Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Flash Report! Theater X Near Hawthorne, FL by The Falcon

Doc here with another first time reporter here @ The Journal, The Falcon. His report focuses on Theater X, near Hawthorne, FL (a frequent subject of senior reporter JaxBchBum).

So without further delay, here is The Falcon and his report.


This is my first report, I love your site and used it to find these theaters.  Thanks for what you do for all us "Pervs"!

First thing to say is the theater is not really in Hawthorn but about 3 miles north of the city on US 441.  It is easy to find once you get out of Hawthorn and the staff was quite friendly and accommodating. The attendant would put any type of film you wanted on for us.

Most of the action was boys being boys, but about 10PM a couple came in he was about 40 and she some younger a sexy dress and great tits.  They came in and started to play almost immediately, but one of the over anxious guys sat in the sofa next to them and he was joined by another guy who started to play with the other guy's cock immediately.  This turned the guy with the girl off and after a little show of a nice tit they left the theater to go back into the book store.
I followed them out and talked to them and he told me that was a turn off for both of them, but that they were coming back as soon as she composed herself.

They did come back and sat on the front row right next to me and he started to finger her and she had a great O.  She had on great thigh highs and her titties were out as well as her pussy.  As you could expect the same guy that ran them off the first time dragged a chair up so he could look up the skirt and they covered up and left again.

I followed them out and they said they could not get going due to the aggressiveness of some of the guys there.  They were going over to another theater in the area.  I had to hit the road myself so I could not follow them.

There were two other couples that came in but one couple just stayed in the book store and left the other did come in the theater but just watched the film.

The Falcon


Doc here again... Nice job, sir!  We are looking forward to your next reports from this thing of ours.

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Flash Report! Abe Lincoln and Mary Todd Visit The Chelsea Adult Theater in Quincy, IL (w/PIC!)

Doc here with a brand new Flash Report from good ol' 16 himself, Abe Libcoln.  Looks like Abe and his best gal, Mary Todd, hit the Chelsea Adult Theater in Quincy, IL (address info located in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database) and have a tale to tell.

So sit back, split a few logs, and enjoy Honest Abe's Flash Report.

Hey Doc!

It turned out that "Mary Todd" and I got to go to the Chelsea Theater sooner than I thought.

For those who haven't read my previous report on Deja Vu (link HERE), she is a 28 year old BBW who is a total freak when it comes to sex. I, being a 44 year old "dirty old man", do my best to keep up with her.

We left my hometown early Saturday morning to catch a football game in Camp Point, IL. She told me that after the game, she wanted to do some shopping in Quincy. I told her we could, but only if we went to the Chelsea as well. She was all for that. I had her throw a skirt in her bag to change into after the game.

We stopped on the way to Quincy so she could change. She came out wearing just the skirt and a sweater nothing underneath. I took full advantage of her skirt, reaching over to stroke her bald pussy while we drove from place to place, getting her wetter and wetter.

Once she had gotten everything she wanted, we headed for the Chelsea. Arriving about six that evening, we browsed the store for a while and had some of the fine toys demo'd by a very friendly saleslady. We chose a few items for our "toy box" at home, as well as a small tube of lube.
After we paid, we headed to the booth area, as the clerk was nice enough to inform us there was no one in the theater. There are 5 or 6 booths, with glory holes between each pair as far as I could tell.
I led Mary Todd to a booth next to one that showed the "occupied" light. She wasted no time getting on her knees in front of the hole, and was quickly rewarded with a cock coming through. I watched her suck for a few minutes, then got behind her and lifted her skirt. Inserting two fingers, I banged her hard and fast, while rubbing her clit at the same time. The guy she was sucking blew a load, drenching her face, as she had just pulled back to catch her breath.

I continued finger-fucking her  while she waited for the next cock to come through the hole. Once another guy came in the booth, he was quick to check out the action, and then slip his cock in for her to pleasure. While she was blowing the second cock of the night, I broke open the lube we bought and greased her asshole. I got her stretched out with three fingers in her ass, then replaced them with my cock while I rubbed her clit again.

She was moaning and writhing  as I fucked her hard in the ass with an anonymous man filling her mouth. I reached under her to pinch her nipples just the way she likes as she squealed around the cock in her mouth, orgasming for the first time that day. The guy on the other side of the wall  reacted by cumming deep in her throat, then pulling out and quickly leaving.
The Real Mary Todd

I slowed down my thrusting in her ass, and just held my cock in her as the door swung closed. Apparently, word was out and someone else was in the booth as soon as the second guy left. This guy was a true minute man. He no sooner put his dick in the hole and she gave it a preliminary lick, than he began shooting it all over, coating her mouth, lower jaw and sweater. He was back out in under a minute. and someone else took his place.

