Sunday, June 10, 2012

Flash Report! Friday Night Report From Bob in Biloxi (with PICS!)

Doc here with the return of our long lost friend, Bob in Biloxi. Last week, Bob was MIA, the possible victim of an arrow through the derrier.  But our worst fears have been eased, as Bob is back!

This is an action-packed report, complete with a gaggle a brand new pics from the actual event. As always, remember to click on the pics to ENLARGE them.

So without anyfurther delay, hailing from the beautiful Gulf Coast, height unknown, weight unknown... Here is Bob in Biloxi.


Hi Doc,

This story is proof you can have an awesome time with a beautiful lady in the middle of a gay convention. Yes I know, it’s a first for me too, but it happened tonight!

As our readers may remember, I posted a story about our Red Headed Goddess, her unbelievable talents, along with pictures of the event. Some were taken by yours truly, the others by her lucky husband. Why is he lucky you ask? Because he gets to have that talent all the time!

Bob in Biloxi
Our couple emailed me this week and advised they were stepping out and up to the plate Friday,( I should say gloryhole), and we were to meet at the Biloxi ABS @ 6:30pm. I arrived early and sat in a booth for 30 mins, long enough for all the confused folks to be made aware there was no player for them in booth 4.

They arrived promptly at the appointed time and booth 3 was open as expected, no scouts around this time however - totally a solo mission. Our Red Headed Goddess was wearing a turquoise summer dress, quite the contrast to her hair, but she would look hot in a burlap sack (if you know what I mean).

Upon entering the booth, this Goddess began undressing, revealing her charms through the now sizable renovated holes (ed. note: Thanks to Bob). I was at attention immediately! As I fed my cock through the hole to her waiting hands, she began to caress my now throbbing member as only she can. She has a soft touch and soon tingles began occurring up my spine. She followed up by engulfing half my cock with her hot warm mouth, again she is also gentle in that regard! Definitely in the top five I’ve had in my short life! I had to pull back or  risk blowing a ton of baby batter down her throat. I then put my hand through the hole...

I remembered she told her hubby (who told me) she enjoyed my hands. I was able to fondle, play and insert those hands in her most tender areas, and I was rewarded with her total wetness! As she began to heat up, I sensed she may want something a little larger to play with and re-inserted my cock in the hole.

That was another one of those (OMG) moments when she backed that soft ass and super heated wet pussy down on my cock. I have to tell you I’m glad I built those walls sturdy, because for a small girl she can sure make them pay!!

I held out as long as I could, thought about baseball scores, football games (btw, nothing worked), she had me and she knew it too! She is highly aware that feeling at least part of her ass against me through the hole drives me over the edge. She used that fact to her advantage as I couldn’t resist her any longer. I unloaded two weeks of pent up baby batter as deep as I could get it, thank goodness for upper body strength and the top of that wall, otherwise I would have collapsed on the floor like popped balloon!

We took pics which I hope the readers will enjoy as much as I enjoyed taking them and being a part of their adventure. We may be able to convince her one day to grab a hotel bed for a more extended session of her charms. News at 11 - stay tuned.

That’s the report from Friday, Doc... Date night Saturday, but I think I have a head start!


Doc here again... You have to hand it to Bob.  After going AWOL for a week, he zooms back with a report like this one.  Great report, excellent action pics, and even a closing photo acting as his epilogue.   You sir are a national treasure.

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