Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Flash Report! JaxBchBum Covers The Tampa Scene Like A Christmas Sweater

Doc here with a detail-packed Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, JaxBchBum.  JBB has submitted an action packed report from Tampa, and it's a doozy folks.  Take notes, because I'm sure some of the info contained in the article will come in handy some day.  JaxBchBum also provided some new info for Tampa theaters, so Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database will be updated post haste.

FYI, I have included a few pics of the inside of Deja Vu in Tampa, as well as their marquee.

So sit down with a tall glass of egg nogg, put on Marilyn Chambers McCoo's Christmas Hits on the 8-Track, and enjoy JaxBchBum's report.



Some reports from a recent trip to Tampa as I have not had anything really of note to report from some recent visits to my local spots - Adult Superstore in Palatka and Pure Pleasures in Orange Heights, although I have to admit that my visits were in the late afternoon and early evening so not prime couple's playtime.  I had a business trip over to the Tampa area the other week for 3 days and had a chance to visit some of the old places as well as check out a new one or two with some success, so here goes.

Appears that the Candlelight Theatre over in Largo/Clearwater has gone out of business, as when I called their phone number to check on their status, I got a recording that the line was disconnected.  It was a small, family operated adult store and theatre that seemed to attract some couple's action and I filed a report from earlier visit this year.  While not surprising, always hate to see one of the venues catering to this thing we enjoy so much fold up the tent.  Happily, the Tampa area still has a lot of other choices.

While a bit leery of Fantasyland II due to its higher profile and the busts that occurred there earlier this year, this place has always been a pot of golf for me especially going back to its former ownership.  Although located only a couple of blocks away from many of the other adult theatres in the Drew Park area, back when this place was simply named the Adult Video Store, it didn't have the herds of guys that often frequented Fantasyland I, Playhouse, Hot Flixx, etc.  and many couples seemed to like the smaller setting.  That and the fact that the theatre was always very clean and comfortable with a dedicated couples section and always was showing high quality porn. 
Fantasyland II, Tampa, FL

Anyway, I visited on a Thursday evening about 11pm.  No longer is there an option only for a theatre admission charge - it is a flat $19 for single guys which provides access to the theatre, pool room and outside deck with in/out privileges for 12 hours.  There is also a "couples" room with about 7 couches/futons and several monitors playing different porn that apparently anyone paying can also enter. 

When I arrived, there was a young (mid-30s) couple in the pool room.  From the discussion, he was born in the US but of Cuban parents.  She was an Anglo and had a very nice body clothed in a brown knit dress.  She had a lovely face with long brown hair.  She got a little thick around the hips and her thighs, but she carried it well.  I was hoping for some flashes while she played pool, but her dress was not that short so none were forthcoming.  I figured they might be waiting to hook up with another couple so after a while I ventured over to the theatre. 

Theatre has been rearranged a little bit but still consists mainly of couches with four "private" rooms on the right side with lockable doors.  Each room has a couch or futon and a small screen monitor playing porn.  Theatre was empty so I sat down to relax a bit remembering that in the past, many couples (especially on the weekend nights) didn't arrive before midnight.

I was sitting there enjoying the porn and I heard the door open and a set of footsteps.  I was sitting on the aisle of a couch on the second row.  I glanced around as I heard the footsteps behind me and it was the couple from the pool room and they sat on the couch on the back row in the far corner.  Promising development I thought and I was not to be disappointed. 

Within 5 minutes he stood up unzipped his jeans and let them fall to the floor and he stood in front of her while she leaned forward and started sucking on his cock.  After getting him hard, he sat down and she leaned over and kept up her oral skills with an occasional sound as the suction was broken.  She must have sucked on him for 15 minutes and he was enjoying every minute of it.  At one point, another guy came in and sat down on the adjacent couch to watch and they didn't break their stride.  Although the lighting was not the best in the back corner, at one point she sat up and he pulled down the front of her dress and began playing and sucking her nice full-sized tits.  She leaned back and he continued his efforts while also starting to run his hand up under her dress.  He evidently quickly found the pleasure spot as she opened her legs wider for better access.  

