Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

The photo above was taken in 1981, when The Good Doctor was doing his New Year's Eve countdown special from Channel 49, a small UHF station in Gasport, NY.   I was opposite Dick Clark (who was not a zombie yet), and a Wolfman Jack special.  My ratings were not good.

We now fast forward to NYE, 2011.  I no longer have my countdown special in Gasport, Dick Clark is now a zombie version of Dick Clark, and The Journal continues to thrive as your one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.  How things have changed.

They changed becuase of you, the dedicated readers of this website.  My goal in 2012 (as long as the Mayans aren't right after all) is to continue to publish timely reports across the adult theater and ABS scene, compelling Blast From The Pasts, Special Reports, and profiles of the hottest adult theater women across the globe.

Why?  Because I'm a giver.

So from the dedicated staff here at The Journal (which is me and my trusty dog, Barky Lizardo), have a happy and healthy New Year.  I'm off to my favorite watering hole here in The Valley (near the small women's liberal arts college), The Tiki, for a cocktail at midnight (and to watch zombie Dick Clark).

Happy New Year, and see you in 2012!


Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report (& An Excercise In Patience)

Doc here with a New Years Eve treat for you, the good readers of The Journal: Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report from the beautiful gulf coast. 

Given a choice of who I want counting down until the new year between Bob in Biloxi and Zombie Dick Clark, I will take Bob.  It looks like he is sending out 2011 with a bang of sorts, and he has submitted his report for us to consume.

Here is Bob and his report...


Hi Doc,

Well I decided to make the trek to our beautiful Gulf Coast last night; the holidays being how they are this year (screwing up Saturday night) I decided Friday would have to do.

Bob in Biloxi
Last Friday I must have missed a great opportunity in that a smoking hot blonde came in around 11 pm and from all reports made a run of the place. After she left there was not a hard cock to be seen. She was dressed for success in a micro mini and fuck me heels. No one was allowed to fuck her but she used her oral talents to drain everyone that wanted draining.

Armed with that information I arrived at around 3pm and took up my sentry duty.  Our German couple was in attendance, but that’s not my scene, so they took care of the desperate fellows looking to get off.

Around 10pm a couple came in, the male of the group was dressed as a transvestite; his wife was smoking hot dressed almost identical to him. She wore a little black dress with ass jacker heels and stockings. I think he may have had on a skirt of some sort. I was hard to remember as she was a very beautiful lady. My guess is that she was in the neighborhood of her early 30’s? Which means kinky, I can think of anything at this age but fucking! 

The highlight of the evening at the theater was one of the “straight” black guys that sat down next to “him”; you may remember me describing him in earlier reports as a big pain in the ass. He’s always downing gays, referring to them as pole polishers, etc. At any rate, the “man”  in the dress started sucking his cock, to which he later explained to the “crew” that he was only doing that to “get” closer to the real female in the couple. (It was an unsuccessful explanation) And of course that never happened; the couple’s night was about his/her kink, a fact that was obviously lost on this clown. But it was no surprise to me.

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
This was totally not my scene so I went down the street to our ABS. I was talking to a couple of the “crew” that seem to follow me everywhere I go, I guess in hope of “Bob’s” luck or instincts will rub off and benefit them as well, who knows? But I was talking about a certain lady that used to show up every Saturday night. She is extremely talented and a very good looking woman. Beautiful face, the right attitude and a killer ass, she is very sexual! But I hadn’t seen them in over a year.

I’ll be dammed if that same couple didn’t pull in the parking lot a short time later. (Karma?) I walked by one of the “crew’s” vehicle and tapped on the glass indicating for him to follow me in, once inside I told him that was the couple I was telling the crew about.  Another member of the crew had also entered the store and I was giving him the high sign as they (the couple) were paying admission.

The first member was able to get the booth next to them, but she only sucked her man’s cock. Shortly thereafter they departed that booth and grabbed another. Luck would have it they took a booth next to a cock blocker who was only interested in watching her guy get his cock sucked. After about 10mins of this the cock blocker came out of his booth and I was able to get next to them.

I started talking shit through the hole to her and could hear her giggling, so I fed my cock through the hole and was immediately rewarded with her soft hands and wet mouth. This lady was dressed in a short brown skirt with a black bustier that was making a vain attempt at holding in her rather large tits inside, she also had on brown high heeled boots. She is a short lady, even with the boots on and attempted to back her ass up on my cock. Without success my cock was fucking air for a few seconds when she grabbed it a started pushing it back through the hole, an indication of a short conference.

She suggested we re-locate to a bigger booth with no holes. With that accomplished she really get loose and was going to town on my poor little soldier, having been satisfied he was at full attention she turned around and slide down the length admitting a very audible moan in the process. It was on then; she took her man’s cock in her mouth and was hammering her ass into me. She seemed to be extremely turned on as she was dripping wet, so much so that her juices were actually running down both legs.

With the booths so small, she was in total control, neither of the males could move, so it was all up to her as far as motion, and she had the motion Doc. I made a decent showing of stamina before announcing I was cumming, she was quick to dismount fall to her knees, rip the condom off and finish jacking a SIZABLE load all over her tits! My knees went to shit, my legs were shaking like they had Tourette's

Later, two of the crew was able to have the much of the same experience, sans the pussy, they were more than content with her more than exquisite oral skills. They closed the place down, but everyone lost count of just how many fellows walked out of that place with smiles.

There is always next year Doc, both places are closing early due to the holidays, but next week is not far off and we can keep our fingers crossed that business will pick up!!

Happy New Year to everyone!



Happy New Year to you too Bob! As The Journal's most prolific reporter for the 2nd straight year, Bob retains his championship belt.
Bob's Championship Belt

Bob's report is a clear example of how the cardinal rule of this of ours is always PATIENCE. If you have time to spare, and the scene isn't exactly what you want it to be, wait.  Eventually, what you are hoping for might walk in the front door of your local theater or ABS.  Look at what Bob did... A hot blonde and her x-dressing guy were not Bob's scene.  What did he do?  Went down the street to the ABS, said a prayer, and presto-chango, the hot spinner came pulling into the parking lot of the ABS.

Now let me ask you again... Who would you like counting down to the New Year?  Zombie Dick Clark or Bob in Biloxi?