Sunday, May 8, 2011

Flash Report: The Gulf Coast Adult Theater by Bob in Biloxi for Saturday 5/7/11

Doc here with this week's "Cruising The Coast With Bob in Biloxi", again focused on the fun at The Gulf Coast Adult Theater (as well as the nearby ABS).  It appears that things were hopping at the GCAT, and senior Journal scribe Bob was there with pencil in hand (er...that is a pencil, right Bob?) and was taking notes.

This week's episode is titled "You Can Lead A Bob To Water, But Will He Drink?".


Hey Doc,

Strange events on the beautiful Gulf Coast this Saturday night, as there were nine couples in attendance last night at the Gulf Coast Adult Theater.

For some strange reason there was hot and heavy action, (I’m not complaining mind you) & it started out with what the locals call the “German Couple”. She’s a graying blonde who always wears a skimpy loose fitting dress, she must have blown 20 guys.
The Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS  circa 2008
Next was a raven haired lady in a black dress that started out strong, but ended up on her back having her pussy “massaged” for over an hour. She did suck a few and got fucked.

Next was a regular couple, meeting another couple. They turned the place into a semi-public hands off foursome. The group had a wonderful time and put on a great show for the on-lookers.

Now enter our Catholic school girl, who decided she just wanted to screw all the blacks in the theater. Pretty funny, because I was there when she came in, and one black guy had just finished screwing another black guy’s ass and almost broke his neck trying to get a seat next to her.  She ended up fucking him too.  “I was gay until you walked in?” Maybe there is help converting back to straight??  I wouldn’t know. So she got nailed by three guys out of the 15/16 that were in there.

Then another couple came in...They usually sit by themselves and he just pulls a tit out and plays with it and covers it up when someone walks by. But tonight he let one of the regulars play with her tits and pussy. And she has quite the perfect pair! Progress?

Bob in Biloxi
Finally the last couple came in and all the action had pretty much died down. They sat in the front... She was a young blonde girl dressed in shorts. They settled in and I had taken the seat across the aisle at almost a 45 degree viewing angle from her. She kept looking in my direction, so I took my cock out and started stroking it (ed. note: That's good!). After awhile she began to lick her lips while staring at my cock (ed. note: That's better!). She said something to her man, who shook his head. A few minutes later they were gone (ed. note: Cue sad trombone)... Beats me.

Meanwhile down at the bookstore, there was the mega gay convention.  All the booths were full and they were trolling (I guess that’s the word) outside the booths. A few couples came in... One was a dark haired lady who kept looking back at the booth area. Something was said between them and they left. (they had come from just sitting in the theater previously - I forgot about them being there).

Next a black guy with a full gold grill, pants hanging off his ass, who brought in an attractive lady; they went from booth to booth then left. Another waste of energy for the on-lookers.

Around 11pm a couple came in and went to the back. I saw them paying, so I took the only booth open next to a hole. Damn if a guy didn’t jump in the adjoining! I just slammed the chair against the hole covering it and heard the door open.  Moving the chair quickly, they entered and locked the door. I saw her standing against the far wall, so out came my rig. Soon she was really interested and sat on their chair next to the hole. I then just fed my cock through the hole and within seconds she was giving it attention. So the night ended with one blowjob and lots of visual stimulation.

Maybe as summer nights continue, more and more will gather at the watering hole!!



Doc here again... Thank you once again to Bob in Biloxi, otherwise known as the "Cal Ripkin of Journal Reporters".  Dependable. Loyal. An excellent driver.  That's Bob. Sundays wouldn't be a Sunday with a B in B report hitting my in-box.

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