Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blast From The Past! The Jefferson Theater in 2006 by Brent in Portland

Doc here... I have a very busy day planned here at the office located in the sceneic valley by the small women's liberal arts college, thus an early start to posting today's report. 

Today we have a "Blast From The Past" from poet laureate Brent from Portland. The Jefferson was a special place in "this thing of our's"...It was probably the perfect adult theater (if you had to draw one up). Not too big, not too small, easy access, a bar next door, good parking, and a great environment.  Ray (the current owner of The Paris") provided a great place to see and be seen, as he now does at The Paris.

Enjoy Brent's missive about a simple time not too long ago...
I miss The Jefferson. I miss The River City Saloon. I miss 2006 and the booming just about ready to crash too many plates spinning in the air, economy:

Sometimes I'm asked what's the best time to go to the Jefferson Theater to guarantee that they will be able to witness and/or participate in hot, nasty, indecent, public, exhibitionistic, orgasm inducing, Jiffy Pop, making, bubble gum expanding, panty dampening, organ engorging, jizz exploding, heterosexual sex? The answer is "I don't know." (Write that down on the blackboard, Mr. Hand.)

You can get lucky, and see a lot of hot action inside of Portland's adult theaters or you can get "Murphy" and never see any action at all. That's just the way it is. I mean, a New Yorker could have attended 100 Yankee games in the twenties and never been present when Babe Ruth hit a home run. What's the difference between Bobby Bonds and Babe Ruth? Bond's was on steroids. Ruth was on Hemorrhoids.

The lady who has fucked more men in adult theaters than most was in the theaters this past weekend. One of the amazing things about her is that she prefers to get fucked bareback, to have multiple loads of come inside of her. She has a raw sexuality that transcends her age. I would guess that she is pushing sixty. She is tall, curly haired, thick and womanly. She always reminds me of a librarian or secretary.

The Jefferson Theater

This past weekend, She and her husband were at both theaters and she was very active. I saw one player fuck her hard twice at the Jefferson on Thursday. She was on top of his big cock, riding up and down on it. Her ass hole was open and ready, if somebody was so  inclined.  I've never seen her get double fucked inside of a theater. I have seen a few women get fucked bareback in the ass and pussy at the same time. The last time was a couple of months ago, in the couple's section.

This past Thursday, May 4, there was another couple at the theaters besides the one I described. She was cute. She looked Italian. Average size, pretty face, and dark hair. She was dressed in long pants and a sweatshirt. They sat in the couple's section and played with each other without taking off their clothes. He had his hand down her pants and was fingering her cunt. She was writing and squirming like a restless kid on a long car ride. Although I never saw any part of her body, it was still an erotic scene. I'll have to ask my friend who was there if they went any further, after I left Thursday.

The ever-present ogre/troll gauntlet continued to be effective in scaring away new couples this past weekend at the Jefferson. Even though there were couples already playing inside of the ropes at the Jefferson, a few of the younger, newer couples never got a chance to get comfortable and play. The clerk had to clear a path with his machete, just to allow room for these promising new couples to pass through. Needless to say, most of them stayed less than five minutes.

But there were a lot of couples that did come in and stay and watch and play inside of the theaters this weekend. So it was a very good weekend. The Jefferson and Oregon continue to attract, a slightly atypical porno theater audience. For example, a couple came in on Friday. They have been in before. They are both in very good shape and probably in there 60s. She has a nice tight body. He has a nice sized cock. While they were in on Friday, they were the only couple so they got all the attention. They always sit in the front of the couple's section. At one point, she was naked and bent over giving her husband a blow job. Her ass was positioned so that the guy standing right next to the rope was able to finger her pussy. A lot of the guys who were sitting in the back row, reached over and groped her nude body while she sucked and fucked her husband. She relished all of the attention. Later she stood by the ropes and gave a few lucky guys hand jobs while they played with her ass and cunt.

