Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flash Report! GentleTongue on Tammy's Adult Boutique in Paducah, KY

Doc here with an awesome Flash Report from a brand new adult theater/ABS: Tammy's Adult Boutique in Paducah, KY.  (I have just added it to the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).

Here is GT!


Dearest Dr. Lizardo,

The keeper of life for this thing of ours.  I have been remiss in my reporting duties, primarily since I have not had any report of merit of late.

However, good fortune was with me, or shall I say lady luck was literally in the house (theater) this evening.  This report comes to our readers from the metropolis of Paducah, KY, just across the river from Illinois.  The establishment also is new to the database as well.

Having not been in the area for some time I decided to do some investigation on what might be happening near Kentucky Lake and near the board of KY, IL and also MO not to far in the distance.

Tammy's Adult Boutique
Paducah, KY
I ran across some intel that there is an establishment called Tammy's Boutique, part of the Romantix family of establishments.  The place is rather easily missed if you are not familiar with the area.  The address can either be 243 Brown St,, Paducah, KY  42003 or you can also cross section it by using 1600 Irving Cobb Rd, Paducah, KY 42003.  The building is narrow and tall (see attached photos). 

Upon entering you will see the counter the right and the clerk this Sunday evening was extremely pleasant and helpful.  The typical novelties, magazines, and movies are in abundance.  There are 2 preview booths, that you may select your movie of choice to view for $6.00, which will be applied towards the purchase, should it hit the right spots.   Also every 3rd Saturday couples get in for the single price of $7.00, and singles pay the normal couple price of $9.00 on that day.

The theater is to the far end of the building and the entry fee is $7.00 for the singles and $9.00 for the couple.  Upon paying you receive one of the new fancy cards to inserting into the reader and this will allow you in the theater.  You can exit and re-enter for $1.00.  Upon entering the theater, it is extremely dark, you turn to the right and enter the room with the large screen TV playing the evening selection.  There is a partition in the back and then 3 futons, 1 facing and then one on either side.  The cleanliness is exceptional for the place, and well maintained.

At about 6pm on Sunday I kept the expectations to a minimum, not exactly the party night for most establishments, considering that there are many areas around that do not allow the sale of alcohol.  Upon entering the theater, one gentleman was standing behind the partition and I took the the futon just to the right as you round the corner.  Now, as I parked and entered the building a couple pulled into the parking lot and my excitement and prayer was to have them join the theater.  Shortly after taking my seat the couple entered.

Tammy's Adult Boutique
Although I am not as good at comparing people to celebrities as you and other are, I could say that the gentleman could almost pass as Larry.  Yes, Larry the Cable Guy.  He appeared to be in his 50's, such as myself.  She appeared to be in her mid 30's.  She was not dressed in what would be considered theater or ABS attire.  She wore jeans and one of the Aero - something t-shirts.  Soon after they took the futon across from me, the 1st gentlemen was unhappy at the competition he saw from the couple and he departed.

Soon there after we 3 were left alone and she seemed reserve, with arms crossed, and he began to reveal his package.  She whispered into his ear and he then said something back, where she promptly told him to be quiet.  Shortly thereafter I was invited to join them on their futon.  Being confident, I released my willie from his confines and she was delighted.  She so politely asked if she could touch me, so touching, and I did not refuse.  She now had both hands filled and was working us both as an experience massage therapist.  He spoke to her and she then informed me that he wanted to see her give a BJ and watch the action.  Pinch me, was this real.  Of course who I am to deny a lady a lick or suck.  She proceed to polish the head, wow.  She alternated a bit between us and with his encouragement I began to rub her nice butt, through the jeans. 

He then told her to get up and drop her pants and invited me to inspect her ass.  His arousal was at it's height and he wanted to warm his member and asked her to mount him, she protested, saying that her pants were not off and she assumed the doggie postion and he announced that she was nicely wet and proceeded to fill her.  She rested her head and lips right in my lap and tried to focus on both efforts.  I was encouraged to reach around and rub her clit, lucky to have long arms.  Then I had to asked permission to feel the hidden globes and what a beautiful set with wonderful and responsive nippled.  There was teasing to offer me a piece of the depths of her womb, to which she declined.  Larry, couldn't hold back and unloaded on her cheeks.  She then provided me a beautiful view and I released my "baby batter" (I hope that I have permission to use that from "Bob in Biloxi"), LOL.

The wonderful lady insured that I had something to clean up with, wow, what a lady.

We chatted a bit and I learned that this was her first visit to a theater.  She was nervous that when the 1st gentleman left that he was going to report us.  To which I responded that he was only saddened that he had competition for the tube steak smothered in underwear.

The moral of the story is that you may not be able to get a buzz with Kentucky Bourbon on a Sunday but you short can get head on a Sunday in Kentucky.  Surely no handover from the latter.

Thank you good Doctor.

GT - GentleTongue


No, thank you GT!  As always, a great job by GentleTongue... Lots of detail, some raunchyness, and nice visuals.  Thank you again sir for your outstanding work in the field.