Thursday, January 16, 2014

Flash Report! The Tampa Devil Hits Fantasyland 2 in Tampa on 1/4/14

Doc here, a man who some say went to high school with Drew Park, with a brand new Flash Report from newcomer The Tampa Devil.
The Tampa Devil visited Fantasyland 2 in Tampa, and has filed this report. He mentions at the end that he has used The Good Doctor's site to research adult theater visits, and that always brings a smile to my mustache.
Here we go...
Dr. Lizardo,
Long time reader of your blog. I wanted to post about an exciting adventure today at Fantasyland 2 in Tampa. I am unsure of the language content on the blog, so please edit as you need to. I just wanted to get this down as it was fresh in my mind so I used the words that were running through my head when I was there.

Started out kind of casual today around 3pm. I pulled up and there were about 15 cars at FL2, which is odd for early in day. So I gave it a college try and went in and entered the theatre first. The theater was empty, and arcade which was empty as well. Stumped I went into pool room and a young couple was just hanging out. She was cute. Small bbw. I had seen them in Fantasyland 1 earlier and they remembered me.  
Fantasyland 2
Tampa, FL
Anyway after 5 minutes of chat and an offer for a show which I was contemplating, a man exits a private room behind the pool area.  I was unaware of the private room as I am not a pool room guy, so never been in the pool room. Guy looks at me and says I am welcome in there if I want. I entered and wow, I hit a jackpot. Beyond a gang bang, this was a mini-orgy. 4 women in the room and about 8 guys and woman were very accommodating. I really had my pick of what I wanted to do. A brunette was standing and being fucked doggy by a bf and was using free hands to jerk off and blow guys. Occasionally this brunette would turn around and take bf's cum. I played here for a bit. 

Then moved on to another blonde woman again taking it doggie from a bf and jerking guys. Alternating she would blow bf. They were even moving around the room and offering different positions. I partaked here too.

The one that caught my eye was a small group watching two woman have sex. Toys and everything. We were initially asked to keep distance and voyeur watch. Which I did. After about ten minutes, I casually asked if i could shoot what I had on to them. The blonde woman told me to give her a facial. The cum just about shot itself out of me from a few feet away. I soaked her. 

I then took a break on a couch (yes, i was able to get my stamina back up) and then re-entered the melee. This time I let the blonde taking it doggie jerk me off. She eventually blew me and I was told to grab her head and make her deep throat me.. Apparently, she was being trained. She was bent over a couch, I had to stand on the couch to do it, but man, what a great angle I had in there. After a minute I came in her throat too.

All of this happened within a one hour time period today. Thank you to the party for letting me in. The woman were gorgeous and super friendly. and between the sex, blowjobs, and jerking us off, the four woman wore all 8 of us out in about 45 minutes. And I do need to thank you as I used information from some of your prior blogs to plan this visit.

I hope this information finds you well. I highly recommend this location to anyone visiting the Tampa Bay area.
Happy New Year.
The Tampa Devil
Doc here again... Many thanks to The Tampa Devil for an outstanding first time report! Bravo sir!  Secret rooms? Almost sounds like 22 Ski Doo in New Jersey that was recently scouted by my good friends M&T from Chicago.
Keep the reports coming, guys!