Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Couples Field Report! Alex and Lauren @ CVE in Gastonia, NC

 CVE (Carolina Video Exchange)
2308 N Chester St
Gastonia, NC 28052-1811
(704) 867-1717

Doc here... An outstanding report from our North Carolina Bureau of The Journal from Alex and Lauren Being that they are our in-house council from the couples perspective, their reports are always top-notch.

Take it away Alex and Lauren...

Hello Good Doctor,

Our trip to CVE Friday night was different than our usual visits there.  Generally we go and see what sort of mischief we can get into.  Lauren usually teases the guys in the theater, then gives them a more "satisfying" show.  Eventually we make our way to the booths for more play before heading off to the couples room.  On most nights we will head back to the theater at some point to play some more.

Friday was different because we went with another couple.  Some new friends that we met at CVE a few months ago, in fact.  It was fairly apparent that the girls had some fairly specific ideas about what they wanted to do.  As soon as we paid admission, they headed straight to the theater.  The only place we could find four seats together was the front row.  Not the best place for a little exhibitionism, but it worked well enough.  The two of them giggled like schoolgirls before settling down to slowly touching and exposing one another to the men who were beginning to gather around.  It was going to be a long night, so they wanted to pace themselves, keeping the anticipation level high.  Meanwhile, in other parts of the theater, an attractive black woman was going down on her husband and another gentleman seated next to her.  A second couple was also playing, but not involving anyone else. 

After a brief show, we wandered out to the booth area where the guys - predictably - followed them as they walked hand in hand, checking out the various movies.  Our friends are still fairly new to all of this, so she was reluctant to play in the booths, One of the guys told me that there were two other couples back there and that one had been in a booth for quite a while, taking care of a line of guys who were smiling as they stepped back into the hall after their turn.  We learned this while sitting in the "lounge" area as the girls continued to caress each other as we chatted amongst ourselves and with some of the other patrons.

The couple's room was as active as we have seen it in a while.  While the numbers were down, it seemed like most of the couples were playing musical chairs/partners for the first hour or so that we were in there.  Over the course of the evening most of them seemed to split their time between the couples room and the theater, so the single guys were not left out. 

On our second run to the theater, the girls finger fucked one another to a few strong orgasms as the gallery encouraged them.  As they played, a very attractive young couple came in and took the back row.  She didn't play with anyone else, but didn't seem to mind the guys watching as she went down on her guy.  We met them later in the couples room and learned that it was her very first experience in the place.  He was trying to get her to relax and do a little more, we think he was lucky to get what he got!  Let's hope they will be back.  She was a hottie.

We left shortly before closing time and noticed a guy getting a blowjob out in the parking lot.  Truly "one for the road"!

Alex and Lauren

Doc here again... Terrific report guys!  We look forward to your next installment.

Monday, September 28, 2009

New Report from Oldbeatnik: Horse Cave, KY

DC's Video
Exit 58 at I-65
(in old strip mall just past Hampton Inn)
Horse Cave, KY

Doc here with a new report from Oldbeatnik on the Horse Cave, KY scene...

Horse Cave Ky? Middle of nowhere with a bookstore and very nice clean theater. Large, well lit parking lot with lots of room for rigs. $20 for singles and couples get you into the theater and peep booths. The booths are then free. The theater has 12 clean, comfortable leather couches that seat 2 to 4 people. It is lit enough that watchers would have no problem seeing any action. Spent the weekend there, no couples and one bad transvestite. Seeing that it is in the middle of nowhere finding couples there, let alone couples that will be playing, is a very hit and miss proposition. I reccommend it because it is so nice, clean and comfortable, but again, it's in the middle of nowhere.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Return of Donny Digital! El Paso and Amarillo, TX Theater Profiles

Field reporter Donny Digital returns to follow up his Albuquerque theater reviews with a look at the El Paso and Amarillo adult theater scene.

Take it away Donny!

Hi Doc, it's Donny Digital again with another report, this time from El Paso. I have been to a few of the local theaters there and would like to give a report on the scene there.

