Monday, September 3, 2012

Flash Report! 50 Shades of Koral: A Gloryhole Adventure in Portland

Doc here... Fasten your seatbelts for this Flash Report from Koral and her hubby S.

This report is very hot, but be warned... Towards the end, I will have a warning since the report gets even crazier (you'll see why, if you dare to read it).

Here's one for ya, absolutely true story.

A couple weeks ago the kid spent the night at friends houses, so my cum slut wife Koral and I decided to have some kinky fun. We posted on Craiglist that we would be at a certain ABS in the only booth that has two gloryholes, one on the right wall, one on the left.

Now we choose this booth because if one hole has a booth hog, a limp dick that won’t get hard, a dirty smelly pecker, crazy untrimmed pubes (she hates that) or a "peeker" (a guy who just wants to watch),"talker" or "reacher", she can just swing around and service the hole on the other side while I play the gatekeeper and tell the undesirable cock why he's shit outta luck and to please leave the room and let somebody else in.

Anyway, I said in the Craiglist post the place, the time, and that my hot 32yo cum slut wife will be sucking and draining all cocks until the place is empty, make sure dicks are clean, trimmed and hard or you will be denied at the hole.  Later that night we drove to adult store. ( luckily we live in a small town away from the city, or we would be totally out of control sex fiends) and the parking lot was packed, like overflowing. She was dressed to fuck with her high fuck me heels and a little drunk on wine.

The Real Koral
I lead her around the store and we pretended we were just shopping (shit, we own every damn thing in there already from the pussy/cock pumps to the cock rings and everything in between). This way I can show off my slut and the guys go bonkers wondering if we're the couple that wrote the Craigslist ad, & following us around trying to sneak peeks.  Koral thinks it's cute. And I think if any one of them had the balls to ask me if he could fuck her, I would bring them both to the car and he could jump in the back seat with her and get his fuck on. Shit, most of the guys won’t even make eye contact with me. I'm sure if we ran into you and your slut (I hope that's ok, me calling your woman your slut) at the adult store, we would look at each other, nod hello, check out the other mans woman, look at one another again and we would know right away we were going to getting these woman together and get them naked and having ourselves some bi-chick partner swapping fun. Anyway, back to the story.

Eventually we walk to the back of the store where the video booths are located, with an excited crowd of guys in tow. We go to the one booth we like with the two holes but the doors locked. The hallways is getting jammed packed with guys wanting to position themselves to  dart into whatever booth is next to the booth we choose. I say real loudly, sorry guys, we want this booth in particular and we're gonna just wait here for it to be open. Suddenly,  like a cop raid at a crack house two or three guys start banging on the locked door and yelling "get the fuck out of there, we need that room" and shit like that. It wasn't but five seconds and the door opens and two squirrely gay guys (could be bi) come hopping out of the booth, pants still unzipped, wide eyed and bushy tailed and into a crowded hallway of more than 20 pussy hungry men.....and my slut. It was funny. She said thank you to the evicted guys and we entered the room, video was still running with almost 20 bucks in it of time. That worked out ok.

The Real Koral
Let me tell you, my slut's a g-hole pro (through trial and error). She has a huge purse she always brings with her, her cum slut purse she calls it. It's always packed with everything  a good little slut needs, ready to be grabbed at a moments  notice. Well, she reaches into her pack and pulls out a little spray bottle. Grabs a bunch paper towels from the dispenser, throws some on them on the floor and pushes them around with her foot in case there's any loads down there (this store has 24hour janitors just for the video booths, so usually there pretty clean, but you never know..timing). She then sprays the holes and wipes them with the other paper towels. Then back to the purse, hands me my video camera and headlamp.  Pulls out a cushion for her knees. Pulls down her top and get her tits out.

Now for the surprise,  the reason why this story is so crazy. She pulls out a plastic container with a lid.....this is for her to harvest the loads. I have directed her to not waste a drop, or swallow a drop, and pull out every last drop from the cock, show it in her mouth to the camera, gargle,  and spit it into the container.

Ok, long story a little shorter. I video her sucking dick after dick after dick, load after load all harvested as directed. I lost count, but later counted them when watching the video (28 loads) It's been more than 2 hours of her bouncing from one hole to the other, the video camera battery getting close to dead, and finally the hallway starts to get quiet. The flow of guys begins to slow down. My slut is complaining about her jaw, and thinks she's getting a fat lip from cock sucking. The container has a  ton of nut in it.  Then no more guys, she's done. Well, back to the purse. She pulls out the baby wipes and cleans her hands, arms, face, her tit and leg where some dripped. Then pulls out the mouthwash....gargles... spits into the trash. Cum-container has its lid on it and is put into the purse along with the cushion, camera and light. She dresses, fixes her hair we check the room over as not to forget anything, and we leave. 

Here's Your Warning - Read At Your Own Risk

Drive home, she goes to the bedroom as instructed and I put the container of sperm into a pot of simmering water to reheat it. Maybe ten minutes goes by, I guesstimate it's warm enough, I bring it to the bedroom, and there's my little cum slut in her sexy little nightie spread eagle on the bed and arms and hands above her head and video camera (plugged into the outlet) on the tripod facing her. I reach into my sex chest where we keep the toys, and retrieve a big syringe made for putting lube deep in the asshole before anal sex.

I pull up a syringe full of cum in perfect view of the camera, and I slowly drip it onto her lovely face. A little here, a little there, like Picasso. I repeat this step, and she's squirming and whimpering like one of those Japanese chick in a bukkake film, acting like she hates it and has no control. Her face gets totally covered and it’s running down her neck and past her ears, so I order her to open her mouth. I then begin to fill it, one syringe load at a time. Over and over, until eventually her mouth is overflowing. I plug her nose, call her some degrading names and she starts to choke on it, and nut is splashing out of her mouth back down on her face as gulps of air are released.

I let her breath through her nose again and tell her to push the cum out of her mouth...slowly. As she does this, I rub my hand a crossed her face, pushing the nut around, pushing nut up her nose. I then cover her mouth, she eventually tries to breathe through her nose, and sniffs  into her head a bunch of cum. she tries to push it back out her nose, and she makes cum bubbles around her nostrils. It was fucking crazy, and I have it all on video. Unfortunately we’re like a small town family living where we grew up, normal jobs, a kid and a dog, tons of family and friends, no fucking way we can ever be found out about. Not even just swinging, never mind this crazy shit. Fuck., we were worried when we first started swinging years ago at the swing clubs to be found out about. Look at us now....fucking full on perverts. And we love it. But man, I bet I could make a little money on that video. I wonder what the fuck will happen to it after we die in 60 years. And that's just one night....I have a safe full of digital pics and video. Fucking nuts....but sooo fucking sexy.

I love my submissive little cum slut fuck doll. She's great.


Thanks to Koral and S for this terrific peak inside their world.  Between her bukkake event last Tuesday, and this report... Wow.  Keep the reports coming!