Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Couple's Flash Report! Gemini Ducks into The Paris Theatre in Portland for a Quickie on 3/5/16

Doc here, a man who some say invented a drone system for retrieving clothes and shoes inside an adult theater when they are hastily removed in the heat of battle. Testing continues on "Project Gem".

My good friend Gemini is back with a quickie report that was itself, a quickie at the legendary Paris Theatre in downtown Portland, OR. 

Those of us that know Gemini personally know that when she wants something, she will get it, Hell or high water. And on Saturday 3/5/16, she wanted an anonymous encounter inside the Paris Theatre. 

This is pure Gemini folks...  Take it away, kind Miss!



We stopped by the Paris yesterday so I could give one quick BJ to whomever was there. 

There happened to be a good looking Marine type guy standing with his back to the railing.  I knelt on the bench behind him and whispered, "Can I ask you two questions?" "Yes", he said.  "Are you straight?" "Yes."  "Can I please suck your cock?" "Yes."  

And with that he was in the Oasis while J chatted with Ray in the lobby.  He preferred wearing a condom which was fine with me.  I still got to lick his bare balls. There were many onlookers as he came quickly.  

I buttoned up my blouse, and headed of to dance.  Great times. 



Doc here again... This scene yesterday with the lovely Gemini at The Paris Theatre is one of the things that keeps us coming back. The moment when a sexy lady shows up, unannounced, and proceeds to wet her whistle on a lucky guy, and then disappear as quickly as she appeared.

Only in an adult theater.