Eros Theater (4828 Montana Avenue, El Paso TX)First stop is the Eros bookstore and theater. Located just east of the airport in El Paso it is outside the city limits in an industrial area. There is lots of well lit parking behind the building and feels very safe. The store itself is very clean, large and well organized. The staff is very friendly. To the right is a large arcade area that has about a dozen booths that takes dollar bills. Some of the rooms are large with bench seats that will hold more than one person at a time. All rooms are very clean and the TVs are nice and clear. There are no gloryholes but the doors do lock for privacy.

The theater is next to the arcade and has a bill taker that required $5 to get in (includes couples). Once you enter you walk down a long hallway to a open area that has 2 large restrooms. This area is where some people smoke instead of doing it in the theater. Around the corner you enter the theater which is quite a large room. There are about 30 theater type seats arranged in an arch around a large screen rear projection TV. The place is clean and dark. I have seen couples on several occasions and the guys are fairly friendly and respective to them. Since the entrance is several yards from the theater you can hear when the door opens and gives you time to button up if needed. This place is open all night and definitely a place to try out.

Fiesta Drive-In Theater (13800 East Montana, El Paso, TX)
That's right .....a drive in. This place in just a little farther east from the Eros Theater and seems out in nowhere land. The theater is an old drive in that shows old porn movies from the 70s like deep throat. The do this only on Fridays and Saturdays around 9-12 at night. It is $6 per carload and you drive in and park just like in the old days. But that is not all this place has to offer. The projection booth / concession stand has been converted into a small book store and multiple theaters. Entrance to the theater is $5 and give you access to the arcade that has about 8 booths ....some with gloryholes. You still have to put dollars to view the videos in the booths on top of the entrance fees. The arcade is not the cleanest I've seen but tolerable.

There are 3 separate theaters. The first theater is showing gay movies and is in a small room with a 45" flatscreen in the corner. There are chairs around the perimeter of the room and is lit only by the TV. The next room is twice as large with an overhead projector showing general porn on a 10ft screen. The quality is not great but is just OK. There are about 50 theater type seats and a back wall for those who like to stand. In the back of this theater is the entrance to another theater that is couples only. You must get a key from the front counter guy and requires a $20 deposit. The couples room is smaller with another 45" flatscreen mounted high in the corner. Around the perimeter are theater type seats....only about 14 of them. In front of them is a wooden padded footstool type thing that you can rest your feet on or get up on for various positions that my cum to mind. The center of the room has a pad on the floor along with a bean bag chair should you need more room. Saturday night has a good turnout for couples and can be lots of fun.

Eva Theater (1903A Texas Ave, El Paso, TX)
This place is also located in the downtown area of El Paso. I stopped there once for a bit just to check out the scene. There is a medium size book store there and has a friendly staff. The theater is very open and has just regular folding chairs that aren't very comfortable. Overhead project shines on a washout screen due to the ambient light in the room. Not much privacy due to the light so action was minimal. I was bored quickly and left shortly after. (I can't remember if there was a arcade area or not)

On to Amarillo...

This is a small town but does have 2 theaters that I know of:

Studio One (Studio One Bookstore & Video, 9000 Triangle Dr, Amarillo, TX)
This is located in the NE side of town out near the airport. It is a large metal building out in an industrial area of town. There is plenty of parking ....even 18 wheelers. There is a large selection of videos and toys in the front. There are several rooms in the back that have locking doors, couches, and TV/DVD players to watch movies. They are fairly clean and busy. To the other side of the building is the theater. It cost $8 for 12hrs in which you can re-enter. You enter a door and walk down a hallway in which there are several rooms on each side of the hallway. Some are small with no doors and a few have locking doors with couches in them. At the end of the hall is the theater which has several beat up couches. A elevated rear projection TV is showing a single movie per day. There is lot of action here and couples do show up on weekend nights. No GHs.

