Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flash Report: Brent's Theater Tails - "Midweek Recap"

Doc here with a repost from this morning courtesy of Brent in Portland.  Brent's Theater Tails is home to the poet laureate of this thing of ours', and Brent's mid-week recap is a good one...

Enjoy while munching on a VooDoo donut...


So far this week the theater sex action has been good at The Paris Theater in Portland Oregon. I did not make it down there on Monday but I learned that a young blond came in with her man and played very well with the theater gangstas. She stole their jizz with her mouth and pussy one dick at a time, in the couples oasis. Then it was a free for all on The Paris stage, an area of the theater that doesn't get as much play as it used to. There were 10 or 11 guys there, decent for a Monday. Too bad another lady or couple didn't show up. It sounds like the stage girl could have used some help.

The 8:12 PM flag on Tuesday represented a big big guy escorting a small thin, pretty woman with dark hair, smooth skin, nice ass shaved pussy with a pretty piece of hood jewelry, and nipples that were like hard candy. There weren't that many guys there at the time. 2 young men fucked her- one had a long thin penis and after he came , he removed his condom and she sucked him with her sweet hot lips and got him off a second time. She definitely could have used a few more hard dicks to fuck and suck.
The next flag was a very pretty couple who stayed for 20 minutes at the most. She had auburn hair and looked a little like Lara Logan.

On their way out they passed another couple coming in. I was hoping they would do an "about face" but they didn't.

The next couple was a young black lad, well built and good looking. His girl was young and sexy, dressed casually in jeans and a shirt. She looked a tiny bit like Mariah Carey but thinner. They sat and watched the movie for a long time. After a while she got a little frisky and started playing with his cock. She pulled down her jeans a little and he gave her a swat on her smooth round ass. She had on black thong panties. He slipped his hand inside of them and finger banged her while she sucked his cock.
Two very pretty girls came dancing into The Paris. The blond had on a short dress and her tits were falling out. She was pretty like "Something About Mary" She said to her friend, a cute girl with dark hair, "That's where the couples sit. This is where the single women sit and that out there is where the guys sit. But we can really sit wherever we want to."

"The last time I was in here, this guy stood at the top of the stairs, took out his penis- it was really big- and laid it on the railing right in front of us. Then he just left it there."

They laughed and ran into the all male theater for a minute. Then they came back and said goodbye to the crowd. The black guy who was with the young girl said something to them and the blond quickly flashed her tits. Then they left, headed towards more fun and frolic down the road. It was just like a "Girls Gone Wild" video.

Their visit inspired the Mariah Carey girl and she started getting busy with her man. She knew she had to step up her game. Besides , by this time she was very turned on. Those smooth fingers in her pussy had worked their magic. Now she was naked except for her top and he was fucking her in all kinds of positions. He fucked her so good and spanked her ass so lovingly that she got a little confused and started calling him "Daddy" as in "fumk me daddy."

"Ha Ha" I laughed, he's not her daddy. He is practically the same age as her. Ha Ha. She is all mixed up from the great fucking he is giving her. She thinks it's her daddy. And now she is so excited she can't even say "fuck me" any more. She is saying "fumk muh." "Ha Ha".

She was sopping wet, her eyes were filled with desire and her face was contorted with lust. he brought her down close to the rail just inches from my leering face. Then he worked his hand in and of her sweet honey pot quickly and rhythmically until she squirted pussy juice all over a paper towel. It was a fantastic sight. But looking back on it now, I realize I missed a great opportunity.

Damn! I should have asked if I could use that towel to wipe my face. Oh well. It is probably better that I didn't. A bunch of stray cats would have probably followed me home.

It was past midnight when I left. The young couple was still playing in the couples section and the clerk had shut off the movie. I think they may have been the only ones left in the theater.

Hopefully, tomorrow, Wicked Wednesday, will be just as good as Monday and Tuesday at The Paris, maybe even better. Ms Full swing is planning a visit and she needs a lot of clean hard dicks and a lot of sweet and savory pussy to satisfy her enormous lust.

So come on down. Couples and single ladies enjoy free admission with membership and all other tickets are good for twelve hours.


Thanks again Brent for painting the picture for us on the happenings inside The Paris Theater in downtown Portland. You know the one... It's right next to that donut place.