Monday, July 29, 2013

Flash Report! P&F On the Couple's Event at 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicago

Doc here with a Flash Report from my good friends P&F on the couple's party at 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicago.
It sounds like the event was a home run!  Here are P&F with their recap!
Here we go!
Hello Doc,
15 couples and 2 single genetic females attended the Couple's Party at 15th Avenue on Saturday night. As we where leaving, 2 more couples entered the store. There where a lot of happy faces.
The Lovely "F"
2 Ladies played on the stage (one of them was with me), hard to believe! Oh, let's not forget the black paddle who managed to make appearance and made some magic music.
I don't know how many single guys where there, as the lady I was with invited as our guest J (the bald headed guy with John Holmes happy meal package). Doc, I don't know how that guy can walk!

Doc  everyone seemed to enjoy the evening, and we can't wait for the next one. There were several couples who played in the theater, spa and any damn place they wanted.

There was a younger couple, they played alone but liked to be watched. He was a showoff... She just touched and bam he was ready to go, and go they did. They were also entertaining. I'll have to say all the single guys in theater and spa where in the best behavior. Hopefully this party will draw more couples for the next.
Doc, F here...
There was a first time couple who showed because the party was couples only and in the private room. We spent a lot of time talking with them, and she seemed a lot more relaxed after we talked with them and they discovered no one in the party was overbearing, but polite and entertaining!! It was fun fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doc here again... Many thanks to P&F for their quick report from the great event at 15th Avenue Saturday night.  Are there any other reports out there from this event?  I know the very naughty ToyLovingMilf and her hubby were there (hint, hint).