The Gallery (Adult Video Gallery, 316 N Osage St, Amarillo, TX)This is just off I 40 in a industrial area. It is tricky to get to but has plenty of parking and security. This place is like no other I have seen. As you walk in you enter a large bookstore area. It is clean and well lit. Staff is friendly and as in most Texas bookstores there are signs that say all devices are for novelty use only....right!!! The theater is $7 and is good for 8hrs with re-entry. Once you enter the theater you realize this is not your ordinary porn place. You first have to climb down a spiral metal staircase to get down to the main floor. Then you will see that this place was once a disco dance hall. There are 15 ft jukeboxes, lots of mirrors on the walls, a disco ball on the ceiling, and other 80s memorabilia. But in the center is a large 15 ft screen showing movies. The main floor has 2 rows of long couches....probably 8 of them in all. In the back of the room are 4 more couches that are up against the wall with partition walls between them. They offer some privacy and are great for couples to show off to an audience without them bothering you too much. This place is clean and will make most women feel comfortable in there. The popularity of this place is growing and I plan to visit there again soon.

More to cum....c-ya soon

Great job Donny!  You brought your A-game with this report, and we look forward to your next submission.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Theater Profile: CVE (Carolina Video Exchange), Gastonia, NC

CVE (Carolina Video Exchange)
2308 N Chester St
Gastonia, NC 28052-1811
(704) 867-1717

The good Doctor is starting the weekend shot out of a cannon, with an outstanding adult theater/ABS profile of CVE in Gastonia, NC (just outside of Charlotte).  This report, submitted by Alex and Lauren, takes the couple's perspective, and is refreshing in it's approach and detail. 

Without futher ado, take it away Alex and Lauren...

Good morning, Doctor,

Gastonia is a small town, just west of Charlotte, NC. Frankly, it is a spot hardly worth noting except for the fact that it has the only adult bookstore and theater action anywhere in the region. The undisputed king of adult entertainment spots in Gastonia is the Carolina Video Exchange, known better as CVE.

CVE is made up of 4 separate areas: the sales floor, the video booth area, the theater and the couples room.The sales area carries all of the usual products: sex toys, lingerie, shoes, DVDs, lotions and potions. But it is the layout, cleanliness and staff that keep couples coming into this place constantly. Many of them do not play, of course, but we have seen some who come in just to buy a movie or vibrator and wind up getting curious about the rest of the place and wandering back to the other areas. It's always fun to see a new couple taking their first steps into the lifestyle!

The video arcade is different than most. No tokens or dollar bill machines. Your entry fee gives you unlimited access to about 20 booths, each with its own movie running constantly. About half of the booths have glory holes. Again, we note that this place is clean. I don't know how they do it, but somehow they keep the cum spills, paper towels, condom wrappers, etc. off the floor and out of site. We have talked to dozens of couples who ONLY go to CVE because it is kept up and kept clean. Kudos to the management.

The theater is small - maybe 50 seats - with hardcore videos playing constantly. There is no separate couples section, but the boys will pretty well behave as long as they know what your rules are. Our only complaint with the place is the seating in the theater. Traditional "theater-style" seats make it a little difficult to get very "comfortable" but somehow the couples and ladies that want to play seem to find a way to do it. Pretty much anything goes in the theater. We have about seen it (and done it) all in there.

Finally, there is the couples' room. 6 "leather" love seats are postioned around the edges of the room with a large screen TV in the corner. We have seen as many as 13 couples in this room at once! By the way, this is couples only. Single guys can't even be invited in. Sorry.

Admission to CVE is $15. Women are free. That gives you access to the theater, video booths and couples room (if you are a couple). There is free admission to the theater and video booths for couples on Wednesdays and Sundays. Admission to the couples room is $5 on those days.

We should be able to provide some "action reports" in the future. In fact, we will probably be at CVE tonight. More info is available at

Thanks Alex and Lauren!  Hope to hear about your weekend adventures shortly, and please don't skimp on the details (you know Doctors...We need all the details before a diagnosis).


