Sunday, August 13, 2017

Smut for a Sunday Evening: Monday Blues Removal Edition (w/30 Pics!)

Doc here, a man who some say once trapped a deadly gaboon viper who was terrorizing a small fishing community just outside Smallwoodbobby, Louisianna. Using a technique called Frank Booth's Mask, the viper was captured and submerged in a cooler of Pabst Blue Ribbon. 

With the work week dead ahead, and a case of the Monday blues on the horizon, The Good Doctor has only one prescription: Smut for a Sunday Evening.  This feature highlights original images submitted to The Journal by it's reporters.  Nothing swiped off the inter-webs. All originals, baby!

As always, click the thumbnails to ENLARGE!  You'll love yourself in the morning.

Smut for a Sunday Evening: Monday Blues Removal Edition

Updated 8/13/17 at 8pm: Join the Art Cinema Friends Fetlife Group! Get the Latest Info & Network with over 2,400 Members!

Updated 8/13/17: A few weeks ago The Good Doctor strongly recommended that you join the Art Cinema Friends Fetlife Group .  The reasons were many, including advance word on upcoming Visit Announcements, events, etc.

Well kids, I hope you did join Art Cinema Friends Fetlife Group . If you did, you found out yesterday that last week(Wednesday 8/9/17), the awesome Darkone Kali would be stopping in to take in a feature at The Art Cinema between 6-7pm. Kali arrived, and it was a crazy scene according to account sent to The Good Doctor.

Now, if you are not a member of Art Cinema Friends Fetlife Group , you didn't get a head's up on this hottie and her visit. But fear not, you can atone for your sin. 

Every week you'll also get an update on the biggest thing to hit Hartford in a very long time: Monday Madness, The Art Cinema's M/F Couples Free Day.  Last Monday saw 16 couples and 2 single females hit the Art Cinema.  What will this Monday bring?  Stop by and find out.

Join Art Cinema Friends Fetlife Group immediately. It's free, it's awesome, and it's useful sexy time information. 

In The Good Doctor's effort to get more guys laid than 1-800-Flowers, join Art Cinema Friends Fetlife Group . Network with members. Get the skinny. Then go support the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford!



8 Questions from The Good Doctor: Chapter 3 - Velvet Skye! (w/PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say signed up for a 4-day beaver hunt in northern Ontario sometime in late 2009, when after two days, he realized he was hunting actual beavers armed with nothing more than a bottle of cologne and a line about "I own a mansion and a yacht."

Welcome back to "8 Questions from The Good Doctor", the newest feature on The Journal of Adult Theaters. In this feature, The Good Doctor asks a series of adult theater-related questions to some of the sexiest women I know personally in this thing of ours. Their answers are sincere, truthful, and very hot

This feature has been very popular, and has earned over 16,000 pageviews since launching this past week. (You can catch up on the prior "8 Questions" here: Chapter 1 - The San Diego Smokeshow, and Chapter 2 - The Myterious Maya) . 

Well kids, Chapter 3 features my very good friend, international porn star, and Canada's Greatest Natural Resource, Velvet Skye!
Velvet Skye
Velvet has been a regular contributor to The Journal since it's early days back in 2010, and whether she's on the prowl at Fantasyland in Tampa, 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago, or closer to home, she's the real deal.  This tall drink of Canadian water is as charming and funny as she is smoking hot! And best of all, I consider her a true friend. 

Stay tuned until the end, and I'll give you several ways of getting more of the awesome Velvet Skye in your life. 

(All images within courtesy of Velvet Skye, all rights reserved.)

Here we go...