Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Field Report! Gulf Coast Adult Theater by Bob in Biloxi

Doc here with a great field report from senior reporter Bob in Biloxi.  Bob's home turf adult theater is the Gulf Coast Adult Theater, and in the past has been the subject of many hot reports.  This one is no different!  So fasten your seatbelts, and enjoy Bob's field report.
Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS

Hey Doc,

Just finished the report for last weekend. 8 couples attending, 3 playing, and our Angel was there in top form.

Bob in Biloxi
She snagged a young guy that hangs around on the weekends and inserts himself into a couples space little fast sometimes, but he’s young and can probably get away with it for awhile. Anyway she let him start on her more than ample tits, and while doing this she let him unsnap her jeans (jeans?? No one wears jeans to a porn theater?). And with some difficulty was finally able to shed them off (I think she learned a lesson there -  Dress for easy access!). She then moved across his lap and started blowing him while her ass was in the air, then someone that thought it was “ok” to plug her accessible opening (wrong). He almost got the whole act cancelled, but she’s a pro and probably has dealt with that situation before and moved on with what she was doing.

Soon she was on her back getting nailed while others were trying to vie for position number two, finally she was able to get one long enough to reach her mouth and went to town blowing while getting fucked. Strange, she only did two guys, got dressed and left.

Meanwhile, across the theater, a blonde I’ve never seen before started playing. When Angel left she occupied her warm spot on one of the couches and she turned the whole joint into a gangbang in progress!  I know she took on 7 guys. The last couple that showed up were regulars, he likes to suck more cock than she does, she likes to watch, but will dive in on occasion.  The other five couples enjoyed the show (I think), maybe they got some ideas and will be back. It’s all about the fun !!!
As always, great job Bob!  This place reminds me a lot of CTs in Gary, IN.  Small and unassuming, but once inside, it can get hotter than a pistol.

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