Friday, February 28, 2014

Couple's Flash Report! JP & JP's Slut Toy @ 15th Ave Adult Theater & Spa (w/2 HOT Pics)

Doc here, a man who some say always listens to the children of the night. What beautiful music they make. I'm here with a special Couple's Flash Report.
JP and JP's Slut Toy are quickly becoming one of the most read reporters here at The Journal. Tens of thousands of unique visitors have already read of their exploits at 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa in Chicago.  This reports will earn them even more followers... I promise.
Fasten your seat belts...This is a hot one!
Here we go...

I didn't sleep all weekend knowing that Monday I was going to be taken to the theater. I tossed, I turned, I did work, I worked out. None of it distracted me for very long. Normally, I masturbate at night but my owner said that I was not allowed to play with his cunt. I won’t lie: I was nervous.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Visit Announcement! Velvet Skye Invades Tampa's Airspace This Week (with 6 PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say is comfortable wearing a touk, eating a Shopsie, or shopping at Canadian Tire, with a little inside info for you, true detectives of this thing of ours.

A little birdie whispered in my ear this afternoon (while I was catching up on some curling I DVR'd) that my good friend, the very sexy and very naughty Velvet Skye would be in Tampa for a few days at the beginning of this week.

This same birdie also told me that Velvet might be visiting an adult theater or two during her visit this week in Tampa, with Fantasyland 1 being her favorite.

If you want to know when this might happen, you will need to subscribe to my Twitter feed, @LizardoJournal , or click HERE

Still not convinced? How about some pics of Velvet Skye during a past visit to Fantasyland 1 (click the thumbnails to ENLARGE):

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Couple's Flash Report! The Mysterious Maya Heads To Argentina (w/ 7 PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say is always here to amuse you, to make you laugh, like a clown, with a special treat for you, the Good Readers of the Journal.

One of longest tenured reporters here at The Journal is the lovely and very hardcore Mysterious Maya. She has traveled the world, displaying and playing in the most diverse locations imaginable.  Each of her reports is different, exotic, and exciting. This one is no exception.

Fasten your seat belts, kids.


Dear Doc:

A few weeks ago accompanied my husband in a trip to Argentina. Their city has theaters, arcades (these are not couples friendly) and lots of lifestyle clubs. Their main theme is swinging with some other offerings. One of them is gang bangs. Class Act in the Castro Barros # 553 St. offers them both in the evenings and lunch time, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and that's what we visited.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Good Doctor's Pics of the Day! Katie X from The U.K. (Actually 4 Pics!)

Doc here, a man who some say never went home to get his shinebox, with today's Pic Pics of the Day.

It has been awhile since I opened up my archive of adult theater pics, but when I did so today I stopped at the file of pics from Katie X from the U.K.

This Brit is a very naughty girl, and these pics are just the tip of the Katie X iceberg.

Flash Report! H-Man Comments on Bella's Freeze Frame Report

Like you, I met Bella months ago at the ART.  She is an extremely beautiful woman…but more importantly just as sweet as can be.  I found her to be very pleasant and accommodating.  She never says no to a conversation, exposing those tremendous assets of hers, or a “PICTURE”. 
I recently saw her for the first time in a while at the “Valentine’s Day Party” and although recuperating from major surgery…she looked delectable. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

"Did You Know" from The Good Doctor: Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database

Doc here... A man who some say will always say hello to your little friend, with a rare "Did You Know" column here at The Journal, your one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.

Did You Know that The Good Doctor updates the adult theater database 2-3 times A WEEK with the latest info, intel, and additions or subtractions?

It's true... Right now there are 192 entries in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database.  You will find names, addresses, whether they are couples friendly, do they have a couple's section, hours of operation, and any specific notes that would help you decide to stop by or not.

Freeze Frame Friday! The Awesome Bella at The Art Cinema in Hartford (w/9 PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say knows how to get Capone. He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of your guys to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. And that's how you get Capone. It's The Lizardo Way...

The Good Doctor had a chance to meet the lovely Bella again during the Art Cinema's Valentine's Event on 2/8 in Hartford, CT. It had been over a year since I had seen her, and she looked as hot as ever.  But more than that, she is a very sweet girl. I enjoyed our conversation up in the balcony at this grand old movie palace...

Flash Report! The Oral Report Strikes Out @ Four Theaters

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from senior correspondent, The Oral Reporter.


4 Theaters - 4 Strike Outs


About 3 weeks ago I was at the Gulf Coast Theater in Biloxi. I wish I could say it was a good visit, but for a Saturday night it was pretty dead as far as couples playing.  There were 5 couples but none of them were playing with any one  except themselves, and not much of that.  Nothing like it used too be there.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Quick Note from The Good Doctor: Reporter GK Arbee @ Gulf Coast Theater This Weekend

Doc here... Reporter G.K. Arbee will be on-site at Biloxi's Gulf Coast Adult Theater this coming weekend (Friday and Saturday) to report on the theater and hopefully the ABS down the street.