The guy sitting next to them stood up and was jacking off and quickly shot his load and left.  Seeing that they didn't mind having another guy so close, I moved over to the couch on the side wall running at a 90 degree angle to theirs and sat down for a closer look.  He took that opportunity to stand back up and she began sucking him again.  After a few minutes, he pulled her to the edge of the couch and began fucking her.  He was quite the stud and she was quite the recipient as they went on for 10-15 minutes trying various positions from doggy to traditional.  They ended their session with her legs held up way in the air by his shoulders for maximum penetration as he pounded away.  Quite the show!

I hung around for a little bit.  Several other couples came in the store (couples are always free) but there was no other public playing.  Very nice staff and facility, but not inexpensive.  I was told that if you show your ticket/receipt over at the other Fantasyland, they will let you in for $10 instead of the full price.

My other experiences were at two theatres that I had never visited before.  The first on a Wednesday night was at Xtreme Video located at 1212 Fowler Avenue on the north side of Tampa just east of I-275.  Phone number is 813-558-0112 and store is open 7/24.  Big selection of novelties, DVDs, lotions, etc.   Theatre admission for single guy is $10 for an 8-hour time period.  Was told that couples get in free but sign by door says "Discount for couples" but doesn't provide any specifics and I forgot to ask.

The clerk gives you a little card showing your arrival and ending time that is good for in/out privileges.  They also have an arcade where the clerk told me I could access both for $15, but I declined.  Theatre is accessed off the store by the main counter and opens almost directly into the theatre although there is about a 5' wall that creates a small hallway but not much notice when someone enters.  Theatre is laid out so it is very spacious.  There is a center aisle with a total of six 3-person couches.  Theatre was clean and my only negative was that the music in the store was so loud with a deep bass that it would sometimes come through the walls. 

I was there for 3 hours with only 1 other guy coming it.  Seems like a great set-up for couples as there is plenty of room for play.  Theatre may have been a recent addition and that might explain the lack of ANY activity.  There is unisex bathroom at the back of the theatre through a dark alcove behind a curtain.

Having had luck at the Deja Vu - Industrial theatre in Las Vegas on previous trips to LV that I had written about, I was excited to see that there was now a Deja Vu in Tampa down in the Brandon / South Tampa Port area and visited on a Friday evening.  For the database, the address is 6805 Adamo Drive Tampa and the phone number is (813) 664-8784.  Unlike the LV set-up, this has no retail store, just the showgirl bar (girs are nude so no alcohol) and the theatre/arcade. 

Set-up is a bit different.  Enter through a door and greeted by a hostess.  Showgirl bar is through doors to the left and the theatre/arcade is to the right. $10 admission to the theatre area.  Walk through the doors and enter a small lounge area with vending machines and couches but also video cameras.  One door is marked "Theatre" and the other "Arcade" but they both open up into the same area. There are two theatres - one showing straight porn (Theatre 1) and the other gay porn (Theatre 2).   Weird thing is that to get into either theatre you have to insert a dollar bill into the acceptor to unlock the door.  This does have a benefit of keeping people from constantly going back and forth, but since the restroom is out in the common area it will cost you a $1 to get back in.

Anyway, layout in theatre #1 (I didn't visit #2) is also pretty spacious.  There area couple of 2 and 3 person couches at the back of the theatre and a half-oval couch towards the front that could easily seat 3 couples and two other couches up front on the side wall.  Large 60" LED HD monitor on the wall.

I had arrived about 10:30 pm on a Friday evening after a business dinner.  They have a valet parking set-up but I told the guy I would self-park and he gave me no argument.  Parked in the back of the building and there were about a dozen other vehicles there.  Paid my admission (no receipt so don't know if there are any in/out privileges) and once I figured out the theatre system, entered the #1 theatre and was the only one there. 