Monday, September 21, 2009

Announcing National Correspondents for Dr. Emilio's Journal of Adult Theaters

Updated 9/25/09! The Doctor Needs You!

In the one month that this blog has had a heartbeat, the response from you, the readers, has been off the charts.  Reports from readers like Donny Digital, Bob in Biloxi, OldMarineCorpsGuy, and Oldbeatnik have spiced up the good Doctor's own content to provide a national perspective on the adult theater scene.

Geographically speaking, we have a good chunk of the country covered with correspondents. I am proud to announce the following contributing reviewers:
  • Alex and Lauren, Charlotte area
  • Robin, from all over the country
  • Donny Digital in the Albuquerque area
  • Bob in Biloxi covering, well, Biloxi
  • OldMarineCorpsGuys covering Arizona and Southern California
  • Oldbeatnik travels nationally, and will be submitting reports accordingly
  • Brent (from BrentsTheaterTails) covers Portland, OR.
  • My practice is looking for reviewers from the Northeast, the South (Texas, OK, LA), Denver, Canada, and from Florida.  Any reviews are welcome, and I will work with each one of you to help edit and customize your words.

Thank you for making The Journal of Adult Theaters a growing success!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Field Report: The Colony Theater, East St. Louis, IL - 9/18 and 9/19/09

Colony Theater and Cocktails
4500 Forest Blvd.
East St. Louis, IL  62204

It has been a busy day at the office of the good Doctor.  We are coming to the one-month anniversary of "Dr. Emilio Lizardo's Journal of Adult Theaters" at Blogspot, and frankly, the reponse has been beyond my expectations.  Page views are off the chart, and feedback from you, the good people, has been terrific.  Give yourself a nice round of applause!

This report from our newest contributing reporter, Oldbeatnik, has everything a great field report should have: Hard data, insightful annecdotal information, and a colorful writing style.

So, I present to you, Oldbeatnik's field report on The Colony in East St. Louis:

"No Matter Where You Go, There You Are" Buckeroo Banzai

Went to the Colony this weekend Sep 18/19. Fri night dead, Sat night 15 couples or so. The Colony is basically an on site swing club that happens to show adult films. Not the cleanest of places and pricey as theaters go, but reasonable if you look at it as a swing club that allows single men in. $30 for the bar/lounge, $10 for the theaters only. $40 for couples. Price includes 3 free drinks for singles, 4 for couples. Bar/lounge has tables and chairs, booths and stools at the bar, pool table and dart board. A couples only area with dance floor and tables sits in the back. Couples are given a key that unlocks the door to both the couples only area and couples only theater. There are two other theaters for singles and couples who want to play with the men. The key has a deposit of $5 you get back when you return it. It is open Wed thru Sat., with Sat being the best time to hook up with couples, and they have parties now and again. The parties cost $60 with free drinks for the night. The place is very friendly and most of the couples seem to know each other, just like a swing club. There are regulars, one woman told me she and her hubby come there twice a month, but they just play with other couples.

In the bar area I watched a woman dance for her man while flashing her panties at him. In the booth area I watched a woman give a blow job to one of the single men. She and her man later went into one of the singles theaters and while she was sucking him off I politely asked if I could touch her, he nodded yes and I spread her nylon clad legs apart, moved her short skirt out of the way, and finger fucked her. Other men gathered around, played with her tits, then one pushy guy pulled my fingers out of her and inserted his cock. Wasn't sure if I should have been mad or not. But she did enjoy the fuck.

I went back to the bar for awhile then returned to the single theater and saw a different woman just finish sucking off a man who came all over her tits. I sat in front of her and finger fucked her too, while she sucked off two other men and then was fucked by a man she really enjoyed. She complemented him when he came and thanked him for the fuck.

A woman I had been talking to in the bar was kind enough to take me into the couples only area and I watched a beautiful blonde suck off her man. I later met them and went with them into the couples only theater. It is filled with couches not in the best of shape, but they are comfortable. It is well lit because the action is in the theater, not on the screen. I finger fucked her while we watched another woman being fucked.

