Sunday, July 22, 2012

Movie Night! Part 1 of 2 HOT Videos From Cathy from

Doc here with a special Sunday night treat for you, the good readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters.

As many of you know, my good friend and internet sensation, Cathy from is getting ready to start her Road Trip 2012 starting this Friday 7/27 @ Hartford's Art Cinema (address in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).  If you are anywhere near Hartford on Friday, you need to stop by The Art Cinema. I am looking for reports from attendees that night, so take good mental notes.

So, to give you a sneak peak of how naughty Cathy really is, I have included the first of two videos of Cathy playing at a gloryhole in Tampa.  This is not a 30 second clip... This video is a few minutes in length, as is Part 2, which goes up tomorrow night.



Flash Report! Brent from Portland on Last Week's Highlight's

Doc here with a terrific Brent in Portland Flash Report chronicling last week's highlights at The Paris Theatre in Portland, OR.

Sit back with your Sunday paper covering your lap, becuase this report is typically awesome from Brent.

Take it away, kind sir!

This past Tuesday at The Paris there was a beautiful girl fucking guys on the arena table. She looked like a hard bodied Meryl Streep-meets Sarah Jessica Parker-meets Jennifer Aniston. She was sucking , fucking, jacking, taking  dicks in her tight ass. Another couple came in and stood and watched. I had seen them before. She is a thin,nicely built lady with Sienna colored hair. He is a Cuban looking black man.  

Paris Theatre
Portland, OR
While they watched, he slid her dress over her ass and fingered her. She took her tits out and  played with them like she was making Christmas cookies. She was writhing around on his fingers. They went into the couples section and she got on her knees on one of the benches and took his dick from behind. A young black man stepped up and stuck his cock into her mouth. She sucked it hard. 2 other guys reached under and played with her erect nipples.

They left the couples section and joined the lady on the arena table who was now  getting fucked by dick number two. Soon the two ladies were face to muff, muff to face. A crowd of men gathered around, tentatively playing with both of them but not being too grabby or out of line.
And the arena girl was still getting fucked by whoever wanted to fuck her!

A third couple came in, a big black guy and a tall dark haired lady with a voluptuous body. They watched for a moment then went into the little theater for some privacy. After a while their fucking drew an audience.(Well, at least they got a chance to get started.) After they finished, they came back into the main theater where the voluptuous dark haired lady played a little bit with the arena girl, but she was kind of shy and wasn't ready to go all the way. She did let her old man fuck the arena girl. He had a big dick and AG wanted it in her  ass.

AG's man lubed her up and  she got on her knees and stuck her ass up in the air. The big guy got behind her and slowly worked his thick, black, latex covered tool into her behind. One stroke, two and soon he was pistoning her like she was Evanrude. She was loving it, screaming out loud. You could hear her in the lobby.

The other two couples left after a while. The arena girl was there for a couple of hours and took dicks in her ass pussy and mouth and had corresponding orgasms on each exploration. One guy even finger fucked her to an orgasm. Another horny fellow fucked her four times and shot his load  during three of them.

It was good that it happened on a slow and mellow week day and that the couples had come to play. Nobody was pushy or rude, but, maybe, that was because the action started right away. The only misstep was when a fourth couple came in  when all the hard core activity was going on in the arena. Although she had a dress on and was an attractive MILF/housewife type , the sudden appearance of a bunch of horny guys around the couples section made her a little nervous. It was like trying climb onto a fast-moving tread mill . They stood for a while and kissed, and then left the theater. It was one of the best week nights so far this summer for theater action in Portland.

Last night (Friday July 20, 2012), there was a new couple, eager, excited, well dressed. She looked a little like Wanda Sykes. They sat in the couples section and soon  she spread her legs wide revealing thigh high stockings and a moist delicious chocolate cake between them. He fingered her and ate her  She had a nice body and  enjoyed showing it off. 

At the same time  a couple was playing discreetly in the corner. She was a very pretty lady with  dark hair and smoldering eyes. They played quietly for a while and soon were approached by a pirate hippie couple who had arrived earlier. The pirate resembled the Wizard Of Oz Lion. His "Jenny" has been an active, hard core, no-holes-barred, bareback theater player for a while now. She was gentle and considerate towards the smoldering dark haired girl and eventually got her turned on. We were treated to some PG rated girl on girl action and a nice view of smoldering beauty's lovely breasts  After a while some invisible boundaries were reached and the activity  stopped.

Later that night the pirate/ Wizard Of Oz couple got together with another couple. (The Pirate was very friendly/aggressive)  A beautiful lady in her 30s, a Teri Hatcher type was giving her man, Al Bundy, a blow job. The Wizard of Oz Lion saw this and offered his girl to Al to finger and play with. Eventually he was getting his dick sucked and Wizard Of Oz Lion was playing with Teri Hatcher who had taken off her shirt and her magnificent breasts were now  bare in front of the entire theater . I heard a guy say in admiration " Your wife is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." She was hot I must admit but, like the other couple earlier, they were not  quite ready to go all the way with the pirate and Jenny. As soon as Al shot a load down Jenny`s throat, they got dressed and left. I have a feeling they enjoyed their adventure and will come back for more.

A few couples came in and out quickly including three young girls. Guys, you should know, three giggly girls is not a show. Words like  "ugh" and "gross" does not mean "We are horny for you!"  So sit the fuck down, and chill and maybe, at their own chosen speed ,they may give you a thrill.

Much later every man's fantasy came into The Paris with her daddy/escort.  She looked hot and wholesome at the same time with her silky brown hair and  smooth sexy body. She looked like a young Kathy Ireland. She was a  beautiful nymph and was there to get fucked and take loads down her throat.  Her man watched and controlled the crowd. She sucked and jacked and let guys jack on her. When someone was ready to explode, she eagerly wrapped her pretty lips around his shaft and swallowed every single drop. Men were staggering away from her on wobbly knees. Then she started fucking guys, bareback . She didn't care who fucked her as long as he had a hard cock.

A few good looking guys fucked her, and a few not so good looking guys fucked her.  Although she was a definite "9, she  eagerly backed her pretty ass and pussy into bare dicks of every social strata. She was so hot she actually turned some guys straight. Some guys wrapped up and some guys pulled out before they came but I'm sure she ended up with a few live loads inside of her. The scene was so hot  that even my cock was hard.  I got a good jack, later, thinking about her turbo activity . It was the kind of " I can't believe this is happening" theater sex that keeps me coming back for more.


Doc here again... As always, a huge thank you to my esteemed colleague Brent in Portland. "Did You Know?... That Brent and The Good Doctor have a weekly conference call, recapping what we have heard across this thing of ours? It's true, kids...