Fingers are crossed for a good couple's turnout and well-behaved guys at both these facilities.


Upcoming Event! Mardi Gras Bash @ Berlin News Agency on Saturday February 22, 2014

Art Cinema Valentine's Event Couple's Flash Report #2: John & Brenda (3 NEW PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say prowls the rooftops of Hartford, wearing only a white suit, aviators, and a gleaming smile, with the 2nd report from the crazy Valentine's Event at Hartford's Art Cinema.
Regular contributors John and Brenda (AKA The Central MA Fun Couple) have filed the following report with The Good Doctor, along with 3 brand new pics of the hot and sexy Brenda.
Here we go!
Valentines Party at the Art Cinema
Hartford, CT – February 8, 2014

Doc had asked people to share their experiences at the Art Cinema Valentines Party on Saturday night 2/8, so Brenda and I thought we’d share the fun we had that night with Doc’s readers.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Couple's Flash Report! JP and JP's Slut Toy @ 15th Ave. Adult Theater & Spa in Chicago in January 2014 (with 3 PICS!)

Doc here with a great Couple's Flash Report from regular contributors JP and JP's Slut Toy.

This report is a page turner, folks. And the pics attached are of JP's Slut Toy typing this report.

FYI, JP and JP's Slut Toy plan on visiting 15th Ave Adult Theater in Chicago this morning at 10am, Monday 2/17.

Here we go!


This blog was by my owner. He DICKtated it to me as I typed it out. Pardon the typos. Its hard typing on an IPAD while in a harness...

It was after 10pm on a Friday and I was wondering why I would want to go anywhere?
Outside was freezing. It was around zero and heading down. Earlier traffic was a mess owing to all the snow. Finally my car was outside and parked a block away. Inside was...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hot Off The Press! 2 Minutes in Paradise with Mrs. Sexual Athlete from Sunday 2/16/14 (w/PIC)

Doc here, a man who some say just loves yelling out the phrase "Stop the presses!", with the newest feature here @ The Journal, "Hot Off The Press".

HOTP reports will feature a scene or event that has happened the same day, or with a few hours of it happening in this thing of ours.

We kick off this new feature with my very good friends, The Sexual Athletes. Just a few hours ago, on Sunday afternoon 2/16, Mr. and Mrs. Sexual Athlete attended an event sponsored by the DC Gloryhole Club (Ed. note: Do Not ask me for more info on this club. When they want more inquiries, they will let me know and I will post a call to action.) Mrs. Sexual Athlete was the guest of honor for the "2 Minutes in Paradise" event.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Good Doctor's Pic of the Day! JP's Slut Toy!

Doc here, a man so buried in his day to day work that he can't get all the hot reports from Hartford edited fast enough, with today's Good Doctor's Pic of the Day.

This image, courtesy of JP and JP's Slut Toy captures a quiet moment of study and reflection for this smoking hot blonde. 

Do not let the subdued nature of this pic fool you... JP's Slut Toy is a very bad girl, and getting badder by the day.

Upcoming Valentine's Event! The Westwood Theatre Private Members Only Club "Be Mine Valentine Event" Saturday February 15th @ 8PM


Monday, February 10, 2014

The Good Doctor's Pic of the Day! Mrs. Sexual Athlete

Doc here, a man who some say will wear a fez just because he looks damn good in one, with a brand new Good Doctor's Pic of the Day.

This is a brand new image of Mrs. Sexual Athlete, taken during a photo shoot by The Good Doctor himself this past Saturday morning prior to the Art Cinema's Valentines Event.

This Pic of the Day is just a teaser for a gallery of pics from the shoot, of which there were many smoking hot images.

A Quick Note From The Good Doctor: "Great Caesar's Ghost, 71 Couples @ The Art Cinema's Valentine's Event"

Doc here, a man who some say is still shaking his head after the incredible Valentine's Event at Hartford's always awesome Art Cinema, with a quick note.

71 Couples.

If someone would have asked me to make a bet for how many couples would attend The Art Cinema's 2nd annual Valentine's Event, I would have said optimistically 50. A pie in the sky number.

I wasn't even close, folks.

There will be several reports covering this incredible night for the ages, a lot of pics, and hopefully many contributions from reporters (veteran and new alike) on their take on this evening. I my 25+ years in this thing of ours, I have never seen a night like this. And if I wasn't there in person, I would not believe what you would have told me.

Stay tuned over the next several days for some incredible reports. I am heading out of town this morning for my day gig, but will be back late tonight, and we will begin this rodeo.

A special thanks to all the great people I met on Saturday night... I made it a point to introduce myself to every couple who came in for the meet and greet portion of the evening from 6:30 to 7:30. I have rarely seen a happier,  more excited group of people in the scene. And no matter what their expectations were coming into the evening, I am sure they were blown out of the water once they walked up the stairs to the balcony.

