Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Flash Report! G.K. Arbee at the Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi, MS on 4/21-4/22, 2017

Doc here, a man who some say once paddle boarded across Lake Semprini on the Isle of Stugotz in a touch under 3 hours. 

Senior Journal scribe G.K. Arbee is back with some very good news on the state of things at the Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi, MS.  There was a time The Good Doctor would get a weekly report from one of the original contributors to The Journal, Bob in Biloxi, about this theater.  Towards the end of his run, he stated that what was once a very good scene there had turned hostile towards couples.   It now seems the gulf tide has turned for the good...

Here is my good friend G.K. Arbee and his report...


Hello Good Dr. Lizardo,

It has been a long time since my last report. I have not been on the road as much as I like and I usually don't like to "play" a lot near where I live. However, the job had me back in Biloxi for couple days (April 21st and 22nd), so I spend a little time at Gulf Coast Adult Theater... better known as the adult theater on Iberville in Biloxi, MS.

My last few visits there were just terrible, as the place had been utterly taken over by the confused, and they pretty much would scare every couple out of the building that walked in... Just terrible behavior and not following any of the polite protocols that make "this thing we do" WAY MORE FUN!!!