Saturday, October 1, 2011

Flash Report: The Back Hat Reports On The Waverly Adult Store & Theater in Waverly, VA

Doc here with another first time contributor to The Journal, The Black Hat (I always like pen names that sound like Batman villains, but that's just me).  The Black Hat visits the Waverly Adult Store and Theater in Waverly, VA, and his report is a good one folks (address information and details on the Dr. Emilio Adult Theater Database).

Here is the Black Hat and his report...


Visited Waverly Adult Store and Theater in mid-July on a Sunday evening.  The store is well run, usually clean and has both a booth area with some GH's and several large booths with couches.  There is also a small theater with two rows of couches and two large screens showing movies.  Admission of $20 gets you full access.  On this particular night the action was all guy on guy but patience wins the day so I hung out.  I struck up a conversation with a guy about 60 and we traded notes on locations and various adventures with couples.  We had a lot in common and after another hour of strolling between the theater and the booths I called it a night.

The following Tuesday evening I arrived and noticed the parking lot was pretty full, walked in, paid and was on my way to the theater when my new friend walks in with a couple.  The guy was fairly clean cut and reserved and his girl was a petite beauty wearing a denim skirt and loose blouse.  She had great hair, a pretty face, small but perky breasts and a fabulous ass.  All three of them made their way to the theater and I casually followed them in taking a seat on an adjacent couch.  The back story here is that my friend met them online, arranged a meet before hand for a few drinks and proceeded to be blown by this beauty two times before they even got to the theater!

Once settled in the theater, my friend and her man sat on either side of her and began sucking her nipples and trading hands between her legs.  My friend spotted me and invited me to join them introducing me as a "cool guy with good manners".  How thoughtful!  Remember that guys, be a good facilitator in this thing of ours!  Well, the theater crowd was sparse and our young maiden was nervous as it was her first time to the theater.  My friend suggested we move to a private booth which we did.
In the booth, I was asked to produce my throbbing cock for her slurping pleasure and I was only too eager to oblige.  She worked that cock slowly and deliberately while her two admirers nibbled on her breasts and fingered her.  Not wanting to go too soon (hey, this was an ideal opportunity, I was going to make it last!) I pulled back a few times as she went down on my buddy for the third time! 

Finally, she could stand it no more and begged for my cock in her pussy.  I was only too happy to oblige and after suiting up, I began to work my way into the tightest pussy I have ever known.  After a few minutes we achieved a nice rhythm and I plunged deep on each stroke with my balls slapping that fabulous ass. Between my cock and her admirers gentle touch on her clit, she came hard and in waves.  I pulled out, removed my wrap and jerked my cock to a violent explosion over her beautiful tits.  After that, I thanked them all and exited the booth.  Waverly is hit or miss with couples, but if you are patient, polite and well mannered, it might just be your time. 

Until next time, be patient and cool!

The Black Hat


Doc here again... That was a terrific report!  We have only had one other report on Waverly, and that was back over a year ago from OldBeatNik (report link HERE). This theater and ABS sounds like a good time, but as The Black Hat proclaims, "...patience wins the day". 

Thanks again to The Black Hat, and we look forward to your next report, sir!

The Good Doctor still is in dire need of adult theater reports!  A new month is here, and the regular readers of The Journal are hungry for new Flash Reports or Blast From The Past Reports. So, pretty please, send along your reports to James Drury The Good Doctor at Please provide a pen name (if you are a first time caller), and I will edit and format your report.  You get the glory and the byline.

Be large. Be a reporter for The Journal.


Flash Report: Romantix in Decatur, IL by DWP

Doc here with a first time Flash Report from DWP.  The location is Romantix in Decatur, IL (I have added this theater/ABS to the Dr. Emilio Database), a theater I have not heard anything about until now.

Here is DWP and his first report...

I was at the Romantix at 2015 N. 22nd St, Decatur, IL on Sept 24, 2011. I was there for a couple of hours and was about to leave since nothing was going on.  No one in the theater.

This is a little theater.  Big screen TV.  2 fake leather couches, end-to-end, facing the screen about 20 feet away.  They are pushed back against a nipple-high solid wood wall that is just to the left as you enter the theater.  As u stand behind the wall, over-looking the couches, there is another couch to the right, also against another nipple-high wall. Each couch will only accomodate two people and have steel arms. Between the two walls is a short corridor leading to a restroom (real handy!!).

