Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cathy's CTs Adult Theater Visit Coming Soon! Saturday 8/25 & Sunday 8/26

Field Report! Sparky Checks In From The Road

Doc here with a new reporter here at The Journal, Sparky. Sparky is a traveling man, thus has access to various adult theaters across this great country.

Here is a quick overview, plus a note about Summit News in Warren, OH

Take it away, Sparky!


Hi Doc,

I just recently stumbled across your website. What a great service you provide!

I get to travel quite a bit for work, and have hit quite a few theaters over the years: Fantasyland and Playhouse in Tampa (great times there back in its heyday), Twin Cinemas in Atlanta, Adult Superstore and Dejavu in Vegas, Executive Adult Video in Houston, and several others.

I was in Ohio recently and checked out Summit News in Warren. It's been well reviewed by other reporters, so I won't recap what's already been said, but I did learn a couple things that I didn't see mentioned before.

I had the unfortunate luck of dropping by on a Tuesday night, which I learned is "gay night". That was a major disappointment. Wednesday is couples day. The owner was the friendliest I'd ever encountered (and not in a creepy way). Wish I could have checked it out the next day but I was already on to my next stop in Pittsburgh. I'll plan better next time I'm up there.

I'll send you some new reports as my travels continue.



Doc here again....Thank you Sparky for the report, and we will be on the lookout for your next submissions from this thing of ours...


Flash Report! Nanner on The Jolar Cinema in San Diego

Doc here with an entertaining gut check with 2nd time reporter Nanner.

Not every trip to an adult theater is a home run, and this report illustrates why nothing is ever certain in this thing of ours.

Here is Nanner...


My Good Doctor,

Unfortunately my second report on the Jolar Bookstore and Theater is not as promising as the first.   It is a perfect illustration that even at the better establishments, long hours of boredom and sausage fests should not be considered shocking.

I stopped by Jolar on a Wednesday (a rumored "couples night") and bought a theater pass for the evening.  After walking pass the seductresses working behind the glass walls in the show booths (they have a way of looking at you with a naughty glimmer in their eyes.  I can almost feel them pulling the money straight out of my wallet) I entered the theater to find it dull, un-energizing and uninspiring.  There were a grand total of three other men sitting in the theater, I think two were dozing off.  One was popping back in forth between the theaters, as if to check for a couple that may have snuck in, even though they would have had to pass right in front of us.  After sitting around for an hour I decided to leave and come back later on.
The Jolar Cinema
San Diego, CA

I returned a bit before 9PM and used the same pass for entry to the theater, the occupancy had increased to about 9 lonely men and no women/couples.  From the looks of the uninspired fellows in the first theater I knew nothing of importance was happening in theater #2, so I didn't even look.

I remained in the theater, in one of the front seats watching porn, searching the internet on my iPhone, watching the continual shift of patrons between the theaters.  Lulled into a trance by the repeat sound of the theater door closing, then a few minutes later the low buzz of the electronic door lock being remotely opened, the door opening and closing, and the sounds of footsteps in the hall.

There was one obviously confused fellow sitting in one of the front rows, feverishly jerking off for the entire time, glancing my direction every once in a while, probably wondering of both my hands were really on my smart phone.  After about three hours I left.  I took a quick look into theater #2 and confirmed that zero activity was going on in there, no couples had arrived during my hiatus, nor had they snuck past me.

I did find it a bit comical to see the back row of the small theater ( all three seats) filled with three fellows, all with arms crossed, looking rather perturbed that the other was invading their territory.

So my Good Doctor,  unfortunately not every trip to the Jolar will provide you a great show.  And I did manage to keep those booth seductresses away from my wallet on the way out.


Doc here again... The lesson to be learned from a trip to The Jolar on Couples Night?  It's typically the worst of the nights to visit this theater.  I have run into the same thing at The Jolar, thus I would my focus my visits to Monday or Tuesday nights.  My results were MUCH better.

Thanks again to Nanner for another entertaining report.  Keep the reports coming, sir.