All in all it was a great night. I highly recommend the Colony as a place to go for both couples and singles. Again, it is not the cleanest of places, but how many theaters have a bar and lounge? Be polite and courteous, it will take you a long way.

I think Oldbeatnik deserves a standing O.  We will be hearing more from him (details in the next update).

Thank you!

Field Report: Gulf Coast Adult Theater, Biloxi, MS on 9/11 & 9/12/09

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
222 Iberville Drive,
Biloxi, MS

The good Doctor opened up his e-mail this morning to find  that Bob from Biloxi has submitted his second field report on the Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi.  Looks like I need to schedule a medical conference in Mississipi soon!

Here's Bob's report:

Last weekend (9/11 and 9/12/09), 7 couples, 6 playing, 2 among their selves, the other four playing in general theater, one lady was nude, the others just hiking the skirts up and getting down to business. Lots of sucking. Great night. The adult book store down the street was also rocking with couples in and out all night.

Bob also followed up that the theater has a capacity of 50-60 seats... Not bad!

Nice report Bob!  Now we need to find the next "Bob" out there... If you have a report, short or as long as you like, please e-mail the good Doctor at

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Call for More Info: Midtown Adult Superstore & Theater, Tulsa, OK

New Midtown Adult Superstore & Theater
319 E. 3d St.
Tulsa OK. 74120
Open 24/7
(918) 584-3112

The good Doctor needs your help.  My research team recommended a visit to the New Midtown Superstore and Theater.  This place is large, and located right in the downtown section of Tulsa. 

I have only come across a few reviews on this place, and they are over a year old.  The reviews claim that there is an active couples scene at the Midtown. Since "this thing of our's" is focused on just that, we need information.

Please send any reviews direct to the good Doctor at  I will happily post your observations if you wish, and give credit where credit is due.

Thank you.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Field Report: Gulf Coast Adult Theater, Biloxi, MS

The good Doctor recieved this report this morning from Bob in Biloxi, MS while I was out on rounds.  I think you will like what he has to say about Gulf Coast Adult Theater (AKA "Adult Theater").  Take it away, Bob:


There is a rockin theater located at 222 Iberville St, Biloxi, Ms, its called Gulf Coast Theater. Couples are admitted free on Friday and Saturday nights. Usually 6 or 7 show up, but as many as 15 couples have been there on one night.

Last weekend a blonde lady came in, took off all her clothes, pulled out a vibrator sat down and started playing with her pussy. Quickly a crowd of men formed watching her show. She had placed both feet on the seatbacks of row in front of her for better viewing and giving the bright steel vibe access to her shaved pussy. She then proclaimed she would take on the whole theater two at a time and not to get too pushy or she would leave and not come back. Guys with there cocks out started to approach her on either side of her face, pushing their cocks into her face, she started sucking on one and told the other to wait his turn. One guy started licking her pussy and she in turn gave the him the vibrator and told him to go slow at first. While he was plowing pussy and licking clit, she resumed blowing the guy by her face. Soon she stopped, and told the guy she was blowing to fuck her. she told the guy licking her to use the vibe on her clit while she was getting fucked. She then started blowing another guy while taking it from behind. She was very vocal and very plain in her commands, you could tell she was in total control of the situation. One guy tried to cut in and she told him flat out, she would leave and he would not get anything if he didn't back the fuck up. He did, and she went back to being pleasured by the other two. This repeated itself at least 10 times, during the night, which means she did at least 20 guys. Then a couple showed up and watched her for awhile, when she saw the couple, she told the woman she would lick her if she wanted a tongue that night. The woman nodded to her, and the blonde dove in licking the pussy of the other lady. While she had her ass in the air, some guy moved in behind her and started to fuck her. Later I found out, it was her husband. He came in the theater after she got there and was watching her perform from a couple of aisles away. Later that night three more couples showed and all but one played. Pretty good night. Remember, give the lady's some space and don't be pushy or otherwise an asshole, and you may get your dick wet !

