Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Flash Report! Chauncey Gardiner Reports On The Art Cinema In Hartford

Doc here with report #2 from recent Journal contributor, Chauncey Gardiner. In this report, we are back in Chauncey's native habitat, The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT.  The Art Cinema is one of the adult theaters on The Good Doctor's bucket list for 2012, and is also one of the last two adult theaters with a balcony in North America.

So without  further ado, here is Chauncey Gardiner and his Flash Report...


I go to The Art Cinema in Hartford on a fairly regular basis, but usually cannot make it there on a Friday or Saturday night, which is prime time for this thing of ours. It seems that when I can get there during prime time, it's one of those dry evenings. :-(  

The Art Cinema
Hartford, CT
I'm on a first name basis with Ernie the owner, as well as the other 2 guys who man the ticket booth, Ralph & Kasha. On the calendar behind the ticket booth they keep a tally of the couples that visit on each day, so I can always find out what I missed. A recent Friday (12/16), there were 9 couples that visited, which is a fairly high number for this establishment.

The following Monday (12/19), I noticed an ad on Craigslist from a couple that said they would be in the balcony around 1 PM, and depending upon how things went might even visit downstairs. I knew where I would be spending my lunch break (about a 10 minute drive from my office).  I arrived shortly after 1 PM, and Ralph informed me that a couple had arrived at 12:10, so he started up the movies a little early and they went to the couples only balcony.

Depending on where folks sit in the balcony, you have a decent view of the goings on from downstairs. Unfortunately, this couple had sat themselves in a place where the view wasn't good at all.  I alternated between watching the movie & checking the balcony to see if the view got any better.

Around 1:30, a second couple came into the balcony, and sat down in a better viewing spot. I watched for a while but they didn't seem to be doing much. Then about 15 minutes later, a 3rd couple arrived and sat several rows behind couple # 2. Now things started to get interesting!

Couple # 2 started to play in their seats, and then moved to the aisle. Clothes were coming off and pleasurable moans could be heard form the balcony. Then couple # 3 got up from their seats and joined couple # 2 in the aisle. I really couldn't see to much at this point, but the sounds indicated that a good time was had by all.

About 10 minutes later, couple #3 got up, dressed, & then left the theater. Couple # 2 was out of view but it sounded like they were still going at it. A short time later, couple # 1 got up, came downstairs and left, and maybe 5 minutes later couple # 2 departed. I did not get a good look at any of the couples, but the ladies from #1 & 3 both were wearing sunglasses as they left, and the lady from # 2 (shoulder length dark hair -- both were dressed in business clothes) had her arm covering her face as they left. I guess the participants in this Monday Trifecta were a little on the shy side. I hope they return, lose some of their inhibitions, and treat the crowd to a less distant show.



Doc here again... This early afternoon action reminds me of floyd's daytime reports from The Paris Theatre in Portland.  The balcony provides a safe haven for couples, and if they wish, can be as discreet or show-off as much as they desire.  It's a unique feature to adult theaters that still have a balcony.

Nicely done Chauncey...We are looking forward to your next entry at The Journal, your one stop shop for this thing of ours.