I need your reports, ladies and gentlemen. Between the 71 couples, and close to 75 singles who attended, there are some incredible tales to tell.

Please submit your reports directly to The Good Doctor at  Put in the subject line "Art Cinema Valentines", and fire off your report. It can be as short or as long as you wish. I am in particular looking for couple's reports, and their take on the insane scene in The Art Cinema's balcony and main floor.

Put fingers to keyboard folks... This will be a lot of fun.


Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Quick Note from The Good Doctor: It's GO TIME in Hartford and Chicago!

Doc here with a quick note from my field office just outside Hartford, CT.

The stage is set, and the orchestra is ready for tonight's two big Valentine's Events in Hartford and Chicago. The Good Doctor is ready to host the event at the awesome Art Cinema in Hartford tonight at 7pm Eastern. My white suit is pressed, my aviators polished, and my mustache primed to give out rides. A big crowd is expected, so get there early.

In Chicago, 15th Ave Adult Theater & Spa begins their Valentine's Party at 8pm Central. I know plenty of couples coming, and the ladies will be in sexy and in red.

I am requesting reports from both events, so please e-mail me direct at with your reports.

See you tonight at The Art Cinema!



Friday, February 7, 2014

The Good Doctor is Off to Hartford!

Doc here, a man who some say is the wind beneath your wings, with a quick update for you, the good readers of The Journal.

The bags are packed, photo gear checked, tickets printed, and mustache finely groomed.

It's go time, Hartford. My non-stop from The Valley (near the small women's liberal art college) to Hartford is on schedule, and I'm ready. 

The Valentine's Event at The Art Cinema in Hartford is a go, and The Good Doctor will be there to host, help hand out the Art Cinema gift bags, and dispense questionable advice, starting at 7pm Saturday night. Just look for the guy in the leather jacket who may have the faint scent of meatballs about him. I love meeting readers of The Journal, so step up and introduce yourself.

Also, keep tabs on me via my Twitter feed. @Lizardojournal . Highly recommended.

See you on the right coast later today, and at the event Saturday night @ 7pm.


Freeze Frame! A at The Art Cinema in Hartford (w/8 HOT Pics!)

Doc here, a man who some say one caught Cupid's arrow, but due to a last minute movement, caught it in the neck, with a special Freeze Frame Report.

Just in time for The Art Cinema's Valentine's Event Saturday night @ 7pm in Hartford, I am happy to present to you, the good readers of The Journal, a gallery of pics from the very hot T&A from Hartford.

This hot couple personify what the scene is like at The Art Cinema. A scene that is at the top shelf of this thing of ours, and makes The Art Cinema my top-ranked adult theater in the country. A scene T&A revel in.

THIS SATURDAY! Valentine's Event @ The Art Cinema in Hartford! Saturday February 8th @ 7PM!

Doc here... Please check out The Art Cinema's website for more details!  Rumors of an appearance by a dapper gentleman in a white suit and aviators have been confirmed. The Good Doctor will be at The Art Cinema with a lovely assistant to meet and greet you, plus help hand out the cool gift bags to the first 30 couples. We will see you in the lobby of The Art Cinema starting at 7pm.

Are you a couple (or single female) with a question? Feel free to e-mail me at .

Want to see what The Art Cinema looks like, inside and out? Check out the Photo Gallery section of the Art Cinema's website, with images taken by The Good Doctor himself.


THIS SATURDAY!!! Valentine's Event! 15th Ave Adult Theater Party Room in Chicago: Saturday February 8th @ 8PM

For More Information visit 15th Ave's website:

Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Special Valentine's Event Freeze Frame! Ashley @ The Art Cinema in Hartford (w/4 PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say is a spitting image of Enzo the Baker, with a special Valentine's Event Freeze Frame Report.

This coming Saturday evening @ 7PM, The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT will be hosting their 2nd Annual Valentines Event.  The Good Doctor will be on hand dispensing questionable advice and helping distribute the sexy gift bags to the first 30 M/F couples or single females.

Also scheduled to be on hand this evening will be Journal reporters, Rick and Ashley. Ashley has been featured in several reports here at The Journal, and I know she and Rick are looking forward in a big way to the event.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Flash Report! H-Man at The Art Cinema in Hartford on 2/1/14

Doc here, a man who some say can never get enough quality time with his snow blower, with a great Flash Reportr.
Senior reporter H-Man is back with another erotic tale from The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT. He ran into a great5 mix of couples, and here is his tale of mystery and intrigue.
Take it away, sir!
Hello Doc!

Couple's Field Report! 15th Ave Adult Theater & Spa from Wet_Ride (w/PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say wear his snow shoes year round, with a great Couples Field Report for you.
The very hot and sexy Wet_Ride  stopped by 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicago's western burbs, and has filed this report along with some HOT pics of herself.
Fair enough?
Here we go!