Dr.'s Note: Terrific job, Bob!  I hope your reports come in often, and are just as hot as this one. 
Between Donny Digital's report on Albuquerque, and now Bob's on Biloxi, the bar has been raised on reader reports.  Who's next out there?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tampa Advisory

Please see the "Tampa Situation, Part 1 - Update" below.

Field Report: Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque NM
Submitted 8/22/09

This is the first published adult theater field report from one of our readers, Donny Digital.  Nice work Donny!

98th St. Bookstore.
It is located on 98th just south of I-40 across the street from the Flying J truck stop. It is probably the cleanest place in town. There are about 15 arcade booths that use dollars, some have seats. some don't. There are some that are big enough for 2 and the back row has several glory holes. The theater is open all night and cost $6 per person (including women) and they allow 3 re-entries. The theater is large and sometimes is way too cold. There are 4 metal bench seats with footrests. They are not very comfortable and hurt after awhile. There is a back wall that guys like to stand there and watch the action or do their own thing back there. The TV is an old rear projector type that is missing blue colors and needs replacement desperately. It is still somewhat clear and watchable though. Sometimes there are smokers but the room is well ventilated. There are couples that go there but not very many and is hit or miss. Fri and Sat are best. Management is fairly cool as long as you don't loiter. ID is required to get in the building.

Pussycat Theater
It is located on Central between San Mateo and Wyoming. It is next to the Circle K store. There are about 20 small arcade booths that take dollar bills. No glory holes. The seats are padded and the place is fairly clean. There are also a dozen larger lounge rooms that have leather love seats in them along with 50" widescreen TVs. They are not the cleanest but overall ok. These rooms take $5 and larger bills and they only allow 1 person per room. (unless you can sneak in without getting caught. The theater is $8 per person or couple but you cannot re-enter if you leave. They have 5 different movies rotating throughout the day. The theater holds 50 people and has movie theater type chairs. They are fairly comfortable and have plenty of leg room. The back row is fairly dark and has the most action. There is a restroom available in the hallway but its not the cleanest. The TV is a front projector on a 10 ft. decent screen. There are some smokers in the theater but most go out into the hallway. Weekdays are mostly older guys but the weekend nights do get couples in there. Unfortunately when a couple does come in there are so many weirdo's the flock to them that they get scared and leave. This is not always true but it happens way to often.

Viewpoint Theater
It is located on Central near Louisiana. It is next to the Sonic Burger place. This is a small place that has about a dozen arcade rooms. They take dollar bills and most have glory holes. The booths are small and somewhat dirty. The management is cool as long as you keep money in the slot. There is also a small theater that has a nice rear screen TV showing 1 movie per day. It cost is now $6 (was $5) to get in and the allow re-entry. I think they are open all night. Day crowd is mostly old guys and couples are rare. They also have metal bench seats that hold about 18 but get uncomfortable after awhile. Most do not smoke in there, they go outside. They were going to build another theater for gay movies but the plan has been put on hold.

Rio Bravo Bookstore
It is located on Rio Bravo just west of I-25 about a mile on the north side. It is in a dark mini-mall building and can be easily missed. It is the dingiest place in town and looks like its from the 70's. There are about 8 arcades that take tokens and a few have glory holes. There are also a row of booths that are for viewing dancers. I am not sure the type of girls they have so I cannot comment. They also have a large theater that cost $7.50 person /couple. The theater has a overhead front projector shining on a large hanging screen. The quality is ok but could be better. The have about 32 theater type seats that are comfortable but need to be bolted to the floor. The say they are in the process of remodeling so changes are in the works. The manager seems cool. I think there are no smoking signs in there but not sure. Couples do go there but its hit or miss. Haven't figured out if there are any regulars yet. They show 3 movies per day. Re-entry is allowed.

Have a review of your own?  Please submit it to

Thank you for reading!