Saturday, June 3, 2017

Field Report! Mr. Glass has the Skinny on Pleasure 365 in Monclova, OH (Just outside Toledo)

Doc here, a man who some say once knitted a merkin for a local flea market, only to be arrested for illegal use of yarn.  

The topsy-turvy adult theater scene in Toledo has been in a state of flux for awhile now, for many reasons not to be discussed at this time. With the closure of Westwood Theater, where do red-blooded Toledo-area lifestylers now go to fly their freak-flag?

Regular contributor Mr. Glass has a few ideas for you...


Hi Doc,

As your have heard there is a new place in the Toledo area. It is the old Airport Rd. bookstore, which has been known by Pleasure 365 for some time now. Toledoans will know that name already as that was also what Westwood went by. 

For the readers who were familiar with the bookstore layout, it has completely changed. The old arcade is gone. That is now where the store sits. In place of the store is a viewing room and new arcade. The viewing room is approx. 32’ wide by 50’ deep with a projector showing a very large screen o'porn. 
Pleasure 365
Monclova, OH (just outside of Toledo)
There is a couch, chair and about 15’ of flat cushioned seating. In addition small chairs, end tables, a few bar stools, one sex chair and three high tables with 4 chairs surrounding each. A coat rack and a padded table with stirrups. There is plenty of floor space to add more seating and I would think eventually there will be. 

The ceiling is 12’ high, which leads us to the next piece. Within this room is a 4’ elevated couples only section. About 20’ wide and 16’ deep. The front is lined with plexiglass. Inside some couches and another padded table with stirrups. The plexiglass has about a 2’ opening at the top to allow the sound from the movie to fill the area, and presumably the sound of fun to fill the viewing room.  

Lighting is just right, not too dark not too bright. Within the couples section upstairs is a front and back and while you can see into the back I suspect there are some corners couples could play without the patrons down below seeing. I have been told no singles allowed upstairs under any circumstances. Only complaints on this night were the AC (cold) and the lack of traffic. I did not have much time so I was only there from 7:30-9:30. During that time probably 10 guys and 1 couple. The couple just watched from above for 30 minutes then exited. 

This is a place for exhibition without a doubt. Whether in the lower section, of course letting the others know limits or upstairs behind the plexiglass where you can be seen but not reached. No membership required at this time, $10 fee got me into the viewing room. I did not venture into the arcade on this night but I would expect the same thing that the Westwood once had. The place is clean and should fill the void left by the Westwood closing. Hopefully some regular readers of The Journal will venture out and get this place rolling a little bit. I know a few couples that would hit the Westwood that post here and I am sure they will find this place to be right up their alley. Just need to get the word out…. So word.

Mr. Glass


Doc here again... Many thanks to Mr. Glass for all the intel on this newly renovated adult theater space.  Great job as always, sir!  One can hope that it catches on, and provides a safe, fun atmosphere for former customers of the Westwood.