The only light is from the screen.  Had been several men in and action.  It was a Friday, just after noon.  I had hope that perhaps  someone would come in on there lunch hour or perhaps knocked off work early.  NOTHING.  Thought I might as well leave.

I heard the buzz as the door opened and in they came.  Couple!!  Door closes behind them.  I am behind the wall just behind the two couches.  They look confused.  I say, "It's dark, isn't it"  They ackknowlege.  They are in normal street clothes, perhaps a bit over dressed.  I say, "Move her over by me, and get out of the 'path'.  She starts for the middle of the theater and he moves her, pushing  her ahead of him, toward me behind the wall. 

I move away to allow room for them between myself and the end of the wall.  She moves right up close to me, I move right next to her, our thighs touching.  He seems unattached and encouraged her to stand close to me.

I put my hand on her ass.  I detech underclothes!!  His hand is on her other ass cheek.  We both rubbing.  I turn toward her, he and my eyes meet...nothing.  I put my hand on her shoulder and move down.  She has necklace on!!!  I feel her tits outside her blouse.  She has bra on!!! I slip my hand inside her bra and flick her nipples.  I say, "you have a lot of clothes on!"  She agrees.  I keep playing with her tits and rubbing the catch at her back threw her blouse.  All the time I'm rubbing her ass and her man is too.  His and my hands touch often. 

She finally lifts her bra and top up above her tits to allow me more accomodation.  As I  suck her tits and nipples I am feeling her crotch thru her skirt.  I am looking for the catch to her skirt and not having any luck.  Her man lifts her skirt above her waist and I crouch down and slid her panties down and off her feet.  Soon she has removed her skirt and is bare ass naked.
She is so wet.  She sucks my nipples and sucks my dick.  I finger fuck her and her juice runs out of ther.  Now she removes her blouse and bra and I drape them over the short wall.  This continues and I try to fuck her but the angle is not good.  I ask what she likes and she says, "Everything"!!.  There is a big puddle on the floor of her juices, I can see it from the glare of the "exit" sign near the entry door.  I ask if she lkes her pussy sucked and clit licked and she just moans.  I say, let's move to a couch and lead her around the wall and her man moves to the other wall where he can better see us.

She sits and sucks my dick, I lean her back, skoot her to the edge of the couch.  I kneel on the floor, push her shoulders back, tilting all her goods up and forward towards my mouth.  She is dripping wet.  I finger fuck her, tongue fuck her, nipple her clit, suck her pussy all the while playing with her nipples.  She cums and the seat is dripping wet. I stand, lay her horizantal on the couch and straddle her face.  I move my dick, balls and asshole over her mouth.  She sucks and licks what ever is over her mouth.  She sucks my balls enough that I tell her to take it easy.

I'm reaching back and fingering her pussy and clit and asshole when there is a the buzz, meaning someone is coming in!!!  I keep it up while watching the guy come in.  He must think he has walked into heaven!!  I motion him closer, he crouches and licks her pussy.  He drops his pants and somehow over the arm rest mounts her and fucks her, all while she is sucking cock and licking my ass.

He comes, pulls his pants up and leaves!!!  I reach back and feel the come boiling out of her pussy and down her ass crack. (I found out later, she never heard him enter the theater, and when she felt his mouth on her pussy she thought it was her man.  She soon realized it was NOT her man). All the while her man is watching from the side wall.

We exchange pleasentries after I let her sit up.  She is sore and about wore out.  We agree to leave the theater and exchange phone numbers outside.We do.

She is 64, he about the same.  She has only been seeing this man for a few days!!!  She is a professional businesswoman, working in the area. She is a little heavy, great tits and ass, tho.  She could pass for ten years younger.  I am not good with actresses or tv personalities, so not sure who she might resemble.



Doc here again.  Thanks to DWP for an excellent first time report.  We are looking forward to your next contribution to this thing of ours.

Do you have an adult theater report of your own?  I hope so, because your old friend the resort waiter is in dire need of them.  Just email me at I will give it the spit shine and polish it might need, and you get the byline and the glory.  Also, if you are a first-timer, provide The Good Doctor with a pen name you'd like to use for your report(s).

Thanks, and as my good friend Old Marine Corps Guy often says, "Watch out for the amateurs".