Sunday, February 3, 2013

Field Report! The Editor Sums Up Austin, TX

Doc here with a run down of the Austin, TX scene by senior reporter, The Editor.

Take it away, sir.



I can't report on action in Austin, TX,  but I can give a brief run down of a few places.

The first thing I noticed is that there are NO adult theaters. Apparently they are illegal here where the bible belt must be pulled pretty tight. There are several ABS, a few of which I've visited.

Working up I35 from the S, all 3 of these place are on the E access road (North bound) and within 2 miles. First there is New Paris Video which is in a small house. This is immediately north of Holt which is a very obvious sign for a Caterpillar dealer on the crest of a ridge. This place is easy to miss and going "around the block" is several miles. They have arcade booths and a few vid rental booths. The place is small and when I returned in the evening, there were no cars.
About 1.5 miles north is a un-named Adult Video, also just after the crest of a hill and easy to overshoot. This place has larger booths as found in many ABS. It is reasonably clean and Sun eve had 12 cars in the lot. A few couples shopping but none in the booths. Local custom is that the clerk in all ABS getting on the PA and loudly rag at people to be in a booth and dropping coins. Maybe they have profit sharing? One young couple came in, saw that this wasn't a shiny clean store and instantly bailed. This place has some promise. Also, none of the places with a crowd seemed to care how many folks were in a booth.

The biggest, cleanest place is the Megastore which is geared to selling videos, toys, lube etc. The arcade requires $10 deposit and if the room isn't clean when you leave...   Big signs with rules, 1 person to a room.  While a couple might get a room, this is not a place to be room hopping.

Maybe 10 miles away is All Things Adult which is a nice modern store with a large set of "theaters" on both sides, maybe 20 or so total. Clean, modern, big video selection, plus toys, etc.  This is located E of town on Hwy 290 which is a construction mess. Go E on 290 to Johnny ? and make a U turn. They are the first place on the right after the gas station. Next to Babes strip club. Sun eve a fair number of guys cruising. Each booth has 2 benches that would each seat 3 in close proximity or you could lay back on one with your feet on the floor. This is my personal choice for best clean place to play.

There is another un-named place on Thompson Lane, N of the airport off. It is a filthy dump. Lots of dirty guys there on a Sun afternoon. Cushions have padding gone or covered in duct tape and likely body fluids. Not recommended.


Doc here again... Thanks again to the Editor for his overview of the pretty weak Austin, TX scene.  It's good to have this knowledge...