Sunday, May 1, 2011

Flash Report: Cruising The Coast With Bob in Biloxi - Saturday 4/30/11

Doc here with senior Journal scribe and all-around good guy, Bob in Biloxi, and his weekly column "Cruising The Coast With Bob In Biloxi".  I'm sure Bob is resting comfortably today, because he had a wild Saturday night at the ABS down the street from The Gulf Coast Theater

Here is Bob's terrific weekly report from The Gulf Coast:


Damn, for awhile I thought I was in my beloved Portland, Doc! Saturday night down on the beautiful Gulf Coast saw some heavy action between the hours of dusk and midnight.

I arrived around 7pm at The Gulf Coast Theater, and the clerk advised a couple was in attendance, so the natural thing for me to do was check it out. At first I couldn’t see a damn thing, but after a few minutes to adjust my eyes, I observed what appeared to be a couple seated on the back row next to the door. Maybe they were thinking “quick exit?”

Bob in Biloxi
Anyway, I took a seat several rows in front of them, so I could really get my eyes further adjusted and pick up on what they were doing.  Then I noticed an aging member of the “vulture club” standing directly beside the woman! Oh shit! He’s a nasty bastard too. After a few minutes of glancing back in their direction and seeing no movement I decided to exit stage left. As I walked by the exit I confirmed that yes, they were seated, and yes this asshole was hovered over them. They did not stay but a few seconds after opened the door. I saw them walking to their car.

Come on guys! Have just a smidgen of class and common sense. How would you feel if you sat down at a restaurant and some jack-wagon just came up and stood next to you while you were trying to eat? Pisses me off to no end.

I left and proceeded to the ABS down the street and upon entering, my pal (another thing guys, be nice to the clerk, you get more with sugar than you do with shit, they are there, they’re probably working minimum wage. Ask if they need you to pick them up something, food, soda, beer) told me head on back, couple in the house!  Must be the prayers I say every night?

Sure enough a slim blonde dressed in a print summer dress was sitting pretty in one of the booth chairs. She looked like a college professor type with glasses. I just stole a quick glance and as I did, she dropped the straps on her dress! So took the liberty to slide my cock through the hole. I was feeling nothing but air for a few seconds, maybe I was being examined? Then a tiny soft hand enveloped my buddy and started stroking it, followed by a really warm mouth. After several minutes of this, air again. I pulled out and bent down to the hole, she asked me if I wanted to meet them in one of the larger booths. Uh duh!

After the door was closed on our new accommodations she lost the dress, revealing a toned up slim body, complete with perky little tits and a shaved pussy!! Must be the prayers Doc! She sat in the chair and asked if I wanted to lick her. Duh again!

After shining her up for several minutes, she pushed my head away and stood up, turned around, bent over and said “give me that cock now” Ok, for those that have never had a babe like this, this was a tight wet hot envelope!! As I pounded her, my thumb was rubbing her asshole (also soaked) when she pushed hard back and my thumb entered her ass! She went nuts, moaning and talking shit, squirted all over my balls! Very fucking nice!!! This went on for several minutes until I couldn’t hold back any longer and unloaded. My fucking knees were about to buckle anyway, so it was good timing for me. She stood back up and started kissing her man saying thank you for letting her get some strange cock!!! I love women!

Bob exited stage right with a profound thank my ma’am! (Sidebar here: My cock is not strange).

Later on the evening, the couple that left the theater earlier, showed up at the ABS, they walked around the store for a few and then headed on back to the booths. I was able to secure the one next to them. After they settled in, I noticed she was peeking at the hole, so, out comes Stanley (aka Stan the Man) in clear view.
The Gulf Coast Theater
Biloxi, MS
After stroking up a chubby I placed the head next to the hole, a very, manicured, polished fingernail appeared and touched the head. So I fed the rest of my tool in the hole and she started stroking me. Followed very nicely by her mouth, she had considerable talent and soon she was making my balls stir again. Her talent got me off yet a second time in as much as 2hrs! Not a bad night so far. They left after I was done, so out to the Ram again, for some R&R and replenishment of fluids.

About 11pm a young couple showed up, she was a nice looking brunette, dressed in a stretch type black dress that left nothing to my imagination. However, what were pronounced were her “HUGE” tits and very athletic legs with high heels! Fuck!

Anyway they made it to the back and again I was lucky enough to be fast enough to get in the next booth. She was standing, but I could see her bending over to peek through the hole.  So I did the "Out comes Stanley" thing again (ed. note: Beats "Down goes Frazier) and was hard in a matter of seconds (who wouldn’t be?). Then I saw a tongue in the hole, made a cursory glance to make sure it was her, and I stuffed my cock right in her mouth. And she went to work to; damn these young girls can suck cock! She was talented at “edging me” and I pulled out to see if there’s was anything else going on and asked her if I could see those beautiful boobs. She stood up and slipped off her entire dress.

I heard her say stick your cock back through, I’m not done with you yet! I feel her rubbing my cock on something that felt very much like a clit, it was very wet and warm, then her mouth again, then her clit, maybe a nipple? I saw the overhead lights flicker, so I knew the store was about to close, I couldn’t hold out much longer so when I felt what I thought was her clit again, I unloaded, I could hear her saying “yeah baby give me that cum”.

Afterward I pulled out to say thank you and saw he was “cleaning her up” with his tongue! Not my thing, but each to his own.  I sure hope these all these people come back next Saturday!!

Of course then I noticed all the action alerts on my phone from the Paris and remembered I was thousands of miles away, but having the same fun as Brett and the guys!! This thing of ours beats TV any fucking minute of the day or night, doesn’t it Doc?


It does, Bob. Every time!  Thanks for another excellent accounting of the fun on the beautiful Gulf Coast, you lucky dog.

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