Sunday, September 15, 2013

Exclusive! "Comments from a Horny Girl" from The Mysterious Maya (w/6 NEW PICS!)

Doc here with a great way to start your Sunday... An exclusive essay of sorts from one of my favorite contributors, The Mysterious Maya.
I love this essay! Direct, to the point, and from the POV of a very naughty minded woman. Don't let her innocent looks fool you... This girl is hardcore.
Maya also sent along 6 exclusive pics for you
Here we go!
Hi Doc,
I sometimes wonder and suspect many of the other girls in this thing of ours share my feeling and attitudes towards it all.

It has been evolving but since early teen years as I got hooked and addicted to serving men. It gives me great pleasure to be their source of release pleasure.

It goes from dolling up and getting picked up, how proud I feel when they look at me greedily, and then begin to realize they will be doing me. Then when they actually penetrate me  and I can be their woman.

Always looking for new venues and playgrounds, recently spend an evening at a large truck stop dressed up nicely but not too hot. Normal mini, tight top, and 3" heels, sitting at the food court, making eye contact and -fighting a moment of intense shyness - spreading visibly when we locked eyes. Wonderful surprise in their faces, staring under my skirt. It was sooo hot!!!
When/if approached immediately explained that I was not working, just wanting to be mounted in a truck cab, a first one for me. How can I explain the intense sense of pride and accomplishment after getting 6 guys to enjoy me in their respective trucks.
But the best is still theaters, this thing of ours, because of the sheer number of men that use me. No fuzz, they cum one after another

I am so blessed that I can be a submissive piece of ....what a joy


Maya's New Gallery of Pics
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Doc here again... Many thanks to The Mysterious Maya for another outstanding report and suite of images. Cannot get enough of this girl!