Thursday, September 19, 2013

Flash Report! Bob in God Knows Where at Mr. Binky's in New Orleans

Doc here with our good friend, Bob in Biloxi, even though he isn't in Biloxi (in this report).  Call him Cajun Bob. Call him Who Dat Bob. Call him Bob in New Orleans.

In this twist, Bob has set up a rendezvous, and not only takes care of business in the booth, but also outside of it.

Here we go...


Hi Doc,

Another flash report from the Deep South, it’s not exactly a beautiful Gulf Coast report, but its close. I was contacted by a couple that used to frequent the ABS down the street from the Gulf Coast Theater. They told me of a place near Chalmette that just opened and asked me to meet them. The place is called Mr. Binky’s and is located at 2441 Paris Rd, New Orleans.

The lady is a petite little raven haired beauty, 36DD, shaved play pen and one killer little ass. On the night we met at Mr. Binky’s she was wearing what I call a t-shirt dress and high heels, that’s it !!! We made our hellos and went inside. This place is cool, the arcade is upstairs, you just slide in $10 to a turn-style and proceed up the stairs. Sadly there is only one set of glory holes and they simply said “follow us”, we ended up in the last two booths, them in one, yours dearly in the other one.
Bob in Biloxi

I understand now why she wore that T-shirt dress, (it’s easy to take off) Hell I even got naked in mine! She started out playing gently (she remembered) then took me into her smoking hot mouth and started doing that thing she does. The first thing to start shaking on me was my knees!!

Just as we started getting into it, some bozo started shaking my door? I said in a loud voice “Stop shaking the door” he didn’t and kept it at. I always carry a small bottle of pepper spray with me, so when I couldn’t take any more, I opened the door and lo and behold there stood the dumb fuck. About 1.5 seconds after I opened the door he was hit right between his eyes with the juice and started screaming like a bitch. Now this stuff works wonderful, and whatever mood he was in before he started shaking the door, left him for the rest of the night, maybe the rest of the week.

I re-locked the door and resumed play. The little lady got me hard again then backed her shaved pussy up and started doing some wall shaking by herself. Her guy took pictures, and when I get them I will send them on to you.. Thankfully the hole there is rather large and with her high heels she had no alignment problems, she left me spend shell of a man after that.

I never did see the fellow that got peppered, but the clerk thanked us on the way out, so this must not have been his first brush with paying customers.
If any of your loyal readers (couples that is) would like to meet there, I sure wish they would shoot me  a line.

 Thanks Doc.

 Your faithful reporter,
 Bob in (somewhere different!!)


Doc here again... Good to have you back in the fold, Bob. A Bob classic, complete with a pepper spraying. We have missed you, sir.