This one was a decent sized cock, and she went to town on it as I picked up my pace, reaming out her sweet asshole. This guy was a face fucker, as he kept pulling out, and thrusting back in. I did my part by holding Mary Todd's hair, keeping her head firmly in place against the glory hole. I was blasting my cock in her ass, telling her what a dirty slut she was as she began coughing and gagging on the load from the guy on t he other side of the wall.

Being a nice guy, I let her loose so she could catch her breath. We both took a minute to gather our thoughts, and decided her job here was done.

We got as presentable as possible and headed out. I was outside the building when I thought about trying to get a picture of the place to include in the report, but alas, it was not to be, as it was too dark by then, I hope I can make it up to you, Doc, as well as your faithful followers by instead including a picture of Mary Todd's monster tits.



Doc here again... Looks like Abe has a live one on his hands with Mary Todd. This also is yet another positive review for the Chelsea Theater in Quincy, IL. I have it marked down on my bucket list, and hopefully sometime in the near future I can make a House Call to this couples friendly establishment.

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Flash Report! The Blue Hornet Reports On Personal Preferences in Mesa, AZ

Doc here with an outstanding Flash Report from the land of Old Marine Corps Guy (AKA Arizona).  Regular contributor The Blue Hornet has filed a detailed packed report from Personal Preference in Mesa, and I think you will like what he has to offer us in his article.


Hello Doc,

I just returned from a trip to beautiful AZ, and for the first time in many years, had a great experience to share with you and our group.

On Saturday evening, Oct. 30th, I visited Personal Preference (details located in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database), in Mesa, AZ. When I went into the double theater areas, there was approximately 10 guys in the theaters, some of which were naked, and stroking to the extra sexy movies being shown. Almost everyone had their cocks out, and as soon as I sat down, one young man sat next to me, reaching over to touch my crotch, but I gave him the "no" head shake quickly.

About 20 minutes later, a couple came into the theater #2.  I offered my seat on the love seat, but the gent said thank you, we want to stand for now. His lady was very attractive, brown hair, tight blue jeans, tight top, and was wearing boots that reached just below her knees. I would guess she was in her late 30"s or perhaps early 40"s. Her man appeared to be in the same age bracket.

The lady seemed shy at first, but after they stood along the wall, and hugged, and kissed for a good 10 minutes or so, she became more excited to be in a setting with great porn being shown, and hard cocks everywhere. Her body was built for fucking. Big tits, cute face, large round ass, and firm, toned, legs. Very hot!

A group of 4-5 guys gathered around the couple and gently started to touch the woman's ass, tits, legs, etc, through her clothing, while she kissed her man. Slowly, her clothes started to be removed, with her tits now exposed, and her jeans opened up, but still on her body, down around her knees. Multiple guys were now touching her, sucking her tits, fingering her wet pussy, rubbing her ass, and whispering hot comments into her ears.

I managed to reach in through the crowd to put a finger into her pussy, and wow, it was soaked with juice. I pulled my finger out, and took a quick smell of her wetness, and it was a sweet, very clean fragrance. A huge turn on for sure. Her man was very happy to let his woman get so much attention. He then lead her to the sofa in front of the theater, and proceeded to remove all of her clothes, and boots, while just leaving her socks on.

Then the magic words were uttered: "Anyone want to cum on her tits". Quickly, 3 guys started stroking their hard cocks, and the first guy shot a load near the top of her pussy lips, followed by 2 other men unloading on to her breast areas. One guy, who was completely nude, got down on his knees and started eating pussy like a wolf. He brought her to a loud orgasm after about 10 minutes of continuous clit licking.

At this point, her man, put on a show of strong fucking. He entered her pussy, and fucked her so hard, you could hear the pounding, and wetness of a soaked cunt being fucked, all over the theater area. The show was outstanding, the couple was friendly, and the guys were gents all the way through.

Yours truly had to depart at this point for a date I had scheduled. This entire event certainly provided me with all of the sexual energy I needed, for a long evening of lovemaking. The Arizona skies were brightly shining over this Halloween weekend. Bravo to the guys, and the couple at Personal Preference in Mesa, AZ.

Doc, I am sorry I forgot to take my camera, but will try again to get a shot of the outside of PP. It is a fairly small ABS, with an arcade, and 2 small theaters that have leather sofas and love seats.

I hope you enjoy this report.

Your paisano,
The Blue Hornet


Doc here again... Thanks to The Blue Hornet for a great report from Mesa... Old Marine Corps Guy has often mentioned that PP may be the best couples friendly adult theater/ABS in his neck of the woods.  With a report like this one, I can see why.  Great job sir!

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