Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Hawaiian Eyeful @ The Paris Theatre in Portland

Doc here with a new reporter to The Journal of Adult Theaters: Please welcome Hawaiian Eyeful!  Ms. Eyeful hails from Portland, OR, the epicenter of  adult theaters and ABS's in the USA.

Hawaiian Eyeful has gracefully allowed the Good Doctor to re-post her reports from Brent's Theater Tails Yahoo Group, as well as some of her fantastic pics.

We are leading off a report from this past week from Hawaiian Eyeful, and her visit to the Paris Theatre in Portland.

Here we go...


It was quite a surprise Wednesday night when my fiancé made a stop at the Paris Theater after a delicious dinner. Of course, when I visit the Paris, I always expect to enjoy myself 150%. Unfortunately for me, as Brent so eloquently wrote, the Red Dragon was in town. It seemed so strange to go to the couple's room instead of heading straight to the arena table where all the real fun and action can take place.

God, I love being fucked on that table by every man in the theater whenever I visit! Although the setting was quite different, it was still very pleasurable to have so many guys wanting and getting to suck my breasts, feel my ass and pussy as much as they could while I enjoyed sucking my fiancé's big hard cock.
Hawaiian Eyeful
Women, can we let Brent know how accurate he is when he mentioned that women of all walks of life dream of becoming a high class escort or at least fantasize about it? For me, I recall earlier in my days that if I was ever to be an escort, I would be a high class escort. I love pleasuring men at the Paris Theater, Oregon Theater, Club Sessos and the Washington State Theaters. I have found both men and women are very respectful and allow me to enjoy my sexuality in the areas I enjoy most.

Last week I walked into a small shop in Lake Oswego, OR and found two men watching TV while waiting for business to pick up. I asked them if they wouldn't mind if I played with myself in front of them. Their eyes lit up and then nodded for me to proceed and I hiked up my skirt and proceeded to play with my pussy while I pulled out my tits so my fiance' could suck them. It was quite exciting to feel my juices flowing and watching the men get hard. Not only did I leave with a smile on my face, I know the men will be looking forward to my next visit.

Hawaiian Eyeful


Doc here again... I am very glad to have Hawaiian Eyeful contribute to The Journal moving forward. She is also another reason I wish I lived in Portland.  Thanks again HE, and keep up the great reports!


Couples Flash Report! The Bayou Boudreaux Hits Biloxi's Gulf Coast Theater (w/27 XXX PICS!)

Doc here with a sort of fantastic Couples Flash Report from senior reporter The Bayou Boudreaux.
He's back with Lil' Slut, and turning Biloxi's Gulf Coast Theater on it's ear once again.

All the pics (all 27!) are from the actual event on 12/29/12.

So sit back kids, and enjoy the song stylings of The Bayou Boudreaux.

(Remember to click on the thumbnail pics to ENLARGE them)


Hello Good Doctor,

Before I get into the action at the Biloxi Adult Theater, let me say thanks Doc for your support.  At least one couple (I think another one as well) and 4 guys showed up for the fun because they saw it here.  Well done Good Doctor!

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
I arrived at the theater with lil slut and Sexy Wench, we entered and took a seat.  As our normal operations, we watched a bit of the movie, talked and got into the ‘mood’.  We were a little disappointed at first, there were only eight or so people in the theater, a few being regulars we see often.  Again, I was afraid it was going to be a slow night.  Once again, I was mistaken!

It started a little different this time.  Lil slut sitting on my right, Sexy Wench sitting on my left.   Sexy Wench could only play about the neck due to some new piercings so she was a little limited in what she could do.  A guy asked to eat lil slut's pussy, so being the polite lady she is, she pulled her dress up, put her legs in the air and spread for all to see and eat.   From the sounds, it appeared she was having a good time and pussy eater  number two jumped in line for his turn for taste testing. 
I looked to my left, there’s Sexy Wench, sucking a cock, working her magic to milk the cum from her first cock.  The ‘gang’ crowded around, the games had begun!  Sexy Wench milked the first load and guzzled it down while lil slut was splayed open for all to see her getting eating.  Sexy Wench grabbed another cock and started working it and lil slut sat up, reached out and grabbed a black cock to suck.  The girls were having the time of their life.  I looked around, and behold, there were a LOT more people in the theater!  The lines were forming, cocks getting sucked, cum getting swallowed.  Lil slut was sucking a nice BBC when evidently he shot a very large load in her hungry hole.  She decided it was too much for her, so she shared the load of jizz with Sexy Wench.  Hot I tell you, HOT!
More sucking, cocks coming and going, cum guzzling, greedy sluts getting all the cum they can. 
While this was going on, another couple came in, a blond and her man sat down and watched some of the movie and some of our action.  They moved a little closer, he played with her tits, she stroked his cock while our fun was going on. 
Unfortunately, the sluts ran out of cock to suck, cum to drink so we took a small break.  I guess it was about ten o’clock when a couple we had met at the theater came in.  They were the couple that were part of the ‘daisy chain’ that we had a couple of reports ago.  She is a sweet looking, hot BBW with a hot body and very nice tits.  Sweet BBW and her man took a seat to our right, we exchanged greetings and settled in.  I had a feeling it wouldn’t be long before Sweet BBW’s tits were out.  I was right, her man started fondling her luscious tits and as soon as he hit the nipple, her hand started searching for his cock!  We watched them for a few minutes, I put lil sluts head in my lap to suck my cock.

