Thursday, June 27, 2013

Flash Report! The Loaded Gun @ Secrets in Oakland, CA

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from regular contributor, The Loaded Gun.   TLG hit Secrets in Oakland, and here is his report.

Take it away, sir.


Hi Doc,

This past week provided me with a rare opportunity to visit a theater on a Saturday night. I was in Oakland, CA killing time for a meeting Monday morning. With nothing going on I went to Secrets Adult Bookstore and Theater, as this was my first trip there I was not sure what to expect. Along with the general fair most adult store have, this has a good size theater and video arcade. The video arcade has gloryholes and several large booths, this area was a little on the dirty side and could use a good cleaning. The theater on the other hand was very clean and well maintained, no broken chairs, some were missing but that wasn't a bad thing. Good quality porn was projected onto a large screen and the sound was fine. Cost to get into both the arcade and theater was $15, and I was given coupons to use in the arcade and was good till closing.

With nothing going on I arrived around 7:30 pm and settled in for the wait. I staked out a seat that allowed me to see the door, but would occasionally walk through the arcade to check for action. My wait was rewarded about 11pm when a couple walked in. He appeared to be older than her by quit a few years, and she was a Smoking Hot Babe. She had long dark hair, very narrow hips, and a great little ass; but I never saw her face.

Oakland, CA

They settled in to their seats in the middle of the row and snuggled for a while. When it was play time, she started to blow her man. That signaled the crowd of guys and they were soon surrounded. No rules were announced and when hands started to touch her there was no complaints from her or him. Shortly after the guys started touching one guy was using two hands to try to spread her legs. I was happy to see the other guys next to him tell him to back off, and he did. Her man was comfortable with what was going on but it took her a while to get into it. At first I thought she was going to get pissed and want to leave.

SHB sat up and started stroking the BBC that was next to her, then she went back to blowing her man. Several hands were groping her, but her body language said she was enjoying it. After a few minutes of hand play she pointed her naked ass in the air for the BBC to have his way with her. He suited up but seamed to have an equipment malfunction at the worst possible time. Being at the right place at the right time when he tapped out I stepped up, gloved up and had the extreme pleasure of sliding inside this beautiful woman. To say she was tight is an understatement, her small hips were perfect to hang onto and the memory of the ride will last forever. after a several minutes I was spent and stepped away to allow the next lucky fellow a chance. The next man lasted 30 seconds and was done.

Her man was in need of attention and SHB jumped in his lap a rode him long and hard, and she finished him off with her mouth. Then it was over, they quickly dressed and headed for the door. Total time in the theater was less than a half hour. It not quantity but quality I always say and this episode of This Thing of Ours, was short and Hot. 

So I give Secrets a thumbs up, not a lot of couples traffic for a Saturday night, but enough to make my night. 

As always Doc, thanks for all your hard work

Loaded Gun


Doc here again... Many thanks to The Loaded Gun on his detail-rich report from Secrets in Oakland.  I'm glad to see more reports from Secrets... Keep them coming!