Thursday, September 5, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Snowy @ The Lido Theater in Dallas

Doc here with a great Couple's Flash Report from a girl's perspective by the sexy Snowy.  She ventured to The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas, and had a lot of fun.

Without further ado, here is Snowy and her report...


Hi Doc,

Have read your blog and thought I would share the fun I just had at Lido in Dallas.

I'm 35 bbw, very respectable in real life. Went last week with an older guy who likes to watch me getting used. Was really busy in main theater, I was the only girl. Sat down to watch a bit of the movie and about 20 guys moved in around me . Nice guy in front kept everyone from crowding me. I was getting really turned on and started rubbing my 42DDs. Guy I was with was rubbing my pussy through my jeans. As a reward I let the nice guy start touching me too. After about 5 minutess I motioned to go to private room. Said to my friend to bring 4 guys.

Got in room and I got naked , as I was so hungry for cock. He actually let 6 in. I started sucking the nice guys cock but was soon begging to be fucked, which he did as the others started playing with my tits. They each took turns fucking me as I sucked and was played with. My nice guy new friend ( lovely black cock) fucked me 3 times. Over the next hour 6 guys fucked me and10 guys used me. Love behaving and being treated like a whore. They were all calling me names, which just turns me on more!!

Left there having had so much fun and feeling well and truly fucked. Can't wait to go back!!

I know you normally post men's comments  but thought you might like to hear from a girl grateful she can go act out her dirtiest fantasies!!

Thanks again to all!!



Thanks again to Snowy for her great report! Please keep them coming, naughty girl! For the record, I have been getting more couple's reports than men's reports over the last month.  This has been the reason behind the huge spike in readership over the last 30 days.  Keep the reports coming!