Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Gloryhole Princess Report! Piper @ Modern World ABS in Tempe, AZ (w/Video & PICS!)

Doc here with a brand spanking new Couple's Flash Report from my good friend, the one and only Piper, The Gloryhole Princess.

Piper and her guy happened across Modern World ABS in Tempe, AZ, and checked it out while running errands.  Guess what they found?


Piper was giddy with excitement (as you can see from her awesome video below). And thus started this adventure for them in Tempe, and the following pics and video are from this trip to Modern World.

To see the full length version of the videos and a ton of stills, head on over to Piper's website and join up.

Piper made an excellent suggestion to me when she filed her report.  She was tempted to be holding a microphone with the The Good Doctor's avatar on the mic cap, like most network reporters.

What do you think? 

So without any further delay, here is the one and only Piper, The Gloryhole Princess and her video intro, her report, and her pics.


Hey Doc,

Modern World in Tempe, Az has gloryholes. I was shopping at Habitat for Humanity's Restore (HforH have good stores in PHX) one morning for my sister's new place and I accidentally found Modern World Adult Book Store.

I have seen pictures of this place online and I have always wanted to have two holes in the same booth from which to choose my cocks. (I have a serious fantasy about sucking one cock sticking through a hole to a mouth filling orgasm while jacking another cock to orgasm all over my hand at the same exact time.) I had my man pull over and we went in and checked
the place out.

They had a clerk that seemed not to care that I was the GloryholePrincess and was going to obviously use his store to suck cock on film. That is always a huge, good sign. :D I went into the back and it was packed and no one glommed me which was the second good sign. :D We said goodbye to the clerk and told him we would be back.

I spent two days tiling and grouting my sister's bathroom with visions in my head of having found another Berlin News Agency or Fantasyland where I would be able to settle in on my knees and get my fill of cock and cum in a dirty nasty porn store.

I wrote a very sweet member who has wanted to feel my lips around his cock and has always had a fantasy about a woman sucking him off at a gloryhole. I told him to meet me at MW and he would be the first guy I sucked that day. I made him hard and got him off in 1:30 seconds. I set a new record! lol :)

I have always promised Doc that I would give bad reviews as well as good. I would have to say that MW is a mediocre place. The other guys would end
being so pushy that my member and my man would be the only cum loads I would get that day. The guys were putting their hands through the gloryholes to attempt to move my man when he would get in the way of their view! Others attempted to rummage through my purse!!! No one offered a hard cock!!!!! lol

Maybe I will have to try a different time of day in the future or post on your site when I will be going to get better quality cock. Either way, I wouldn't recommend this place to newbie couples. 

If you newbies do try this place out, make sure you get one of the booths on the end so that you only have to deal with one hole. If something goes not according to your fantasy, you can just stand up and leave.

On a side note: afterwards, can you guys see the dried cum on my chest and shirt? I went to IKEA afterwards and I kept getting strange looks from men shopping there. I mentioned it to my man and he pointed out that I had dried cum all over my front. Eeek! lol



Doc here again... A huge thank you to the little lady with the big appetite for hard cocks and gloryholes!  Piper, you are amazing.  I promise I will work on your microphone cap for your next video intro (which are awesome!).

Make sure you check out Piper's website,  Tons of content of the sweet and innocent Piper being very bad inside ABSs and adult theaters.  Highly recommended!