Sunday, February 5, 2012

Doc here with this week's Cruising The Coast with Bob in Biloxi. All I have to say is that the Super Bowl better be more exciting that the scene Bob ran into last night.

Here's Bob's tale of woe.


Hi Doc,

Last night was a comedy of errors and the night just could not get on the right track. In all my time going, last night was perhaps the weirdest night I’ve had since I’ve been involved in “this thing of ours”.

Our Gulf Coast Adult Theater received 5 couples, three of which played to some degree (I’ll get to that in a second), and down at our ABS there were 4 couples that showed.

At the theater two semi-regular couples showed - one is more regular than the other.  Two of the ladies are very attractive, but they mainly showed off and teased each other. The shorter of the two was dressed in blue jeans and proceeded to give her man a lap dance eventually moving toward the other couple and played with them. Of course that always draws a crowd, but couples playing among themselves is just that - its among themselves and usually they don’t want any intervention from the hard legs gathering around as was the case here. After a short time, they left for more private settings.

Now here comes the weird part.  All the guys know both these couples well, and they know they aren’t going to interact. But for some reason the blood rushes out of their brain and they act like they’ve never seen them before.

Case in point, a few weeks ago, one of the “ self proclaimed straight dudes” received a blow job from a wanna-be tranny on the guise he was trying to get next to his woman. That failed if you remember. So where was this guy last night? Right in the middle of the couple trying to “get next” to the females in the soiree, again - major fail. The guy knows that none of the females will play with him because they are looking for other females. Major idiot.

Later that night a small BBW showed, she was not dressed to play, in fact she covered her face for most of the time she was there. So I sat down next to her and eventually she started stroking her man, still covering her face!!! Too funny. With some whispering between the two, she finally put her right arm down on her right leg, in doing so brushed my hand. I gently lifted her hand and moved it onto my cock. She just started gently stroking both of us for long time, I got bored with that and finally she stopped and started covering her face again. Again comedy at the adult theater. I would imagine that was her first time and in her mind she really went out on a limb being nasty.

Maybe she will get the nerve to come back and play some more. That’s it for the theater, mostly a lot of confused men trying to decide if they wanted cock or would rather be seen trying to appear interested in the few female/male couples that showed up.

The comedy continued down at the ABS. There was not a parking space to be had, and the lot was over full!! Albeit, all happy fellows. You would have thought this was a blue light special at K-Mart. Last night however, the cock blockers were blocking cock blockers, and now that is funny.

Only one couple ventured back to the booths, they got no action. Guys would jump in the booth and simply stare through the hole while sitting on their ass. The couple would move to another booth, ground hog day all over again. I watched with amusement and a degree of disgust really, the maneuvering these ordinary cock blockers were performing on each other. There was simply too many people (all cock blockers) in the building. It was a cock blocker rave! (Must have went out via Twitter or Facebook?)

After about 30 minutes of musical booths, the couple had enough and left. There were three other couples that attempted to come back, but the obvious looks of desperation some of these guys were giving them scared even me!! So no dice in luring more M/F players back into the lair.

I can always hope (because that’s really all you have) that some of these clowns won’t return next weekend and the playing can get back to something of a normal routine. But I can almost guarantee if only one of three of the same guys show up, they will manage to screw things up for everyone else. Only one of the three in addition to the “newbies, clueless and just general pain in the ass" guys, couples have no chance of playing with any degree of anonymity.

Sad night on the coast Doc, but there’s not a damn thing on TV Saturday nights anyway! Until next week I remain your faithful reporter on the Beautiful Gulf Coast.



Doc here again... Thanks for the report Bob, and stay away from any sharp objects.  While there was no joy in Mudville last night, there is always next week.