Thursday, May 4, 2017

Flash Report! Henry Chinaski: "An Afternoon of Bliss, Part 1" at the Bliss Adult Theater in Dallas, TX

Doc here, a man who some say played the role of "The Ham on Rye Kid" in the movie western "The Black Sparrow".

There are first-time reports here at The Journal, and then there are first-time reports. Freshman contributor Henry Chinaski has submitted Part 1 of a two-parter, and it's dynamite.  Dear reader, if you cannot see yourself in Henry's place as you travel into this piece, then something is wrong. 

This report takes place at Bliss, the newest of the John Carpenter Ave. adult theaters in Dallas, TX.  It is here we join our report...

Please welcome to The Journal, Henry Chinaski!



Longtime first time here. My name is Henry Chinaski, in tribute to my favorite drunken and dirty poet, Charles Bukowski. I wanted to tell you about a recent amazing experience I had at Dallas' newest venue for this thing of ours, Bliss Adult Arcade, Theater and Swingers Club (9109 John Carpenter Freeway, Dallas, Texas 75247 (214)-905-0500 It would have made Bukowski very proud. 
Bliss Adult Theater
Dallas, TX

It was a beautiful warm Texas Spring day. The type we only have access to for about a six week period every year. The same period that is also liable to produce a freak winter storm, Saharah-esque temperatures or literal killer tornadoes. While there was plenty of work to be attended to, my attention, mind and libido were drawn to this thing of ours. The winds swirled and I could hear Doc Moonlight Graham (my second favorite doc) asking if there was enough magic out there in the sunlight to make my lascivious dreams come true. I concluded that there just might be so after lunch I excused myself from the rest of the work day and directed the poetry-mobile to the Dallas Theater District.