for the night.  Later, I would learn from the manager that Kim would probably do every guy in the place as long as she stayed and would probably do them twice before she left.  I was looking forward to this.
Fantasyland II
I rested up a bit in the main theater and decided to make a trip to FL II and see what was up with the party there.   When I arrived at FL II, I paid my money ($10.00) and found that was actually rather quiet, a couple was playing pool in the poolroom and there was no one outside on the deck.  I hung out for a short time in the theater allowing my eyes to get accustomed to the darkness to find there were three men in the movie theater, sausage fest.  I decided to buy a drink from the machine and wondered back out to the deck area and found the manager from FL I (he apparently manages both sites) was seated back there at one of the tables.  The deck area is really nice and very well-done.  There is a Hawaiian theme going on and tiki torches were burning.  As it was now about 7:00 PM, the hot Florida sun was starting to set and the temperature was dropping from the 94 degrees it had been to more comfortable 80’s.
I sat down with the manager from FL I and while we were talking Kim and her hubby came out on the deck.  We were formally introduced at this point.  Kim and her mate had apparently been at it for a number of hours already and were planning to leave soon as they intended to go to bed early.  By now, the manager’s wife, an adorable blonde a bunch of years his junior, came out and began preparations for the party.  The party would not really get started until sometime around 9 or 10-ish.  I got some dinner from the party buffet and talked with the manager and his wife for a time and then, nothing going on at FL II, headed back to FL I.
I went back and forth between FL I and FL II a few times and the party that was scheduled actually did get started, albeit it a bit late.  It was not a crowd particularly into playing, but I did have the pleasure and honor of meeting the delightful lady owner of both FL I and II.  She is a wonderful women and she was down from out of state with several members of her family.
FL I was actually busier than FL II, but it consisted of couples that would play pool, watch a dirty movie in the main theater and then toddle off to one of the private rooms without anyone else. 
There were two women there with their husbands and/or boyfriends.  Both women were noticeably pregnant and  the couples clearly knew each other.  They compared notes about their pregnancies while playing pool and then went off with their male companions to play.  These two couples, with pregnant women, and another couple left the poolroom, followed by what seemed like every guy in the place.  They had a train behind them of at least 8-10 single men, all of whom hoped to get a piece of preggo pussy, but the couples all went to the smaller theater and locked the door behind them.  They would remain in the smaller theater for well over an hour.  Later in the evening, a couple would go into this same theater with one other guy and lock the door.  Another woman, a BBW with flaming red hair would take one guy into this smaller theater and lock the door behind her.  She did this twice with two different men.  Management is considering making a sign that no less than six persons can occupy the smaller theater with the door locked.  This is a good idea in my opinion.
FL I Pool Room

The word has gotten out that LE has been looking closely at FL II, so everyone seems to behave.  By this I mean they hook up in the more public location and decide to go to one of the private rooms to play.  If the lady of the couple cares to have multiple, one-after-the other, partners, they will generally have her in a room and allow maybe three or four men in the room, then allow another to come in as one leaves. 
This Saturday night, there was one exception to this discreet attitude.  A tall blonde was in the main theater and she was taking on all cummers in the main theater.  She was taking on men three and four at a time and when one finished in either her mouth, pussy or either hand, another moved in to take his place.  I was later told by several different people that this woman is a post operative transsexual and is there almost every weekend.  Once reminded of this, I recalled that I had seen her picture before, many years ago, in various swingers’ magazines, offering to take on all cummers and be the guest of honor at gangbangs.
Unfortunately, most of the evening and night consisted of couples coming in and going into private rooms, so no more play for Bob, but I am not discouraged.  I got a wonderful blowjob in the first ten minutes I was at FL II and there is a lot to be said for that. 
In the words of the “Terminator,”  “I’ll be back.”
Doc here again... Thanks again to Enzyte Bob for his usual stellar work in reporting on this thing of ours. EB hits all the main points that make a great report: Describes the vibe in the theater(s), celebrity look-a-likes for the women he encounters, expresses his opinions on what made the scene good (or bad), and a talent for decribing the action in a manner that puts the reader in his shoes.  Bravo sir!
Do you have an adult theater report?  I hope so, because I am in need of them in a big way.  Just e-mail The Big Kahuna The Good Doctor at Whether it's a recent adult theater visit, a profile of a theater you have visited, or memories from a visit in the past... I'm welcoming them all.