Monday, April 12, 2010

House Call With The Good Doctor - San Diego

After The Good Doctor's house call to Seattle, he was off to SoCal for strictly business in San Diego (um, sure).  I was only going to be in town for a few hours, so he made the most of his time doing some research for you, the good readers of The Journal.

Let's get started...

Adult Depot
3489 Kurtz St.
San Diego, CA

Adult Depot is located on a one-way street behind the San Diego Sports Arena, and within a mile of the Barnett Avenue Adult Superstore.  Parking is in a large well lit lot behind the store, and there is plenty. It is a very similar setup as the Melrose Playhose (aka 15th Ave Books and News) in Chicago, just on a smaller scale.

It has an ABS in the front of the store, with probably a dozen or so video booths towards the back of the store. The theater admission was a very reasonable $7.00, and you need to be buzzed into the theater (you have in and out privileges for 4 hours). The theater area contains two seperate theaters, one with 25-30 seats, and the other with about 40 seats (both have plenty of standing room as well).  They both have new large flat screen TVs, and they provide the bulk of the light filtering through the screen rooms. BTW, both theaters show straight porn.

Being a mid-week night, I was not expecting to see much happening in terms of couples fun.  I was also wrong.  The in the larger theater, I happened across a couple in the back row.  She was probably 40, had shortish blonde hair, and a black dress hiked up to expose her nether regions.  Her boyfriend was on her left while a another guy was on her right.  She was stroking the cock of the guy to her right for a while, and then starting giving him an enthusiastic BJ.  When she popped back up, a guy sitting 3 seats away walked over and whispered something in her ear.  She nodded, and presto-chango, he slid into her wet pussy for about 5 minutes of intense fucking.  One more guy stepped up to the plate and repeated that performance with one of his own.  Something tells me that scene repeated itself a few more times that night.

I walked over to the other theater and saw only guys and one TG/TV in there...

Even the busiest adult theaters in the country (The Paris in Portland for one) do not draw much couples action mid-week, but this reporter witnessed some at The Adult Depot.  I was also amazed that the parking lot was 3/4 filled at 10PM (and remember, this is a large parking lot). 

Well, The Good Doctor was on the clock, so he headed to the other theater close by, The Barnett Avenue Superstore.  Two lights and 5 minutes later, I was there...

Barnett Avenue Adult Superstore
3610 Barnett Avenue
San Diego, CA

The Barnett Ave. Superstore is part of the Deja-Vu national chain of adult boutiques...It was unmistakable walking in not to notice the same expert merchandising of their DVDs, huge "toy department", and a seperate lingerie and shoe department.  It also is very well staffed, which is a trademark of the Deja-Vu chain.  Off to the left was the theater entrance, and a maze of video booths.

Parking is either on the left side of the store, or if you pull around the front there is more parking there.  Again, well lit and safe.

$10 dollars got The Good Doctor in the door of the theater.  After walking down a hallway with a 90 degree left hand turn, you end up either turning left into a theater or walking straight into the other theater.  The theaters themselves are larger than Adult Depot's, and more luxurious.  Instead of the theater-style chairs of Adult Depot, Barnett has leather reclining chairs, complete with drink holders.  Each theater seats about 50+ people.  Each theater has two flat screen TVs, one showing straight adult fare, the other showing gay/bi/TV fare. For each his own.

I would imagine on weekends this place would be hopping, but that night it was not.  Yes, you guessed it...

Do not jump to the conclusion that there were no couples/women in the store, because there were... I saw at least 12 different women shopping there.  Unfortunately, none of them entered the doors of the twin theaters.

The Doctor's Orders:
Adult Depot: Highly Recommended
Barnett Superstore: Recommended

Doctor's Footnote
The Good Doctor did not make it to the other two theaters in San Diego: Jolar and The Gemini.  If I make it back to San Diego sometime in the future, I will stop by for a house call at these establishments.

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