Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Couple's Flash Report! Britt & Terry Tear It Up in North Central Ohio on 3/5/16

Doc here, a man who some say knows 43 different kinds of rope knots, but can only barely tie 3, with a great Couple's Flash Report.

Long time contributors Britt and Terry have filed a terrific report from an adventure they went on this past Saturday night.  Britt was on a mission to celebrate Terry's birthday in a very special way...

Take it away, Britt & Terry!



How have you been? Been awhile since we have been able to get out and have some fun. Holidays, work, family, its a never ending struggle.

Well it was Terr's 41st birthday and we decided to go out to a very nice place in north central Ohio last night (3/5). We arrived around to the theater around 9PM. Took our spot in the theater taking our time for Britt to warm up. At this point we were the only couple in the theater.

Casually Britt decided to tease me a little, give the guys something to watch.

Couple's Flash Report! Gemini Ducks into The Paris Theatre in Portland for a Quickie on 3/5/16

Doc here, a man who some say invented a drone system for retrieving clothes and shoes inside an adult theater when they are hastily removed in the heat of battle. Testing continues on "Project Gem".

My good friend Gemini is back with a quickie report that was itself, a quickie at the legendary Paris Theatre in downtown Portland, OR. 

Those of us that know Gemini personally know that when she wants something, she will get it, Hell or high water. And on Saturday 3/5/16, she wanted an anonymous encounter inside the Paris Theatre. 

This is pure Gemini folks...  Take it away, kind Miss!



We stopped by the Paris yesterday so I could give one quick BJ to whomever was there.