Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Couple's Flash Report! Britt & Terry Tear It Up in North Central Ohio on 3/5/16

Doc here, a man who some say knows 43 different kinds of rope knots, but can only barely tie 3, with a great Couple's Flash Report.

Long time contributors Britt and Terry have filed a terrific report from an adventure they went on this past Saturday night.  Britt was on a mission to celebrate Terry's birthday in a very special way...

Take it away, Britt & Terry!



How have you been? Been awhile since we have been able to get out and have some fun. Holidays, work, family, its a never ending struggle.

Well it was Terr's 41st birthday and we decided to go out to a very nice place in north central Ohio last night (3/5). We arrived around to the theater around 9PM. Took our spot in the theater taking our time for Britt to warm up. At this point we were the only couple in the theater.

Casually Britt decided to tease me a little, give the guys something to watch.

The Real Britt
After an hour or so, we headed back to the booths were Britt likes to do most of her activities. The guys of course were quick to follow. We took a booth and within a few mins, her first victim was a glorious BBC. It was going to be a good night...

Britt proceeded to work on her new friend through the hole. Slowly teasing him with her hand and mouth until his cock was glistening from her spit in the soft light of the screen. She stood up and teased his cock on her pussy. Slowly warming herself up to take it, slowly backing up on it until his cock was fully inside her. She grabbed by cock and started sucking on me while he pumped in and out. Its amazing how her cock sucking skills grow exponentially while she is getting plowed.

Within short time, you could tell her BBC friend was close, trying hard to prolong his experience. Well she is never shy about taking a cock down, so she started to pump him. That threw him over the edge and shot a huge load all over the place.

After that, we decided to go have a smoke. 

By this time, a few other couples had arrived. By our accounts there were maybe a total of 6 other couples there last night. I know I seen one of them before. I believe ( I could be wrong) that the lovely lady that titles the "Smut for a Sunday Evening" was there with her hubby. C&R I believe? (ed. note: Very likely)

Well regardless of who she is, Britt and I decided to check out the private area. Where we saw C&R playing with another woman. Both ladies had incredible bodies and were not shy about showing them off during their little threesome. We watched for a little while with Britt slowly teasing me.

Well Britt had a goal. Me turning 41, she wanted to take 41 cocks. Bold I know. Daring indeed. But she was determined. So we headed back to the booths. This time we found a booth with two holes. This time around she worked cock after cock, alternating from one whole to the other. Taking short breaks in between to tease me a little and show my cock how wet she was.

The Real Britt

Well, she got to 7. Number 8 did her in. She has a latex allergy so she provides latex free condoms. This gentlemen did not want to take one of hers, but rather use his own. She asked him if it was latex free, he assured her it was latex free, but the results proved otherwise. She was highly disappointed that she did not make her goal. However, she was not going to give up taking care of me. Her pussy was sidelined with irritation and swelling, but she wasn't going to let that stop her from getting me off.

Much to my surprise, as she usually is not into it, she guided my cock to her ass and slid it in. I took it easier on her at first, smart man never ruins a good moment. Slowly pumping her until I knew she was ready for a more regular motion. By the time I was close to finishing, I am sure everyone at this place heard her moans of pleasure. The louder she moaned, the closer I got. Eventually I was past the point of no return and dumped my load deep inside her. We cleaned up, and regained our composure and exited the booth to conclude our evening. Especially since we had such a long drive back to our home.

Overall it was a pretty solid night for both of us. Much to be seen with couples showing off, and much fun to be had playing. Britt was very disappointed she didn't make her goal, but here is a chance for a public service announcement. GUYS listen up, yes bring condoms to the party, but always make sure they are latex free. Yes they are a little more expensive, but the ladies will appreciate it. And if someone ASKS you if it is latex free, make sure it is latex free. They are asking for a reason.

Keep up the good work Doc, and as always, people can feel free to follow Britt on Twitter @naughtybritt.

Britt and Terr


Doc here again... Many thanks to Britt and Terry for another great Couple's Flash Report. As good as this trip was, the knucklehead that said he was using a latex-free condom cut short a special night for this sexy couple. Nice going, asshat.

Britt and Terry will be back to this great location soon, and let's hope they get 41 this time.  Keep the reports and pics coming!