Friday, January 2, 2015

Visit Announcement! TONIGHT! The Sexual Athletes at The Art Cinema in Hartford Friday 1/2 at 7PM!

Doc here... My good friends The Sexual Athletes will be making a special trip to the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford THIS FRIDAY EVENING at 7pm.

And kids, this trip will be well worth your time.  Mrs. Sexual Athlete will be on the main floor of The Art, and she needs your help. 

How, you may ask?

Well, Mrs. Sexual Athlete wants to re-create a scene from a well-known early 90's porn film, "Curse of the Catwoman". In this movie, the actress in one scene dances and writhes around naked surrounded by a bunch of guys, stroking themselves as they watch her. One by one, they all cum all over her. 

I had a chance to review the scene is question, and it is VERY HOT.  If you'd like to see the scene, here is the link from Pornhub:

Mrs. Sexual Athlete wants this to happen, and this is why we need you to step up and partake in the fulfilling of her fantasy. As always The Sexual Athletes are looking for guys who are clean, sober, respectful, and in decent shape. Race and age are irrelevant. 

Recapping: Friday night at 7pm at The Art Cinema in Hartford. Mrs. Sexual Athlete, a very naughty & sexy lady with a body to die for, wants a 21-gun salute all over her incredible body.