Sunday, January 11, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! The A-Team at The Art Cinema in Hartford on Saturday 12/27/14 (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say auditioned for the role of Teddy in "Momento" before it went to Joey "Pants",  with a great Couple's Flash report from The A-Team, featuring the super hot Milf Kat.

The A-Team visited the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford, CT on 12/27, and has not only filed a great report, but included some very hot pics from the visit. They also visited Erotic Zone after the trip to The Art Cinema..

Take it away, A-Team!


Hi Doc, 

Hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year.....from the A-Team.

So anyways ,Milf Kat and I wanted to make one last trip down to the art for the 2014 year. We went on a Saturday the 27th to finish out 2014. We got to Hartford early and settled in our room and figured it would give us some time for pics. 

We went to the Art Cinema around 5 and there were no couples in the balcony yet, but there were a bunch of guys downstairs (I would say about 10).so, a perfect time for some pics...after the pics we had a crowd form downstairs watching so i figured why not, we'll take one off the top, plus we will be back for more later in the evening.
Milf Kat and Eggnog

So, we put on a little show and Milf Kat got her favorite eggnog on her tits..As we were leaving a older couple was coming in as we went down the stairs. We went back to the room for dinner and a  few drinks and some new outfits to bring back on our second trip.

We got back after 7, and there were a few other couples plus the ones we passed on the way out the first time. There was some good action on the top row with a few couples going at it..throughout the night a bunch more couples came, but seemed like everyone was kinda staying with there own partners playing around.

There was a guy that came with 2 girls and put on a little show and one of the girls went downstairs for more cock.. The other girl was trying to make a lady squirt, but later just was squirting herself...All in all still a fun night!

We left at 10 and headed back to the room, but not for long...I talked Milf Kat into going back to the Erotic Zone for maybe some more action, so off we went. 

We have stopped in there before with not much luck... The Erotic Zone is set-up very nice... 2 open couch rooms, lots of different sized booths and gloryholes , and a one-time fee that lets you watch unlimited videos...nothing worse then when the action is getting hot and the TV shuts down for more tokens.

We got in back and with not much luck there were only guys hanging around. We went in a booth and Kat stripped down and soon I heard high heels out in the store, so i ran out to check, and it was a couple. The chick was hot in a nice skin tight one piece dress, so i thought "yeah, we are going to have some fun!" I heard them ask what time they close and if there were any couples in back. Since it was close to closing time they were deciding not to stay. I went back to the booth and grabbed the Naked Milf Kat and dragged her to the front so the couple could see us back there, which they did. But they said "maybe next time because it was there first time and the store was closing soon, so they left...Damn!

Man I thought we were going to have a good night, so now we got the attention of all the guys since Milf Kat was running around naked! We went in a big booth and I left the door open so all could watch and gave the Kat her milk for one last time that night.

There was a big crowd and everyone was very respectful, but the store guy told us we have 10 mins to closing time. As we left the guys were very nice and asked if we ever went to the Art Cinema...which we said we just left there. They also told us to let them all know when we cum again, so off to the room we went.

One nice thing is if you spend the night in Hartford, everything in this thing of ours, is very close by....Hope 2015 is good to us too.....Enjoy the pics!

Later Doc!

The A-Team

The Milf Kat Gallery
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Doc here again... Many thanks to the amazing A-Team for a great report and the smoking hot pics!  Keep the reports coming, and I hope to see you guys at the Valentine's Party at The Art Cinema on February 7th at 7pm.