Friday, October 12, 2012

Flash Report! Fulton Street Theater, Evansville, IN

Doc here with The Oral Reporter and his visit to the Fulton Street Theater in Evansville, IN (address in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).
Take it away, sir.

Oral Reporter here:
Thought I would give you an up-date on the Fulton Street Theater in Evansville, IN.
Tonight (Saturday) I was in Evansville, IN. and decided to go to the Fulton Street Theater. I got there at 8PM, and found out they don't close until 4 AM. I hoped that it being a Saturday night and the time they close it might be a good night for that thing of ours we enjoy so much. Couples, Couples and more Couples!! Well, first let me give you a layout of the place. There are some booths, I did see one with a glory hole, and they have a small theater, they call it a lounge. To get into the booth area and the theater it is 10 dollars. That gives you 3 dollars in tokens (1 dollar of tokens for free) and it also gets you into the theater which is 8 dollars by it self. The theater is very small, it actually looks like someones Den with three couches, and a small sitting area at the rear.
I was there for about 1 hour or so, when a couple came in the theater. They were not really dressed for play, she had on Jeans and a sweater top. (cold weather) I'll call them G & V. She (V) was a very pretty lady with dirty blond hair, and very nice rack, and had a nice figure, not skinny and not fat. He (G) was a little heavy but had apparently lost a lot of weight and was continuing to loos the extra pounds.
They were middle age, probably in their early 40's. this couple sat in the back on the padded bench, and watched the movies pretty intently. I talked to G for a while to get an idea of what they were into, he said that this was still pretty new to V, and she was a little shy. I think he said they had only been there about 4 times. Everyone of the Guys in the theater (probably 4 guys total) were very respectful, and no one made any attempt to crowd around or to chase them away. No one slapping the Monkey around them either.
G told me that they sometimes go to the booths and play around some, but not a lot of interaction with the single guys yet except for some touching. They made a couple visits to the booths and as usual pretty much everyone in the theater tagged along. There are some very small peep holes in most of the booths so you can see in from the outside. The first time they played alone, the next time V did choose one lucky guy to occupy the booth with her, while G watched through the glory hole. I could see I was not going to be included in the booth action, so I did offer to share my hotel suite with them if they did not want to drive back to Kentucky. Alas, that did not happen either.

 A second couple came in the theater but only stayed about 1/2 hour and got up and left. (they were not in the theater long enough to start up a conversation or too give them a nick name) They were a little older of a couple, and of course beggers can't be choosers, I would have gladly shared some play time with them. (actually her) After the two couple left, no more couples came in. This theater is actually attached to a strip club in the same building (separate doors) The best thing about this theater is it is free to couples every day. So you never know when a couple will come in and want to play.

More of the XXX theaters should make every day free for couples. The little they will loose on the couples will be more than made up on the number of singles who will come in and pay. I do hope to get back to the Fulton Street Theater again and again. It is very clean, the staff is friendly and when the movie is over they will let you pick out a different one. I hope G&V keep coming back, I think V will get over the shyness and become a great player, both in the booths and maybe even in the theater. One thing that may be a problem in the small theater is the amount of light, it is pretty well lit. No dark corners to play in.

When the Strip Club closed for the night, (3 AM) I hoped there would be some couples who had a little extra to drink and come over to play, but that did not happen either. G&V asked some of the theater patrons what was the wildest thing that they had seen going on, and from the stories that were told, this place seems to get some hot action. There was a big festival in town, so that may have been one reason more couples did not show up on this Saturday evening. I shook G's hand on G&V's way out and said call me if you decide not to drive back to Kentucky. No phone call.

You just never know how this thing we love will turn out every time we go through the doors of the XXX theaters.
Sorry for this being so long, and no real sexy news but every up-date can't always be a hot night of play with lovely ladies like V, and Gentlemen like G.
Oral reporter signing out. I will probably be at the Circle Cinema in Wichita, KS. mid week.


Thanks again to The Oral Reporter for two quality reports this week.  Keep up the great work, sir.