Sunday, December 6, 2015

Smut for a Sunday Evening: The Wreath of Khan Edition with 36 Pics!!!

Doc here, a man who some say will chase him 'round the moons of Nibia and 'round the Antares Maelstrom and 'round perdition's flames before he gives him up!

Nothing says the holidays like a genetically engineered madman, so every year at the Chez Lizardo we hang The Wreath of Khan.  

All the little Lizardos put on their long, grey wigs and prosthetic pectorals, and gather around a model of the Botany Bay to sing seasonal songs. It truly is a magical time.

The holidays also mean that we only have a few more weeks of 2015's Smut for a Sunday Evening.  It's been a good year for brand new adult theater and ABS related images, and as part of our mission statement here at The Journal, I pledge to deliver said eye candy to you, the good readers of The Journal.

So ladies and gentlemen, pour yourself a Hot Toddy and enjoy a seasonal Smut for a Sunday Evening with The Good Doctor and Khan Noonien Singh

Smut for a Sunday Evening - The Wreath of Khan Edition
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Flash Report! Raygun at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on Friday Night 12/4/15

Doc here, a man who some say played the supporting role of Mr. Antonelli in the NBC series "Manimal" in 1983, with a terrific Flash Report from regular contributor Raygun.

Raygun wrapped up a testerone-filled week with a trip to 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on Friday 12/4, and came away with a solid report (as usual). 

Things have been hopping at 15th Ave., and this is typical in the week leading up to a huge event (Bad Santa, hosted by your old friend in the white suit and aviators, is this coming Saturday night at 8pm). A right on cue, this past Friday was a good one.

Set your phasers on stun...Take it away Raygun!


Dear Doctor,

I feel like I owe you a good story after a gap in submissions. Well, here you are, hot off the cum-stained presses, an adventure from this past Friday night.

15th Ave - 12/4/15 Friday Night Gangbang

I started my debauched weekend early -- on Tuesday, actually, with a kinky social event that featured a special cake modeled after an especially sweet piece of ass. On Wednesday I enjoyed an intensely erotic experience that I think I'll keep to myself for a while. Thursday I rested, and Friday I decided it was time for a visit to the 15th Ave Theater.

I arrived mid-afternoon. It was quiet. I had just missed a single woman who had stopped in for a quick fuck and left as soon as she was done. I said hello to her as she left the store and walked past me on the way to her car. I stayed another hour or so, but nothing was happening, so I left with the intention of returning later in the evening.

Couple's Flash Report! Season's Greetings from SloppySecondSeekers (w/Brand New Pic!)

Doc here, a man who some say gets further with a kind word and a cannoli than with just a kind word, with a timely message of holiday cheer from frequent contributors to the Journal, SloppySecondSeekers.

This terrific couple has contributed reports and high quality pics for a couple of years now, and they have been nice enough to send along a message (Couple's Flash Report) of peace & joy (a trip to their local gloryhole establishment).

Here we go!


Hi Doc,

We hope all is well with you and that you're staying warm as the temps drop.

With the holidays quickly approaching I thought we would send you and your readers a pic, which is actually a combo of a few pics. We took these during a recent visit to the local adult bookstore.

UPDATED 12/10! Call for Contestants! The Bad Santa Dating Game in Chicago with Adaya Adler (w/5 PICS)

UPDATED 12/10:  Doc here... Gent, it's time to get your e-mails into Adaya Adler!  She has received a few so far, but they have been "underwhelming" . Put on your creative caps and send that e-mail to Adaya.  Her e-mail address is

Trust me gents, you will not be disappointed!



Bad Santa here... A man who is looking forward to this coming Saturday's Bad Santa party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago more than you can imagine.

Those of you out there who know The Good Doctor, you know that I have always had a burning desire to actually host a game show. Since TV seems to be a little out of the conversation, how about an online version for a very good friend of The Good Doctor as the Bad Santa Bachelorette for our version of The Dating Game

The lovely, yet very naughty minded Adaya Adler, a long time friend of The Good Doctor, is planning on attending the Bad Santa Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on Saturday December 12th at 8pm.

Those of you that attended the Back to School Party at 15th Ave. this August in Chicago, might have noticed a very sexy head mistress in attendance.  That was Adaya Adler. And ladies and gentlemen, she's coming to the Bad Santa Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater.

Here are a few 100% original pics of Adaya Adler shot by The Good Doctor from a few months ago (click the thumbnails to ENLARGE):

This is where you, the good readers of The Journal, come in. Adaya is looking for a few good men. Not boys. Men. Adaya and the eventual successful bachelors will convene at the Bad Santa Party, and who knows what will transpire.  

Here is how to enter The Dating Game with Adaya Adler:

  1. In 100 words or less, compose an e-mail to Adaya Adler and explain why you'd be the ideal Bad Santa Dating Game contestant and hang with her at the Bad Santa Party
  2. You are limited to 1 pic in your e-mail.  The picture included may not be a dick pic.  Doesn't have to include your face, but some idea of what you look like would be nice.  Extra points for creativity.  No exceptions.
  3. Send your e-mail directly to Adaya Adler at by midnight Thursday December 10th.
I'd like to suggest a few helpful hints for the contestants who want to enter:
  • Be respectful
  • Don't be a neanderthal 
  • Be creative...
  • ...and you have to do it 100 words. Go over, and you are toast. 
Adaya will reach out to the finalists and coordinate your evening.  There will be no guaranty of anything happening between the winners and Adaya.  Consider this as an ice-breaker facilitated by The Good Doctor, and vetted by Adaya Adler. And she really enjoys vetting...

Gents...Do not disappoint me on this. Give it your best shot, and make an impression. Adaya will appreciate your attention.

Now get to it!