Sunday, November 18, 2012

Flash Report! floyd Makes A Daytime Run To The Paris Theatre in Portland

Doc here with a fantastic daytime Flash Report from senior reporter, floyd.   Once again, The Paris Theatre is our port of call, and luckily Floyd was on hand for this event.
Here we go... Take it away, floyd.
A Rare Daytime Trifecta?
It’s another quick report from your loyal daytime action reporter floyd, fresh from a visit to the world famous Paris Theater in Portland, OR.  I missed the all-afternoon fuckfest earlier in the week due to all day business meetings, so I was ready for some theater action!  Friday’s have typically been a good day for daytime action, and yesterday was no exception.  The first Red Flag of the day (indicating the presence of a couple in the theater) flew at just after 2:00pm, and this reporter was on his way moments later.
Entering the dark theater, I noticed that it was relatively crowded for early afternoon, with more than a dozen guys spread around the theater.  The advertised couple was sitting back in the shadows in the corner of the couples’ area right near the entrance.  I never did get a good look at them, but she appeared to be a young, dark-haired girl with a tall thin BF.  They were cuddling a bit, but no action to speak of was going on, and only a few of the guys were watching them.
About ten minutes later another couple entered and joined them in the couples area.  She was a chunky blond with big tits and a pretty face framed by clear plastic glasses.  Her guy was about her height and chunky as well, with a dark moustache.  Blondie was next to the other girl, and soon leaned in and began to chat quietly with her.  The gallery was taking more notice, no doubt hoping for some hot girl on girl or group action.  They continued talking for a few minutes, when out of the blue a third couple entered the theater.  She was a knockout, a young thin dark-haired babe with long black-stocking’d legs under a short skirt.  He was a tall thin young guy, all in all a very hot looking duo!  Three couples at once in the afternoon is a real rarity at the Paris.  Could it be the long-awaited afternoon theater sex trifecta?
Paris Theatre
Portland, OR
The third couple walked straight to the entrance to the couples area, but froze when they saw that there were already two couples in there.  Obviously, they thought they would have the place to themselves at 2:45 in the afternoon.  This was not what they were up for and they turned and left immediately.  The watchers returned to watching the two couples, but the original couple stood and busied themselves donning coats and making ready to leave, which they did.  What had looked llike a very promising scene was fizzling out fast.
Blondie and her guy got up, and it looked like they were leaving too, but they just moved over to the couples annex.  She took off her jacket and he began playing with her nipples through her sheer black top and bra.  After a few minutes she pulled the top down to her waist and he began doing her nipples under the bra, eventually removing it entirely and giving us a great view of her big jugs.  He took out his cock and she began stroking it while he played with her nips.  There was a black guy standing close to the entrance and he had pulled out his big cock for a stroke.  She beckoned him closer and dropped his drawers in front of her.  She stroked both the new guy and her hubby, one cock in each hand.  I was pretty sure where this was heading, and sure enough she took his big dick in her mouth, administering a wet noisy BJ.
This continued for several minutes, and she eventually took a break and removed her jeans and panties, leaving her in just her shoes and socks with her top bunched around her waist.  She went back to sucking him, and when it was obvious that he was fully hard she laid back on one of the benches, spread her legs, and invited him to fuck her.  He got on top and fed her the dick, bareback.  It was obvious that she was a fan of BBC, because she was moaning and writhing around as he fucked her fast and hard.  After about five minutes of hard fucking he flipped her over and banged her good doggie style and blew his load in her pussy.
The gallery figured that was it as he cleaned up and pulled up his pants, but this horny duo was not done yet.  She knelt in front of her guy and started blowing his impressively hard cock.  She kept this up for a while until he put her back on the bench on her back and went down on her, licking the sloppy mess out of her big hairy pussy.  Filthy theater sex at its kinky best!
After a thorough licking, he repeated the other guy’s routine, first getting on top for a fuck and then flipping her over and hammering her doggie style.  She was really loving it, moaning about how deep he was inside of her.  That was it for him and came inside her with a groan.  They cleaned up, dressed, and headed out smiling.
No trifecta, but some solid afternoon theater action for your readers to share!
Doc here again... Thanks to floyd for another 5-star report from The Rose City. Great job, sir.