The theatre was immaculate with paneling on the walls, a first-class appearance.  Sank down in one of the couches and was hoping there would be some action more in keeping with what I had seen the previous night at F2 than the bust at Xtreme Video on Wednesday.  I had been there about an hour and was about to give up all hope when I heard the common area door open and close.  I heard a bit of giggling as money was placed in the bill acceptor and in walks a guy with TWO beautiful young ladies dressed for party-time! 

They were all in the mid-20s from their appearance.  He was in slacks, yellow dress shirt and blazer.  Girl #1 was in a clingy, short black dress and had a wonderful looking body.  Girl #2 was in a dark green, sparkly dress.  The guy nodded to me acknowledging my presence and the three of them went to sit down on the oval front couch, the guy in the middle and one of the ladies on each side after the guy had taken off his sports coat and laid it on the back of the couch.  The ladies cozied right up to him and there was some talking and laughing going on.  Every now and then one of the ladies would look back my way and give a little smile as it seemed they were trying to decide if it was OK to play.   I would give a little rub to the pole starting to rise in my pants and that seemed to reassure them. 

They started into some kissing of the guy with him alternating back and forth between them.  From some of the comments made, it seems he was out celebrating his 28th birthday.  It was unclear to me if the two ladies were friends, lovers or paid escorts; but then does it really matter?  Anyway, after a period of the kissing (and I couldn't see what any of their hands were doing) the lady in the green dress stood up and lifted the dress off.  She was bra less and her nice little perky B-cup breasts radiated in the light coming off the screen  She was wearing dark green bikini style panties. 

She sat up on her knees next to the guy and he started rubbing and sucking on her breasts and nipples.  Not to be outdone, the other girl stood up and took off her dress and she was wearing  no undergarments.  She had a smooth pussy except for a small square trimmed patch.    She sat back down and her head disappeared so I assumed that she was giving him head.  As the girls were otherwise engaged and the guy had sunk lower in the couch, I used the opportunity to stand up and slowly move over and stand over by one of the side couches so I had a full view without invading their personal space. 

Sure enough, girl #2 was bobbing up and down on his cock while he ran his hands over the breasts of each girl.  The guy noticed that I had moved and I read his glance and slight shake of his head to say "Watch all you want but don't get any closer."  For the next 30 minutes, there were a variety of positions taken by the three of them after the guy stood up and dropped his pants while the girls unbuttoned his shirt and Girl #1 lost her panties showing off a completely smooth pussy. 

At one point, he was on his knees while the two of them sat side by side and he was eating one out while fingering the other.  Then he would take a seat and the girls would take turns sucking and stroking his cock. One of the girls sat down on his cock facing him and started riding his cock.  The other girl was feeding him her breasts and running her hands all over.  Then the girls would switch positions. 

As they were riding him, the girls would look my way so I began stroking for them to show my delight in their activities (any possibly hoping for an invitation?).  This went on for about another 15 minutes and then the guy announced he was going to come.  He had the girl get off him and then the two girls laid back beside one another.  He straddled each of their legs and let a stream of jism run over both their lower bellies.  I have to admit that my cock also spurted, but alas, into a handkerchief and not on the skin of one of these beautiful young ladies.  He sat back down between the two ladies and they began to chat and laugh before they got dressed and left. 

I figured that since no one else had come in when they were there and it was now approaching 12:30am, the likelihood of a repeat experience with another couple was remote, so I headed back to my hotel for a good nights rest and ready for the trip back to Jacksonville in the morning.

All in all, Tampa remains one of the best areas for this thing of ours.  However, with the Republican National Convention coming to Tampa next summer, I expect the local authorities are going to crack down on the theatres and nude bars like they did back several years ago when the city hosted the Super Bowl.  While the adult entertainment areas are away from the downtown convention center where the RNC activities will be concentrated, I am sure the City fathers will be trying to promote a "clean" city to all the delegates and media. 



Yes Virginia, there is life in Tampa's adult theaters.  It's just a little more out of the way, and in areas one may not tend to look first.  But as always, be careful exploring the Drew Park theaters.

Thanks again to JaxBchBum for his usual outstanding work setting the scene and describing the action.  If you are looking for a template to submit your own adult theater report, look no further than JBB's.  He does it right!