The Jefferson
Original Entrance & Marquee
circa 1982
 There were other couples in on Friday. Strap on K and Bend over B held forth for a few hours. One or two guys fucked K z young body. There was a young black couple that snuggled in the corner of the main theater. They didn't stay long and never got past the cuddling stage.

I got a little action on Saturday at the O from a couple that reads these posts. I've described her as a country housewife. She is very pretty, but not flashy. I found out, Saturday that she loves to give head. At first, I was reluctant to join them because I was afraid I couldn't satisfy her. I finally sat down next to her on the couch and started rubbing her thighs. Before long I had my fingers inside of her. She leaned over and started sucking my cock. It felt wonderful.

I decided to reciprocate. I went down on her and started eating her juicy pussy. While I was head first between her legs, I was blissfully  unaware of the fact that we were surrounded. I was too busy concentrating on fingering, licking and sucking her sweet love box. I could feel the walls of her vagina tighten around my fingers while I licked her as hard and then as soft as I could. She cried out in pleasure. If I  didn`t take her to the Big O I got her to the doorstep. My foot had fallen a sleep so I stood up to let the blood rush to where it needed to go. Another eager lad took my place between her sexy legs. I said good-bye and walked out of the theater feeling the rush of theater sex energy.

The leering faces of the crowd of on lookers fades into the back ground for a lot of couples when they play inside of an adult theater. I wonder how many women close their eyes or only look into their husband's eyes while they are being groped and caressed; or fucked and sucked by a steady stream of strangers inside of an adult theater?

The best-looking couple that came in on Saturday was a rich looking, golden couple in there twenties or thirties. He was tall and blond and fairly well built. He looked like he enjoyed his pleasures but he also looked a little angry. His lady was also a blond, with a perfect tight body. The outfit she had on looked like something Brittany, Cristina or Jessica would wear. She had on a white tennis type mini skirt, white top, and sheer panties. She was very pretty and athletic looking, like a young blond tennis star. They sat in the back corner of the couple's section. They put on a great show while I was there. She was definitely an exhibitionist.

I think the other couples that were there, inspired her to make the most out of their first visit to the Jefferson Theater. The couple that had been at the O was there, along with Cabbage Patch (I use that term affectionately) Girl and her old man, and another young couple. Everybody was playing. . At one point, the hot blond was bent over, with her beautiful ass up in the air and her panties pulled to the side while her old man fucked her from behind. Her tits were out of her bra. She was obviously having a good time.

I wish I could have seen them better. I considered going out to the lobby to ask the clerk to turn the lights up and the volume on the movie screen to low. I wanted to see her beautiful body and hear her moans of delight and the squishy sounds of her wet cunt.
There was another young couple there who was just as exciting. She was as beautiful and sexy as the blond in the mini skirt. She had reddish brown hair and a soft, pretty face. Her body was very soft and fuck worthy. She had very round 34 C breasts. They did every thing. She sucked him. He ate her. They fucked, first like this and then like that. The best scene involving them was when she straddled his cock, reverse cowgirl style, spread her legs wide more and twisted her body so that everybody could see his swollen dick driving in and out of her wet pussy. They were still there when I decided to go home Saturday.

It was past 3AM. There was a cute, single gal standing in the lobby, talking to the clerk when I walked out the door. I wonder if she ventured into the theater? I wonder what happened after I left? All of us perverts around the globe would like to know. So if anybody was at the Jefferson until it was time to go to church on Sunday, please let us know what happened.
Brent's Blasts From The Past serve as a chronicle of the best of times at The Jefferson in Portland.  At that time, The Jefferson and The Oregon were going great guns, and up the coast, The Mecca was grinding out the last several months of it's existence.  Hardcore couples like Nina The Bakery Slut and "B" would venture to The Jeff for a fun weekend of carnal knowledge from Washington state.

Do you have a Blast From The Past?  Click the "Submit An Adult Theater Report" on the upper left of The Journal, and fire one off to The Good Doctor.  Remember...Everyone loves a good story.