The blond couple had again moved in for a closer view, but they had another couple with them.  The tits were out, cocks were being stroked and Doc, let me tell you, the orgy was starting all over again!!  To my left, Sexy Wench has a cock in her mouth, working for her sticky reward, lil slut is sucking my cock, Sweet BBW is sucking her mans cock as he plays with her tits, the other two couples are getting into the swing as well.   The two blonds have their tits our, they start sucking cock, and from the looks on their guys face, they do a VERY good job!  Cocks, pussy, tits….all in one little corner of the theater. 
Lil slut repositioned herself so she could work on Sweet BBW’s tits and play with her, the two ladies we after each other, hands probing, fondling, tit squeezing, licking, sucking, what an amazing site.  Sexy Wench was still working cock after cock due to her limited play, but being the slut trooper she is, she took all cummers with that wicked little grin!  The blonds have now ganged up on one of the guys and he looks like he is in pure agony…or maybe it was ecstasy!  My guess is the latter.  They were giving his cock a severe tongue lashing, and it wasn’t long before the blondes jumped the other guy, he never had a chance.  They worked his cock over good.  I am thinking they have done this before. 

I have a hand FULL of Sweet BBW’s tit, lil slut is working the other one over and she’s stroking her man.  Sexy Wench is still working cock after cock with her sweet, sexy mouth.

Sweet BBW takes my cock in her mouth, lil slut starts working Sweet BBW’s man cock, and I hear a loud moan.  I look over my shoulder and there is one of the blondes, bent over getting fucked like no tomorrow.  She seems to be enjoying it, her soundtrack was much better than the movie soundtrack.

I couldn’t hold it any longer, I sprayed my cum on Sweet BBW’s big tits, lil slut took a moment from sucking his cock to clean her tits and a little making out as well.

Things started winding down some after that, the two blondes had finished and left, there was no hard cocks in the theater left, and we just sat back a bit and relaxed.  Soon a regular came in, and lit slut took his BBS in her slut mouth and worked him over.  He spun her around, bent her over and jammed his cock in her, drilling her wet cunt.  He pounded her, shot his load and I think both were satisfied!
Doc, a great night at the Biloxi Adult Theater.  At one time there were six couple in the theater and four of those couples were playing.  For a night that started very slow, it had quite a climax….pun intended.
Thanks again, Doc, for getting the word out. 

Bayou Boudreaux is getting some oysters on the half shell and trying to recover.

BB Out!
The Bayou Boudreaux's Gallery from 12/29/12 (click the thumbnails to ENLARGE)



Doc here again... So how do you like them apples? A great report AND 27 pics from the actual evening.  Bravo to The Bayou Boudreaux and his entourage for letting us in on their spectacular evening!  We are looking forward to the next go-round!


Couples Flash Report! D&M at Berlin News Agency (w/7 Exclusive PICS & Video!)

Doc here with a doozy of a Couples Flash Report to mark the first workday of 2013. 
The last report D&M submitted is still getting plenty of pageviews, and it was months ago... And this report puts that earlier report to shame!
How about this: A detailed written report, 7 HOT still pics from the actual event, AND 4 videos from their visit to the Berlin News Agency.
So kids, this is how it will work... This morning you get the written report, the 7 still pics, and the first video.  The remaining 3 videos will be posted over the next 3 days.  Make sure you keep checking back to The Journal to make sure you didn't miss any.
(Make sure you click on the thumbnails to ENLARGE the pics!)
Here we go...
Hi Doc,

Sorry this took so long to get to you but the holidays have been a bit busy!

"D" and I ventured out to the Berlin News Agency for some well deserved fun on 12/14 and boy what a night it was!! As usual the management didn't disappoint as we were welcomed back as long lost friends (our last visit was in June!). We made our way back to the theater and there were about 20 or so guys there and no couples. That was fine with "D". She was on a mission!
She told me before hand hat she wanted to break her record of 17 guys from springtime!
"D" wasted no time in getting started and the guys started lining up. It was amazing. In the first 15 minutes she drained 5 cocks. Her blowjob skills are really that good. The guys all marveled at how well she could suck. The next hour she sucked off 9 more guys and 2 fucked her tight pussy.
So buy the first rest break she had sucked or fucked 21 guys and taken 16 loads of cum! Record broken!

The first break we talked with a few of the guys and there were 4 that said "Doc sent me".  How awesome is that! Great to see your readers showing up for some fun! (ed. note: How cool is that?!?!)Another couple had come in during our fun and taken up residence in an adjacent seating area.Nice to have some other folks here enjoying!!

D was ready for round to and proceeded to work her way through the rest of the guys that were available. she sucked off 5 more guys but by this time her knees and jaw were giving out and it was pretty warm, so we took another break. The couple that was over in the other area came over and sat down and we chatted for a bit while "D" recovered.

Then it was time for the home stretch and "D" buckled down and took on 5 more guys. But the time all was said and done she had either sucked or fucked 31 guys and taken (from what I could count) at least 21 loads!!!

She had a huge smile on the way home and for the rest of the week. Thanks again to all that showed up!!


And here is Video #1!
Doc here again... Who is your buddy? Who is your pal?  Why it's The Good Doctor. And who was nice enough to submit this great report? Why it's D&M, and there are 3 more videos to come (wait until you see #4...WOW!).